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What annoys you about cruising today?
« on: Mar 30, 2010, 11:57 AM »
Just when I was writing another post I thought this might be a good one to see what really annoys you about cruising today?

i think the list is endless.....

The horrible airport concourse type  cruise terminals....

E ticketing!!!

The 'reception' instead of Pursers Office...

Having a 'room' instead of a cabin....even worse its on the 6th FLOOR instead of DECK!!!  AHHHHHHHHH

Also.....I have noticed...particularly more and more  our American cousins calling white glove afternoon tea  HIGH TEA!!!!!  Don't they realise that high tea is egg and chips or fish n chips served apx many tearooms and homes throughout UK....not on board a 5 star ship with white gloved waiters. at 4pm with dainty sandwiches cakes and pastries.

QUEUING for afternoon tea....! ( Did I EVER see this on the QE2????)  (NO..most folks would just go to the Lido if Queens Room was full)  Also QUEUING outside the dining room for first or second sitting.....( do they think they are at a bus stop) That one really gets me...specially now as there is no  full Caronia style dining rooms on the new ships ( unless you call the corner cupboard the thanks)  I mean all dressed up formally and standing in a queue to DINE???? Would we do this at the Ritz???
The only alternative is to upgrade yourself to the Grills....????
Having to serve yourself hot beverages in the new Lidos on the new ships......with a MUG?????

We cannot get any cheese dinner rolls in the main dining rooms ,....they are reserved for GRILL passengers. only...( good god) ...they were standard on QE2....also the large silver salver neatly arranged with petit fours...( in the old days they even had Queen Elizabeth2 written on them in chocolate) we get a small side plate with a maximum of 2 chocs each.....( maybe they got them in Tesco)  no big salvers full of fruit and no trolley cheeseboard either.

PROPER cabin door keys...

Ordering breakfast in your cabin and being sharply wakened up by a very loud knock and having to get up and open the door in your nightie and looking like SHREK...instead of a soft knock ,breakfast being brought in by your cabin steward as he opens the curtains says Good Morning and quietly civilised!

Think I had better stop for now to cool off.......

Ill be back!! LOL

Any more?????

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Re: What annoys you about cruising today?
« Reply #1 on: Mar 30, 2010, 05:02 PM »
What bothers me most, currently, is that I do not have the funds to book any cruises! >:(  Second on the list, would be the fact that the current crop of ship just seems to be getting uglier and uglier.  Examples would be the NCL Epic and the Oasis of the Seas. 
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Re: What annoys you about cruising today?
« Reply #2 on: Mar 30, 2010, 10:22 PM »
I'm not particularly annoyed, since I'm not going cruising.   ;)

Since the final departure of QE2, I did, however, take a mini trip (surely that does not count as a cruise?) on Black Prince... and was not a bit annoyed... just sad that she was not QE2. And I'm about to do the same thing on Marco Polo... which so far too has given me no cause for annoyance... let's hope it lasts!


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Inexperienced crew
« Reply #3 on: Apr 15, 2010, 10:28 AM »
Just been talking about this today....the old experience is going...Companies do not WANT that anymore...its too expensive..better to get someone stacking shelves at Aldis last week and train them on the job....

You talk about not all chefs being good chefs even on Qe2...I agree...we too have experienced it at passenger level!!

To be honest cruising had now lost its appeal for me...its just a cheap package holiday like going to Benidorm was in the 70's and 80's and is being truly spoiled....not just by an inexperienced non sea going crew but also the type of people cruising now...sorry if that sounds really snobbish  it isnt meant to be but as this  site is dedicated to  former QE2 passengers and crew I think Everyone knows what I's so sad.... Again I wouldn;t like to be on one of those massive ugly beasts when something went wrong....emergency wise...regardless of the drills and so called crew training nowadays they are so young, inexperienced and big headed that I think they would jump off themselves first and leave the passengers behind !! Either that or they just wouldn't have a clue what to do....and blame someone else whilst they would throw a tantrum!!

