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2 wonderful cruise on the QE2
« on: Jun 13, 2010, 01:29 PM »
My mother Margo and I have cruised twice on the marvellous QE2. Our first cruise was in 2005 when we left Southampton on 27th October for a 16 night cruise of the Mediterranean. I had never cruised before (other than small ships on the Nile and the Yangtze) but my mother had on several occasions. Mainly to the Islands off Australia, Asia, and Mexico and the Bahamas as well as Mexico and California. At first Mum was disappointed with our M5 cabin as she had stayed in nicer cabins on the other cruise ships. However after a day on the QE2 she was won over. She said everything else was much better and done with more style on the QE2, and we were only in our cabin to sleep and dress afterall. When the advertisements appeared in our newspaper for the Farewell World Cruise we decided it would be wonderful to be on such a cruise. We booked the New York to Sydney segments. I would have loved to have gone all the way ,but money, time off work and away from my husband were all factors that prevented that. I loved everything about that cruise but I think the highlight was the rendezvous in Sydney as the Queen Victoria sailed out and the QE2 sailed into the Circular Quay berth. I kept a hand written diary of both cruises and have typed out the Farewell Cruise diary. I will post it into the appropriate section when I work out how to copy 'word' into this forum.

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Re: 2 wonderful cruise on the QE2
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Hello Jennie and Welcome aboard!
It's great that you have joined us - and good too, to read of your time on board the real Queen of the Seas!
How lovely to have kept a diary :) - wishing I'd done the same.
About copying from 'word' - there's been no problem for me - the Forum is so well set up that I just copy and paste into the open posting window. 
Have you found Malcolm's World Cruise Diary yet?
You might like to take a look - it's here:,543.0.html

Looking forward to reading more of your adventures, too


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Re: 2 wonderful cruise on the QE2
« Reply #2 on: Jun 14, 2010, 07:27 AM »
Thankyou Rosie for the welcome . I have managed to copy my diary to the 'Farewell' section but I had to do it in three installments. I don't know how Malcolm managed to fit it into one as his diary was much longer than mine. I did read his diary the other day as well as Martha's, but I only read them up to Perth, so I will have to go back and finish the cruise.

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Re: 2 wonderful cruise on the QE2
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Welcome Jennie -- great to see you here, with your wonderful memories and stories. So glad you have taken action straight away!

I have merged the three instalments of your World Cruise (lucky lucky you...  :D ) diary. You asked about how Malcolm posted his diary : he gave us a day of world cruise per day of reading, so that we (almost!) lived the world cruise with him and Paul, some months later. This was done by simply hitting the "reply" button under his own previous posting, the next day.

I hope Malcolm is around, as he would presumably enjoy reading your diary too!

Enjoy the Forum, and tell us more about your life on board -- and ask away too, if you wish, as we have plenty of experts here on board.


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