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Re: QE2 Model 1:450 scale - finished at last! [Gunze Sangyo]
« Reply #105 on: Jan 08, 2020, 04:06 AM »
Welcome aboard Craig :) ,

I assisted a good shipping friend with constructing the large scale Revell model of QE2 dating from the same period in her life (1972 to 1977) as this Gunze Sangyo model. During construction some glue melted part of the funnel and he had to reconstruct the funnel using sheet styrene. He also altered his model to the correct configuration for the traditional Cunard livery but before the Magrodome was installed and still during the steam era (June 1983 to November 1983) - this necessitated scratch building the QE and QM Grand Suites out of sheet styrene too. The results were excellent so maybe this is an option for you with the post re-engining funnel? I am no modelling expert though!

Here's the link to my friend's forum topic here on this forum:
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Re: QE2 Model 1:450 scale - finished at last! [Gunze Sangyo]
« Reply #106 on: Jan 08, 2020, 12:16 PM »
Thomas, thanks for the link.  I didn't find this thread before.  Yes, this may have to be the route that I go if I can't find an easier alternative. 
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