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QE2 memories of the "Noughties"
« on: Dec 27, 2009, 11:57 AM »
Just been browsing the sunday papers and one of the features was events of the last 10 years otherwise now being called "the noughties". No doubt we all have memories of this decade, of people we have loved and lost , For me the most powerful event was 9/11, something which changed the world forever.

But sadly as well this was the time i met, fell in love and very sadly had to say goodbye to a very beautiful lady, The QE2. I fell under her spell quite late on in her  life in May 2004 when she came to Liverpool, a day i will never forget, the first sight of her in the Mersey is one i will carry with me until the day i die, truely wonderful.

Luckily our paths crossed a few times over the years until the 11th of November last year when it was very sadly "time to say goodbye"

We all have no doubt memorable and precious memories of seeing and travelling on her, i often think back to the 38 wonderful nights i spent on her travelling on two transatlantic crossings, and two trips to Iceland and Norway and its so difficult to pick out the best. A few would have to be;
1 The first sight that day in Liverpool
2 The first time i set foot on her and walked around in a dream like state prior to a journey to New York
3 The first arrival in New York, stood on the observation deck , in a very cold december morning seeing that wonderful skyline appear in the morning light.
4 My wifes 50th birthday on a wonderful cruise to Iceland and Norway
5 The first and only time i have been to Longyearbyen, seeing her in the bay with a backdrop of snow, sunshine and blue sky - magic
6 The last transatlantic crossing from New York, if ever i wanted a voyage to go on and on this was it, the awful realisation when i departed in Southampton, at the end that i would NEVER travel on her again.
and finally
7 - 11/11/2008, witnessing the last arrival and departure in Southampton, the day we all knew was coming but didnt want to see, "TIME TO SAY GOODBYE"
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