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David B, QE2 Cook, 1985
« on: Dec 02, 2009, 05:10 AM »
Hi Everyone,
I have recently joined this group. What a great idea…I cannot count the times I have shared stories about my ‘short but wonderful’ time working aboard the gracious lady. Now at least people are genuinely interested ;+) the year was 1985, I was a very young 18 year old ‘student cook’ My first time away from the nest ‘on my own’…well besides going camping to North Wales with a few mates, which was not on my own!
After the QE2, 1986 I worked at a few hotels top Hotels around the North West of England then god’s country (aka) The Lake District. In 1991 I moved to sunnier skies in Bermuda and that was where I saw her for the first time since ‘86’ as she came into the great sound ‘oh what a sight’ like seeing a first love again, she had not changed at all, she brought the emotions back to the surface! 2nd time she came to BDA she was in ‘calmer seas’ and managed to come aside at Dockyard. Thankfully through a friend in BDA who worked had worked as a waiter on the QE2, he managed to get a day pass via the restaurant manager, we had lunch in the main dining room and followed it up with a couple of the usual ‘Bacardi and a splash of watered down coke’ at the old pig & whistle!
Sitting there at the pub with some of the old crew, appetite content coupled with a slight haze from the virtually neat Bacardi I started to reminisce at the return to ‘ole blighty’ following the ’85 world cruise’ with a crew chorus of Rod Stewarts song ‘Sailing’ from the aptly named album ‘Atlantic Crossing’
After nine years in Bermuda, I moved to Dubai…and that’s the main reason for this mail, I flew back to Dubai in November of last year, flying in and seeing the grand lady, deserted at a empty lifeless dock’ filled me with an immense disappointment even great sadness...
And to the present, with the current situation that Dubai is facing, I can only pray that someone will come to her aid, why she was not adopted by a suitable ‘foster parent’ like her big sister in ‘long beach’ I don’t know why..
Saddened but still optimistic!!
Best Regards
David B
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Re: Dubai World : Bad Parents!!!!
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David,  I think we are all here trying to remain optimistic that something positive can come out of all the recent turn of events with Dubaiworld, Nakheel, etc.  Perhaps this is a great opportunity for a worthy "sugar daddy" to come forth and offer that the current owners cannot refuse to prevent further losses on their part.  On the positive side, QE2 is essentially as she was the day the order was given "finished with engines."  The current owners have not neglected her and have spent considerable money keeping her running, dry docking her and repainting her and that we can be thankful for.

"There will never be another one like her" QE2's last Master Ian McNaught
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Re: Dubai World : Bad Parents!!!!
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Welcome David and great to have you join us
Start every day with a smile and get it over with


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