I'm just glad we did sea voyages when it was special and all the crew knew their place and what to do....they were sea men...not hotel receptionists or blue coats at Butlins with big heads!!
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Re: What annoys you about cruising today?
« Reply #4 on: Apr 15, 2010, 09:29 PM »
I think also and l hate to say it but Cunard are getting the wrong type of passengers. In my early days going back to 86/87 the dress code was so easy to understand.It really was idiot proof.  Now adays your getting folks dressing as they please and in a way trying to beat the system. Look at the Ritz hotel they have a clear dress code and sadly have had to succumb to modern trends and allow jeans past the front door. The tie code, clearly it states a jacket and tie is required, and yet you get these idiots trying to prove a point by going in dressed in shorts, jacket and tie. In days of old who would ever dream of doing that?

Even the price has come down, is this devaluing the brand Cunard ? by attracting the wrong sort or just a way of bringing more guests onboard? Ok so there are various types of cruisers but Cunard was always up there at the top and perhaps now with this lark of calling them guests and not passengers. Granted if you sailed on some of the others lines your maybe not getting the 5 star service but you have  an idea as to what is expected.

Iv only ever sailed with Cunard on the QE2, and in that l knew exactly what was expected of the passengers, the service and all that was provided was what l expected of the company. Now with the new fleet lm not sure l like the way its going, the single cabin lark will never be resolved, P&O are trying something but Cunard. nope, they might throw out a late minute solo offer but thats only to fill up empty space, and lm sorry but if thats how they value us, stuff it !! Im in total agreement with cruiseprincess that cruising had lost the appeal (and l never thought l would say that!) Cunard,Because they cared have already had some 24 years loyality from me, and sadly at the moment lm seeing no attempt at trying to keep this loyality, and l consider myself easily pleased.
 So cruiseprincess what do you say, we both get a small boat put on our finest togs, bottle of bubbly and sail off lamenting about the good old days & how it used to be, because the way lm seeing it the good old days have gone and lm not really sure l like the way its going forward...
 The hype of the brochure launch was something we grew used to, the pennies were usually ready to put down the deposit, the travel agent was informed of what was needed, Since 2008 even that has lost the sparkle :(
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The good old days,....long gone
« Reply #5 on: Apr 16, 2010, 11:36 AM »
Cunard Queen....I think we must be related...we echo each others feelings about cruising fact todays society in general.   Is it an age thing....being 30 (haha) plus port charges we are now the boring old gits.........and as you say the ONLY way to resolve this issue is to get our own boat with gallons of bubbly in our best bibs and tucker and just sail off into  the sunset somewhere...I think that's where todays cruisers and cruise lines would like us to go.

We have sailed with  many different Companies...some better than others and to be honest wearing the formal wear we would normally 'sport' on QE2 is somewhat 'too much'  ...particularly noticeable  on board P/O and  Princess .....we were almost laughed off the as a result we just didn't go back as we knew our place and knew where we belonged...sadly this is no longer the case as QE2 has gone and Cunard dress codes are all over the was only ever either formal or did not HAVE to wear a long dress or a Tuxedo...though most passengers did, was just another world ...Cunard Queen... and is long gone.

Im astonished to hear that about the Ritz though..I remember attending a dinner dance there only a few years ago and it was very elegant.  It's true that it's the people who want to change things not the Company..but the annoying thing is THAT is who the Company listens to as that's where they think the most money is...I would so like to see the comparisons on the balance sheets when QE2 was sailing in her heyday,compared to the revenue grabbed from the 3 ship fleet of today.  The Qe2 passengers in the 70s and 80s were BIG spenders...and I mean BIG...they were the folks with the money....old money..but they had manners  and respect they knew their place....unlike today.

I think I had better stop this  I hate to think what others reading this posting must think.  But it's just Britishness...its STILL the class system to an extent..its good manners...its respect for yourself and others...but nowadays its just anything goes as long as you have the EURO in your pocket.Whether at land or makes no difference.  Whether The Ritz or £10K for your ticket ..and trash the room...we don't care!

