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What would Qe2 be saying One year on....
« on: Nov 13, 2009, 07:21 PM »
Maybe this is what Qe2 would be saying now.....

I penned this little poem as a follow up from the one last year.......  hope you enjoy it...

QE2    One Year on

I sit here and I wonder what's going to happen to me
Its been about a year now where am I supposed to be?
I left with such a fanfare there were fireworks, bands and tears
I was so sad to leave my home as its been over 40 years

They sailed me to this foreign land so hot and dry you know
I didn't want to come here I didn't want to go
But now I sit here all alone ,no one comes to visit me
I used to be so busy but I think they've lost my key

They took me into dry dock and cleaned up all my paint
But I perspire so much out here I really feel quite faint
As a lady of a certain age its not where I want to be
If only someone told me I could have had HRT

I'd maybe feel a wee bit better but I know it'd be no use
Cause out here in the desert..I don't use up much juice
Id' rather sail out on the Ocean where my heart and soul is free
For me to be a hotel .....well isn't really me

Someone mentioned Capetown I quite liked it there
But only cause I knew that soon I'd be sailing off somewhere
Everybody loved me when I called in to a port
But now I sit here all day long with nothing to report.

I see the other cruise ships they call in just at my stern
But just a few hours later they all sail off again
I watch them in the distance until they disappear
I never sail to anywhere I just stay right here

Some are my relations some are merely friends
Some I've known for ages from way back when
Some are even older than I am sitting here
Yet they are all still sailing and I'm left  at the pier

I watch the lovely sunset from this Dubai place
But I'd rather be on the high seas now that was  really Ace
I cannot go anywhere they will not let me go
My heart is really breaking though I don't want it to show

They speak a funny language they think I don't care
But its an awful feeling not to be going anywhere
Everybody loved me why did they send me here
I cry myself to sleep at night but no-one hears my prayer

I call out on my whistle oh please please take me back
To my homeland that's so far away I think I've lost the knack
They fiddle with my engines they look me up and down
But to be quite honest I feel I'm going to drown

Is anybody listening can you hear my plea?
Nobody wants me , and I just want to go to sea
I really want my Captain and my good old crowd of crew
So I can sail away back home again with only me and you

They don't know what to do with me I think I'll fall apart
Cause  there's nobody out here can fix my broken heart
Oh will somebody save me....I am the QE2
Maybe that someone could just in fact be YOU?

Copyright Duly Noted 13 November 2009

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Re: What would Qe2 be saying One year on....
« Reply #1 on: Nov 13, 2009, 07:33 PM »
That's lovely and so sad.


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Re: What would Qe2 be saying One year on....
« Reply #2 on: Nov 13, 2009, 07:35 PM »
GLad you liked it.....only Qe2 fans would appreciate it....anyone else thinks Im totally bonkers!  I was in tears writing it!

Also....glad someone managed to get the final voyage menus on. the site ...i DID try,,,,,


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