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Re: Docking in Manhattan
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Yes it's a moment in time to cherish  the only time i think I got up soooo early to see us dock in Manhattan on  board the one and only QE2....even the many times we did it after that we still got up to see us sail in..though fortunately sometimes it was at a more civilised daytime hour!!

Sailing out at midnight was spectacular the warmth of late autumn.....but December and January sailings were bone chilliing as said above but still very memorable......even the first tandem sailing in April 2004 felt more like January than April!

Not like sailing in and out of Brooklyn now it just doesn't do it  for me me any more.

Incidentally my Mother  has just mentioned to me just now that when she sailed to New York in the 50s the ships sailed so much closer to the statue of liberty than they do now.......she said you could almost touch it ...and this is also seen in the old movies....does anyone else have recollections of sailing in to New York  at this time?

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Re: Docking in Manhattan
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I found it quite strange on the Farewell crossings to sail in/out and not have the Twin Towers, the last time they were there towering above, and to not see them...... 

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