Maybe on reflection were WE  were the 'riff raff' on the  QE2 of the 80s? the mid 80s cruising was still a very upmarket  and expensive holiday... Ocean Liners were built for millionaires and movie my Uncles told me when they came home from a hard days graft in the yards.  " Not for the likes of us."...I am just working class...and yes I felt intimidated prior to sailing about the world of QE2.. This is a world of caviar and fine smelled of Money!  Would I  be  out of place...I had NO designer gowns...I had NO  big diamonds to flash..I didn't talk posh.. But I DO  so want to be a part of this world just for a little while.. a world totally unknown to me.....I suppose you could say to see how the other half live?? I have many lovely dresses and some good jewellery but most of it is costume jewellery ...for elegant evenings on board.. I don't know much about fine wines or fine dining....all that cutlery!!  ( I do know which silverware to use but found it all a bit daunting ) .I am just ordinary...perhaps I will not fit in...will I be out of my depth?  But I had been brought up properly and could be taken anywhere, I knew how to behave and could make convivial conversation over dinner etc... I was as good as anyone else on board..I had paid my ticket....   I wonder how many of todays cruisers think that way?  And what's more what did the real 'old timers' on QE2 think when we came along?    Maybe it's the same story we are saying now.......

How I wish some of those passengers who sailed  full world cruises religiously on QE2 every year from the 70s to 2008 could find this forum....WHAT stories they could tell us...but I don't think they ever will...this  virtual world is not for them.

I'm glad to say that I felt wonderfully comfortable every time I sailed on QE2 from the first voyage to the last. the world of QE2 had accepted me......yes it was another world...better than I could have ever imagined.. yes .it was 'posh' it was 'beautiful.'.and I fell in love with my signature says EVERY time I  sailed on QE2 I was treated like a Princess....and it was so true.....

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Re: What annoys you about cruising today?
« Reply #6 on: Apr 17, 2010, 04:44 AM »
It annoys me that QE2 is gone!
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Re: What annoys you about cruising today?
« Reply #7 on: Apr 17, 2010, 08:14 AM »
It annoys me that not only QE2, but Canberra is gone. And I am NOT impressed by the likes of Norwegian Epic (ugly as sin) the Vista blisters or Oasis of the Seas - so huge and garish, if I wanted a place like that, I could go to a land-based resort, at least it probably would not sink!
No, I was not posh, wore no jewels except for my Mauretania medal and I had no pretty dresses, but QE2 and her crew made me really welcome. And as far as the cutlery, my Gran's reminder to start at the outside and work your way in with each course seemed to work well. And it was the only time I've ever had caviare or quail to eat. And, just as an aside, I bet there are thousands of stranded people wishing for QE2 back to turn on a couple of fast trips across the pond just now. I don't think volcanic ashes would deter her!

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Re: What annoys you about cruising today?
« Reply #8 on: Apr 17, 2010, 08:22 AM »
Exactly, Mauritania - and Chris.

If QE2 was working the way she knows how,
all the other ships would become less important.
Isn't it more about what wouldn't annoy us about
cruises today?!
By the way, maybe I'm not the only one that wouldn't mind not having any 'frilly bits',
because as long as it's her unique style that survives,  then maybe we could have QE2 back in business?!
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Re: What annoys you about cruising today?
« Reply #9 on: Apr 17, 2010, 12:05 PM »
When I think of cruising I think of the standard set by ships like the QE2.  I think of cruising as a relaxing experience where you have the opportunity to meet new people, to watch the sea and visit places far and near.  What most annoys me about cruising today is the trend to have Butlins or Disney at sea. 

Ships with climbing walls annoy me firstly because they are so ugly and secondly I cannot understand the attraction of such a feature.  I know the cruise lines are trying to cater for people of all age groups and but I just think they have gone over the top when I read about ships that do Disney Parades, have a boardwalk with cafe's or shops like on a high street and have ice rinks and other such attraction.  I have not been on any of these ships so maybe I am speaking out of turn but the thought does annoy me.

