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Re: Famous/Well Known/Celebrity QE2 Passengers
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Willum wrote :

Heres a bit of QE2 TV related folklore, before the network was fitted, ie pre-Bremerhaven we had a set with a VHS player in the Wardroom and I ran in a TV Aerial from the Monkey Is  so we could watch local TV in port. When coming up the English Channel the FA Cup final was being shown and Rod Stewart - well known Football enthusiast was in there with the 8-12 Engineers cheering on as required. I came in to check the signal and said witheringly, "Its, not important, only a GAME you know". That's just one way to be on the receiving end of a hail of empty beer cans.

Great story, Willum!

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Re: Famous/Well Known/Celebrity QE2 Passengers
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Now that the Cunard website no longer has the celebrity passenger list available for QE2, these are the ones I can remember from my time aboard.

Lord Patrick Lichfield
George C Scott
Charlton Heston
Anthony Hopkins
Max Bygraves
Andrew Lloyd Webber
Jack Clugman (Quincy)
Loretta Switt (Mash)
Johny Winter (Blues-Rock Guitarist)
Reg Varney

I'm sure I must have seen others but that's all I can remember at the moment.

My Sister, who started working aboard as a photographer in '77 said that Dom Delouise was quite a regular visitor to the darkroom in early '78 though sadly I never met him. I was a big fan of his in all the Mel Brooks films.

Photo of me with Lord Lichfield.

Yes, Dom Delouise was a visitor to both darkrooms. They original down by the indoor pool and the A deck one after the lab was put in.
Was your sister Christine?

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Re: Famous/Well Known/Celebrity QE2 Passengers
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Has Michael Jackson ever sailed  on the QE2?

Quite a few singers have done over the years.

Hopefully not, Cunard do have some standards!

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Re: Famous/Well Known/Celebrity QE2 Passengers
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We had Terry Waite. I think thats the correct spelling.

A truly 'big man' in all senses of the word BIG!

I got to know him quite well on the several times he traveled when i was on and a nicer more gentle, compassionate man you could not find.

I remember one crossing we were due to have a committal of ashes and he asked if he could attend, not wishing to be where he wasn't welcome. It was just a small service with only a couple of family who were more than happy for him to join them.
The night before and that morning we had, and still were, experiencing heavy seas with a lot of ship movement. On his way down to the aft deck, he passed through the Yacht Club and saw a young man, a regular passenger, frightened out of his mind, clutching his life-jacket and huddled in between the large speakers for the disco. Terry stopped and comforted him for a few minutes, then took his leave and joined us for the Committal service. Afterwards, he spoke to me and together we returned to the Yacht Club to asses the situation. He then knelt down and once again comforted the young man. He remained with him for a couple of hours, finally helping him to return to his cabin and relax sufficiently to put his life-jacket down and lay on his bed. He eventually slept for many hours.
It turns out this young man had been in the Yacht Club for several hours before Terry found him.

Just one story of his great compassion and, remembering what he went through in his captive days, not the only act of kindness he showed in his life, a wonderful man, who i am proud and humbled to say "i've met"!

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Re: Famous/Well Known/Celebrity QE2 Passengers
« Reply #124 on: Sep 10, 2018, 06:44 PM »
Great wee video snip here, of Bowie coming off the Transatlantic run on QE2 and signing autographs in the QEII terminal.

The lady says "Wow!  I never even knew he was on it!".

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