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Tracing Mr John Bailey
« on: Dec 12, 2011, 02:23 PM »
I was pleased to discover this discussion forum having travelled on the QE2 with my parents roughly around 1976.  My father was off to Philadelphia on sabbatical and we sailed over on the Michail Lermontov and returned a year later on the QE2.  Our waiter was John Bailey and I was quite surprised to see his photo from back in 1974 (group photo)  He served our table in the restaurant and we became buddies and kept in touch for a time.  I had his mothers Bournemouth address but it is no longer listed and I know so much can happen over the years.

I am now married and settled in the Scottish Borders but I would be interested to know if anybody knows what became of John Bailey.  Quite a character as I recollect.

It would still be my favoured means of traversing the Atlantic (ocean liner) now no longer readily possible.

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Re: Tracing Mr John Bailey
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that group photo is probably the one I posted. I worked next to john for a while , he was quite a character ,we had a great laugh on our dumbwaiter ..however he went on leave in about 1978 and just didn't come back . sorry I can't be more explicit , I believe his girlfriend hated him being at sea so that might have something to do with it .