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Martyn ?, QE2 Public Room Steward 1984-1986
« on: May 29, 2011, 10:27 PM »
Hello, just found this site after enjoying Steven Adlers various video's & photos. Brought back a lot of good memories,& still reconised many faces-if not names.....

I had two spells on the QE2,the first from 8th June 1984 - 23rd April 1985( can't remember why I paid off & didn't return,because I really enjoyed it..) then again from the 26th April till the 27th Oct 1986 when I left along with many others in Bremerhaven(Steam to Diesel re-fit)

Cunard changed our terms & conditions & said we could rejoin,but I think it was for £400/ mth.I remember that you had to have been onboard for over two yrs to receive any pay off,so I left & joined the M.V Norland in Hull for better wages & 8days on/ 8off.As i lived locally this was great for me.....

My first job onboard was looking after the pantries for the Double Down Room,washing the afternoon tea's crockery& then washing glasses on an evening.I then as a toilet cleaning stwd(while I waiting for a job in the Galley....) Me & another guy looked after all the Gents while obviously two girls did the same in the ladies. It wasn't as bad as it sounds as someome had told me that you took it in turns to go ashore whlile the other did the rounds & it stopped you biting your nails!

I eventually went in the Table's Galley where I worked on the Veg & Roast corners & also got to work in the Kosher Galley when the Chef missed the ship...(?) Gary an Evertonian was a stwd in there & we had a good laugh,plus they where good paying punters too. My second time onboard was as PRS,starting off in the DDR then in the Queens Room serving afternoon tea's & drinks on a night. The Captain's cocktail night's were great as it was always 1 for the pax & 2 for you-don't know how we kept the trays upright! I also enjoyed working in the one deck Lido-great around the Med-but abit cold doing the trans Atlantic,serving Boullion & handing out blankets...I'll try & post some photo's- Cheers, Martyn
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Re: Hello Everyone.....
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Hello and welcome from another ex-crew, hope you have a good time here.


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Re: Hello Everyone.....
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Hello Martyn, and welcome!

Sounds like you had a great time on board with many stories to tell of your varied assignments! Looking forward to hearing much more and seeing your pics.

Enjoy the memories and the Forum  :D  .