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Re: Live from Lone Gerd
« Reply #120 on: Mar 12, 2019, 01:12 PM »
Hi June. Not much happening here apart from gales & rain. Not planning much cruising this year as we have a few maintenance jobs to catch up with. The foremast needs to come out as we lost the top 3 feet last year due to rot above the mast collar where the rigging attaches. This is a fair sized tree which is stepped on the keel so we will need a crane. I plan to replace it with a much lighter mast stepped on the deck in a tabernacle so that it can be lowered down for maintenance. The mast serves no purpose today apart from navigation lights, flying flags and generally making the boat look right so this should be fine. The mizzen mast is made from a telegraph pole and used as a crane for lifting the RIB on and off the roof. Something similar would be fine for the foremast as telegraph poles are well soaked in preservatives which helps. We will also be giving the deck a refresh as one or two leaks have appeared over the last year.

I have done a bit of work on my Austin 7 as my nephew wants to use it for his wedding in November. It hasn't been used for a few years but generally fresh fuel an oil change and a battery gets it going. I have fitted an alternator which is available as a direct replacement for the Lucas dynamo. This should make the 85 year old electrics a bit more reliable and has the advantage of looking just like the old dynamo. I have also fitted a new electronic ignition distributor which vastly improves the way the engine performs according to those who have already fitted one. Again it looks just like the original The survival of around 10,000 Austin 7's means there is good parts availability and the cars are regularly used by many owners. Photo shows old dynamo and new unit in place.

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Re: Live from Lone Gerd
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Hi Bruce -

Thanks very much for your message and all the news !  I hope all is going well today.  I hope the weather improves.  I hope we have turned the corner into more Springlike weather here.  It sounds like you indeed have a lot of work to accomplish.  All the best with it !  Thanks for the great photos !  The Austin 7 looks marvelous and it should be an eye catcher at the wedding.  If you can, as work progresses on Lone Gerd, please update us and send photos too !

June   :)
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