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Re: The Chart Room...
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Skilly, I look forward to the new Elizabeth Class aircraft carriers. It was Britain that used armoured decks in WW2 unlike the American carriers with wooden decks and I think the launch steam catapult was invented by the British as well?

Armoured decks
Steam catapults
Angled flight decks
VTOL aircraft
Ski jump carriers...actually invented by an RAF Officer

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Re: The Chart Room...
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And also the 'Meatball' mirror deck landing system was invented by an RN FAA officer, although the yanks always seem to think they invented it.


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Re: The Chart Room...
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And why is it called the Chart Room - because there are drawers and drawers of the bloomin' things - so many they often don't even shut properly!.
That's nowt, my Warehouse contains over a million of them!  ;)
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