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All the cabins had the little sprinkler thing in the ceiling,  But just how hot would it have to be before they went off, and if one went off in the cabin would the rest of the ones in the same area go off as well? Just wondering you understand.
 And while on the subject the Baked Alaska parade in Mauretania it was always joked that the fire alarms were turned off, or were they turned to Baked Alaska setting ;)??

Sprinklers were heat activated. the ones in the public ares were generally 175 degrees, not adjustable. Hotter places like galleys were generally 200 degrees. If one sprinkler was activated, it would not set the others off. They would go off if they attained that temp, or somebody put a wire coat hanger throught them. Sprinkler systems were charged with fresh water. Then if they went off a sea water pump would cut in rated at 800 gallons/minute. After the emergency was over, the system would be drained, flushed 3 times with fresh water and recharged.
Sprinklers can do a whole lot of damage but save lives. We had one cabin gutted on 5 deck by c stair because a lady had washed her wig and put it over the light by the dressing table mirror to dry.