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In Kev's photo of the QE2 in the fitting out berth in August 1968 (Note : reply 31 QE2 Build Photos)(,37.30.html) you can plainly see that both the Queen and Boat promenade decks look unfinished at the outboard STBD side from about half way between the stern and the smoke stack and aft.  Yet in these photos taken almost one year before on launch day (27 Sep 1967) ( and ( you can clearly see that the promenade decks are complete. 

What happened that the aluminum had to be cut away between 1967 and 1968? 

This had to be a correction of some kind as that amount of removing and replacing of metal is quite expensive. 
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Re: Mysterious B & Q Deck dismantling during construction
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OK, I think I figured it out.  The areas that look cut away are actually in a shadow cast by the scafolding on the side.  You can barely make out the windows on Q Deck below the scafolding but it looks as if they are there.  The areas may not be painted either but a bigger photo would be able to show the difference. 

KEV, what does the original photo show?


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Re: Mysterious B & Q Deck dismantling during construction
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Hi Bob-I can see why you originally came to that possibility. Unfortunately the photo I have is only postcard size and not much clearer plus there is a kb limit to the size of photo I can post on the forum. I do believe the metalwork appears to be there. I can see windows at these levels aft of the 2 gangways you might just be able to make out and they continue into the shadowy area under the Titan end. There does look like platforms hanging out (for painters etc?) at this point but they seem to cast smaller shadows. The overall large shadow could be a different paint colour area entirely as the linear differentiation is quite sharp and definitive and continues right up to signal with some areas looking greyish and others more ochre/earthy. I guess several different coats of primer/topcoats etc were used-you can see an orangey-red example towards the stern. Interestingly these areas already appear to be glazed as I can just make out X tapes in most of them. Don't think there's a roof on Sun/Signal? yet. The Davits are generally in place. Certainly no sign of any orange Hi Viz jackets or hardhats !! Hope this helps. Cheers Kev


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