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Re: Cunard cargo ships
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Thomas - I think we can assume Atlantic Conveyor was the last Cunard cargo ship.
I attended the christening of the Atlantic Sea by Princess Anne in Liverpool in October 2016 and the ACL MD spoke at the special Cunard Falklands commemoration I organised in Liverpool on 25 May 2017.

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Re: Cunard cargo ships
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Cunard had huge cargo operations over the decades and were involved with significant cargo companies such as Brocklebank, Port Line, Ellerman and Atlantic Container.

Hi Michael,

I think you may be doing the company a disservice, Brocklebank and Port Line (formerly Commomnwealth and Dominion Line were wholly owned subsidiaries. Cunard allowed both companies to operate effectively as stand-alone entities.  It was only during the late sixties/early seventies that the fleets were merged under the Cunard-Brocklebank banner.  Ellerman and ACL were effectively joint ventures with Cunard contributing vessels to the new companies.  Cunard also expanded its container operations with another venture, Cunard And Middle East Lines (CAMEL) albeit with smaller tonnage than ACL.

Over the past 175 years Cunard has acquired and disposed of other shipping lines including non-passenger traffic.

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Re: Cunard cargo ships
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Don't forget thr north sea supply ships. Were there not about 20-30 of them at one time?

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Re: Cunard cargo ships
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Yep, Cunard did own Offshore Marine.  It acquired the business in the late sixties before selling it in the seventies.  For those that remember North Sea Gas coming on stream well, a “Cunard” ship was present at the inauguration of the supply to the UK, an Offshore vessel!


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