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Re: The Wardroom
« Reply #75 on: Feb 23, 2020, 05:36 PM »
Yes it was! The ABF Steam Wardy show, produced by yours truly! ABF stood for Absolutely Bloody Final Steam Wardy Show.
The Deck Officers on watch would put a walky-talky with the transmit switch taped down so they could listen while on watch.
During one WC show, an Hotel Officer, dressed in fishnet stockings and French Maids outfit sold ice creams, just like the olden days with the tray in front of him supported by the strap around the neck. No  change given of course! He made over $1,000! He did not shave his beard for the occasion and I never figured out where he got the size 11 (mens) high heeled shoes!

That hotel officer was M****** S**** from the Finance Department, a hideous character I must say. I was working with him at the time and I can honestly say that we didn't have a very good relationship. I remember him wearing that outfit prior and was shocked to know that he had a variety of outfits onboard.

I never saw him after leaving the QE2 until one day he walked right in front of my car nearly knocking him over in Bournemouth where he lived. He never recognised me behind the wheel but I instantly recognized him and to be honest I found it  rather funny.

He tried to make my life hell on-board the QE2 but it was all down to pure jealousy because, both being gay men I never showed any interest in him and he hated it. Definitely not someone who I have fond memories of. His awful side kick was J**** T********, a more vile individual than M****** S****.
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I joined QE2 in September 1983 as an assistant waiter becoming a full time waiter in the Columbia Restaurant in October 1983.
In June 1984 I became a petter officer in the Accounts/Pursers Office. I left QE2 in April 1987 to work on the cross channel ferries untill October 1998 as Dep Purser.

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Re: The Wardroom
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As a young passenger in the late 80s l did hear JDT could and did indeed make life hell if any of the crew crossed him.
Perhaps thats how or why he "left" QE2 for one of the other ships.
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Re: The Wardroom
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Happy Birthday to HM Queen Elizabeth today. Photos taken in the Wardroom during the 150th Anniversary UK Cruise July 27th 1990 off Spithead.
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Re: The Wardroom
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Happy Birthday to HM Queen Elizabeth today. Photos taken in the Wardroom during the 150th Anniversary UK Cruise July 27th 1990 off Spithead.

Plus my birthday as well, " two old queens together my wife always says"!  I'm now officially in the funerals age group!

Oh and also happy birthday to Hamble from BBC children's programme Play School, which was first broadcast on 21st April 1964,  before QE2 was even started being built, how time flies.
From my cabin we used to look through the 'round window'!

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Re: The Wardroom
« Reply #79 on: Oct 24, 2022, 04:58 PM »
Adding a photo which Michael Gallagher kindly supplied, of the 1977 Silver Jubilee chair in its position in the Wardroom.
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