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Hi Everybody,

My next random question for the tech minded.

Anyone have a copy of the 1985 Edition of the Warwick & Flayhart QE2 book?

Page 141 has a picture of a room, described as a penthouse suite but obviously not as it is on Boat Deck, which has a window of the same style as the Queens Grill Lounge, the only place on the ship that this particular window type is used I believe.

Now the problm I have is identifying this room, ass far as I am aware there were never any suites with windows like this, either in the QG Lounge area, or elsewhere. And I do not believe there were ever suites in the area that is now the QGL.

So I wonder if this room is not part of a suite at all, but maybe part of the QGL at some configuation I never saw it as?

The walls are patterened pale green, and the floor patterend dark carpet, the photo only shows a table and 6 chairs, with a sofa on one side of the table, too many cahiirs just of a suite anyway i would think?

Ideas anyone, please?! It is all for a good cause, honest :-D
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Re: Queens Grill Lounge/Boat Deck Cabins Question! HELP!
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This photo is the Queens Grill Lounge as the lounge was from its original incarnation (1972) until approx. 1977 when the furniture was redone. The phto was taken at the forward end of the room near where the lift up to the Penthouses was.

Offline Andrew Collier

Re: Queens Grill Lounge/Boat Deck Cabins Question! HELP!
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Nice one, thanks Michael, that was way easier than I thought :-)
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