I could relate to a lot of what you had said yesterday Cruise Princess and also what you had to say about dress code Cunardqueen.  I liked the Formal and Informal dress code on the QE2.  Now in addition to these two Cunard have added  elegant casual which just confuses a lot of people as there are a lot of interpretations of what this can be.  I love having the opportunity to dress for dinner when cruising.
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Re: What annoys you ?
« Reply #10 on: Apr 18, 2010, 02:42 PM »
Having just come off a nearly new big plastic ship and surviving a near the end of it all experience, I miss being on a safe, properly run and navigated ship, where you never had to worry about your safety ! Bring her back PLEASE

Copy that,.......the 'new' crews are too interested in where and who they are going with as soon as they knock off duty....we have experienced that too...even with their so called 'Captains'.. carrying on with junior cruise staff...NOT a good impression.nor is it very professional in assuring safety etc towards the passengers who look on at this behaviour in passengers  FULL view,


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Re: What annoys you about cruising today?
« Reply #11 on: Apr 19, 2010, 11:09 PM »
In the main passenger standards have gone. On the most recent cruise from hell, the dress code stated for the day was ignored, there were even shorts and t shirts in the dining room at night. And going in for dinner was like being trapped in a cage fight ! When we boarded the crew member assigned to takeing us to our cabin didnt even know where it was ! And please dont think Im not child friendly but is it really good to give a 3 yearl old its evening m,eal at nearly 10pm ? Its so sad QE2 has retired seems she took all the standards and manners and mostly great crew with her !


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Re: What annoys you about cruising today?
« Reply #12 on: Apr 20, 2010, 10:20 AM »
I agree Andy ....the whole thing just puts me right off...we experienced RCL on a 2 nighter only cause our Agent talked us into it for a cheap weekend break...was the cruise from hell.. but we kinda knew before we went but went anyway as only a short break....everything you say was us as you I'm not saying i'm not child friendly but I still maintain a ship is NOT a place for a child...all they want is a bucket and spade and the seashore whether Saltcoats or Barbados...makes no difference...its just a racket...a cruise is an elegant relaxing pampering holiday for adults...but they NEED to make money and families are targeted...the short break 2 and 3 nights got thats started....and thats why they sickens me. I now give the whole thing a very WIDE berth....just wish I had the money to go Silverseas all the time....(slightly over rated but worth it for the peace and quiet , great service and  italian elegance.. 21st century style .( at least it s  away from the 'riff raff)

Our problem is that QE2 just spoiled us......

but I'm so glad she did!

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Re: What annoys you about cruising today?
« Reply #13 on: Apr 20, 2010, 11:49 AM »
But surely... lots of these issues can be got around by picking your cruise line carefully... e.g. Cunard, Fred Olsen or Holland America?  They can't all be tarred with the same brush I don't think.
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Re: What annoys you about cruising today?
« Reply #14 on: Apr 20, 2010, 01:11 PM »
TO a point Rob yes....but silly as we are we ALWAYS~ will compare every cruise ship to QE2...and its not really fair to other cruise lines I know...but its what we grew up with and what we like...not necessarily the ship of course but its the service and the tradition..Ok Freds are prob the most traditional cruise line out there  for the Brits but to be honest they are at the lower end of the market....its value for money yes..and nothing really wrong with it..but obviously not 5 star or even 4 star..

Its hard to sail with Cunard now since QE2 left as they will always get the QE2 brought up every where....Holland America are a more traditional cruise line and very comfortable and great crew  though  obviously very American ...they again like Freds attract the grey pound where do we go?   We just have to swallow hard , pick the best one we can afford and just enjoy the holiday....cause if we keep going on about QE2 ALL the time we just never enjoy a cruise at all....think thats why we are taking quite a long break from cruising.....though without a doubt the industry has changed considerably over the past 10 years or so and I have to say it has been spoiled very much regardless of what cruise line you sail with...


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