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Re: Just what is so special about the QE2 ?
« Reply #45 on: Jul 16, 2012, 05:14 PM »
She is the last true Atlantic liner built in the traditional sense (QM2 was designed and built with the use of todays modern technology) She was steady as a rock and reliable. You actually felt you were on a ship, not on a floating block of flats. She has a wonderful profile, with her graceful long streamlined through to midships and the delightfully tiered rounded stern. Words cannot really describe the true sense of what makes her special, she is the QE2 and that's as good a reason as any.
I couldn't agree more! QE2 is definitely the most beautiful, special ship I have ever seen! I've always particularly loved her gracefully curved prow.


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Re: Just what is so special about the QE2 ?
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I struggle to describe what made her special...but I noticed something.  Ashore, in a wide variety of ports, people would ask you if you'd come with one of the cruise ships.  People on other vessels named the cruise line, and the questioner looked polite.  But when you said you were off the QE2 an animated conversation almost always ensued.  So ask the people of all those ports of call what made her so special.  For me?  A thousand little things.  But, most of all, coming aboard somehow felt like coming home.  And, of course, single cabins making the whole experience affordable were a distinct advantage, now sadly lacking in her successors.

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Re: Just what is so special about the QE2 ?
« Reply #47 on: Jan 26, 2013, 12:21 PM »
Qe2 is a proper ship not a floating block of flats and built in england,queens room ceiling and pillars are so reconisable,cunard does,nt mean anything to me now just a part of carnival

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Re: Just what is so special about the QE2 ?
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someone else add she was built in england,sad we dont make much anymore :'(

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Re: Just what is so special about the QE2 ?
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*ahem* Built in Scotland, I think...
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Re: Just what is so special about the QE2 ?
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I enjoyed reading so many posts about what makes QE2 special to our members.  I find it difficult to put a finger on exactly why she is special but here is my contribution

Like me she was built in Clydebank and from the start she was special to me.  For some reason she gets right into your heart and does not let go. 

QE2 passengers took time to be on deck and enjoyed speaking to fellow passengers.  Many were keen to tell you about their travels onboard QE2 and I was always amazed how many times some passengers had travelled on her compared to my five cruises.  I never tired of listening to their stories. 

I loved the special feeling you got at embarkation when you stepped into the Mid-ship lobby and felt like you had come home. 

Exploring the ship for the first time, was a mixture of there being a logical flow to get around the ship, then there was the adventure of getting to know what stairwells to use to get to other parts of the ship.

The history of the ship that was evident in the memorabilia and artwork was special. 

The crew onboard the ship, many of them still working on Cunard ships loved QE2.  There was a connection between crew and passengers because of this love of the ship. 

When visiting ports QE2 created lots of interest.  There were people waiting to greet her on her arrival and even more people wanted to give her a good send off.  Some people had never sailed on the ship but they loved her just the same. 

Thanks to Pete Cain who started this topic back in 2009 and for those who have contributed so far.  We have lots of newer members who maybe would like to post what they think makes QE2 special. 
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Re: Just what is so special about the QE2 ?
« Reply #51 on: Nov 08, 2013, 12:32 AM »
QE2 Is the last of the great liners built from the keel up as the most contemporary liner . She is the missing link between liners and more modern island hopping cruise ships lose her and we lose the missing link.
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Re: Just what is so special about the QE2 ?
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*ahem* Built in Scotland, I think...

Built in Britain......  ;)

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Re: Just what is so special about the QE2 ?
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QE2 has a personality and she is dignified, elegant, exciting and powerful.  She is the most beautiful ship ever and will remain the most beautiful ship ever.  But it is that extra something that makes her so special.  When you see her for the first time, she endears herself to you and there she remains in your heart for all time. 
QE2 - the ship for all of time, a ship of timeless beauty !

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Re: Just what is so special about the QE2 ?
« Reply #54 on: Nov 08, 2013, 06:11 PM »
For me it was the warmth of the whole ship, she wrapped herself around you and made you feel safe. The many frequent voyagers, especially on world cruises, easily became friends and gave the whole ship a family feeling.

The overriding feeling though was simply quality, the officers and crew, passengers, fittings, decor, service, all just had that little extra something, class.

Obviously I am speaking as someone who worked on board in a fairly privileged position, the photographers were very well looked after. I can only imagine what it must have felt like to have been a passenger.
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Re: Just what is so special about the QE2 ?
« Reply #55 on: Nov 08, 2013, 08:51 PM »
To me, the QE2 is a thoroughbred dashing through the seas. After they took out the forward observation bar, my favorite place to go onboard was the observation deck immediately under the Bridge and watch the ship carve the waters ahead.
Having sailed on board the Queen Elizabeth and the Queen Mary, my feeling on traveling those ships was one of historic but certainly dated surroundings. In the sixties, both ships were old and they felt that way, Going to Long Beach, one can still experience what they were like back then simply by staying onboard QM. I spent nearly two years sailing on QE2 over her service life and the ship never seemed to me anything like QE or QM. Rather, there was a modern yet elegant feeling stretching from my first trip on the eastbound maiden voyage to the final cruise to Dubai. When I was aboard her last May, that same feeling came flooding back. True, she was empty(much like a college dorm shut down during the summer months) but closing my eyes and inhaling deeply, the smell of QE2 took me back to older memories!
I've been on other ships and those feelings are not the same. With the exception of the SS FRANCE, the cruise ships I've sailed on with friends and family are simply that - cruise ships. Mayby more simply put: the difference between the Waldorf-Astoria in NYC, or the Dorchester or Ritz in London and any Holiday Inn. You knew immediately the differences and appreciated them! (The FRANCE was okay, but the onboard staff acted like typical Quebecers - english speakers are tolerated at best.)
QE2 was and is special to me!

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Re: Just what is so special about the QE2 ?
« Reply #56 on: Nov 09, 2013, 09:16 AM »
Sheer. She has it, giving her glorious outside and inside lines. Think of standing at the end of those corridors looking at the deck curve down then up. If it looks right it probably is.
In comparison modern ships are just a straight edged tank with a bow and a stern (sometimes) tacked on.


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