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Re: A QE2 Night To Remember
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For me it was certainly leaving Hong Kong in 2004, the city lights added to the atmosphere as did the nightly laser show. We slipped our moorings and headed gingerly out of Victoria Harbour to commence a fabulous journey.

That must have been a fabulous night, and you still had your entire voyage ahead of you, plenty to discover and enjoy.

This your story reminds me of another night to remember. 17 March 2002. We were sailing out of Singapore as night had already fallen, and were travelling past the throngs of Singaporean islands, full of factories and oil processing plants. After dinner, I stayed up late and out on deck, and I remember we were never far from land. On my mobile phone, I was now catching the signal from Indonesia, and even though I never set foot in that country, I used the signal for some time to communicate with family and friends. It was a beautiful night, in my memory it was dark but warm, and quite possibly there were only a few people out on deck. Happy on QE2, the sounds and the smells and the sea.  It must have been late by the time I decided to return to my cabin. Definitely a night to remember :) .
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Re: A QE2 Night To Remember
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For me June the 19th 1986 l had crossed the North Atlantic, and having looked at maps and globes as a young child they always filled me with interest, indeed even today give me a choice of a book or an Atlas, an Atlas will wins hands down A special affection now for Rand Mcnally and their USA maps.
 Having had the wonderful privilege to visit the QE2s bridge on day 2 of the crossing l was out and about on deck at night each night , really looking back l couldn't believe what i was doing, my first trip abroad and l was away on QE2 for a day in New York. The night before landing l really was expecting to see the lights from the USA  (yes l know how stupid was that) what did amaze me was for the whole crossing we saw nothing, But being on deck that night was something l wil never forget, it was all very quiet, we were steaming for New York which was only a matter of a few hours away, it wasnt at all cold but it wasnt warm. l knew l had cleared the immigration and l was good to go as they say when we landed. l did sneek up to the bit beneath the bridge even though it was roped off but l had to see the view for myself, sure enough nothing. What was quite eerie, here was l on a large ship filled with passengers and crew , on the North Atlantic and yet l was at that moment all alone.  Then the slow walk down A stairs to my cabin 4028. Seeing not a single person to get a few hours sleep before being up again at some ungodly hour for day light and my very first glimpse of what l was to know as The wonderful United States of America.
 Any night on QE2 was always a special night and a final turn round the deck at whatever time was usually the norm . But that night for me as a 17 year old was quite something else.

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From the moment you first glimpsed the Queen,
 you just knew you were in for a very special time ahead.!


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