Author Topic: What happened to the Pool NUS Ratings when she went over to non NMB.  (Read 1729 times)

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I am intrigued to know what happened to the ratings when Cunard replaced them with those on Non NMB agreements. Were all made redundant in all Departments? Surely all didn't return to the Pool. Or were some of  some of the PO’s allowed to remain in supervisory capacities. Or did some take redundancy & opt to not return to The Pool” but return to Cunard on non NMB agreements? I am sure there are many views & angles on this topic, as well as the opinions of those affected by the change.

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An interesting question MacTaf. I really cannot remember much about this but I have an idea that there was some voluntary redundancy offered if not wanting to transfer to another ship.

I have some documents about this but mainly in connection with the terms & conditions regarding the re-engining 1986/87 and subsequent manning levels etc. I'll have to dig them out and read through them.
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I and my Late Brother Tony and many more went down to Dover from the Pool and Joined the Ferries just after the Herald of Free Enterprise then another Strike started down there,the same type of Contract to Qe2 Lord Sterling and Maggy as we None Dover Sharks were paying for accommodation Home and away we could not  afford it I went to RFA along with my Brother and many more followed, it was Cunard Loss  yes we got a Hand Bag but we had no choice,some off the Crew stayed or were reemployed with a Contract to Kill Half their money now the other if there was no disputes over a period of 2 years
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