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QE2 Portholes (general discussion)
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To add to this discussion, the portholes were originally aluminum!  Commodore Warwick had a slide on this in his lexture on QE2 memories.  He said that the portholes were originally aluminum to save weight.  Image the weight savings there, but there was a big problem.  Despite using material to isolate the aluminum from the steel hull in the same fashion as the hull/deck joint, these began to deteriorate.  They were eventually all replaced with the units currently in the ship.  A funny side note that he mentioned was that he had saved a few of the aluminum portholes up in his attic, but found them later completely disintegrated and the eBay items were a total loss, to his dismay!  Photo below was taken during his lexture on QE2 on the Farewell to the UK voyage.
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Re: QE2 Portholes (general discussion)
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The vent would be a drain. Correct if that was 3 deck it might have been a pantry drain. Depending on where the cabin was. A/c drains went into the general scupper system until later on in life when the a/c drains were used for laundry water.

"There is really only one riveted strip on the QE2 body, where the steel hull meets the aluminium superstructure."

I beg to differ.
I think you will find that the bilge keels were rivetted to the hull.

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Re: QE2 Portholes (general discussion)
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Just came across this and loved the set of launch and sail-away pictures which i had never seen before. Very high quality colour pictures indeed as most of my memories from that day seem to be in black and white (and 405 lines too!)  ;D

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Re: QE2 Portholes (general discussion)
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Take a look at the 3 sec mark in the video at this link.  Are the 1 Deck suite oval portholes in the process of being cut?


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