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Cherbourg Channel Hops 1986
« on: Apr 05, 2011, 11:57 PM »
This may be of great interest; it is the back part of a letter dating from 1986 in which I enquired about doing a simple "hop" across the Channel to Cherbourg from Southampton, disembarking there and returning straight away to the UK.

Note that the price of doing this was the same as the price of going all the way to New York - starting at £665!

Presumably that was a deterrent price and was designed to protect them against having an empty berth for the Atlantic crossing since anyone doing the Channel Hop would count towards the vessel capacity and they could not guarantee filling the resultant space from Cherbourg onwards?

I am also guessing that the £665 was not inclusive of the Sealink crossing back to the UK and would have been higher if all the lower priced Atlantic berths had sold out at the time of booking?
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Re: Cherbourg Channel Hops 1986
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 I remember seeing this as part of the sealink brochure, and even then at the time the price to me seemed rather expensive just for a short hop across the channel, But they included the return trip as well, But lm sure they had some excursions in 1985..and the advert was in full colour..
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