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First cruise on QE2
« on: Jun 07, 2010, 01:38 AM »
My first cruise on this ship was in Summer 2003.   The cabin was a little small but soon got used to it.    The weather was calm
until third day out e across the Biscay.  Apparently it was a force 6/7 but hardly noticeable on board. 
We visited a number of ports around  the Med including Venice which meant berthing up in Trieste.  I remember how strange it was that  she was berthed head on to the high street!Her bow seemed to dominate over the buildings ahead.   I stood looking
down from the window at her amazing long bow and took a snapshot of this with the town in full view.   

I had a quick chat with the lady who lived aboard, whose name escapes me (was it Isobel?) who firmly believed she would be on
  board for the rest of her life.   No way would she be asked to leave.     What a shock she must have had when asked to go!!

I  did lose my way around the ship a few times and noticed  a few quirky narrow stairways (but looked curiously interesting).
The layout on  board the QE2 I felt was unusual.   I wonder how often that boardroom was used.  The catering in restaurant was so nice.    All in all a very enjoyable holiday and a different experience to any other ship.   At least she was a real ship.
A beautiful shape.  Not slab-sided like the new floating blocks of flats.......which now have grass on the top deck!!   How nautical is  that?  I dont think so.   



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Re: First cruise on QE2
« Reply #1 on: Jun 07, 2010, 08:33 AM »
Hello Cristina, and welcome on board
It's good that you have joined us!

You'll find lots of interesting things about our great lady here
and your memories add well to the collection!
It was good to read that you enjoyed your time on board
and when it's possible for you - please do write some more!
The lady that you referred to - her name is Beatrice Muller
you will find something about her here:,361.0.html



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Re: First cruise on QE2
« Reply #2 on: Jun 07, 2010, 08:06 PM »
Hi Rosie
Thanks for your reply.   Oh yes it was Beatrice.  She was nice to passengers but a bit rude to the waiters.... as I sat behind her at lunch once. This  is a really nice site to post on and to read all the interesting news not only it about QE2 but even mentions the QM (Mighty Mary) LOL!!!    Not my cuppa that ship to be honest.  Went on once. A one time bargain fare to NY.   It seemed a bit soul-less and felt like being on a posh gigantic ferry!!  Probably all the large self service sections made it seem like that.  The restaurant was so chilly being so huge.   The height of it didnt help.   People kept referring to the Titanic-look-a-like theme.
Not as warm and sociable as the QE2 was.

All the best liners have gone it seems, even the Canberra (once used as a liner and then for cruises). So sad.

It is stll nice to cruise but the excitement is not as it used to be on the older ships and you dread the weather turning rough because the same sense of security isn't there like it used to be on QE2.