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Re: Mystery Radio Message
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well infact it it true that a meesage was received by the QE2 from the queen mary  many years father was actually in the room at the time it came in(he was one of three men present).

How interesting Barry, did you father speak about the reaction onboard when the message was received.  I can imagine that the discussions we are having on this topic would have similar. 
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Re: Mystery Radio Message
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just heard a strange story on local radio told by a locally well known ghost story/unexplained mystery compiler. It goes like this february 1978 the radio operator on the QE2 received a distress call on an old wavelength which said ' come quick in distress ..boiler rooms flooded ,ship is sinking' .the operator changed to the wavelength and replied what is the name of your ship ..the reply 'Titanic' ...spooky !..the captain on the bridge was informed and the operator tried to contact the ship again but with no avail..when the 'incident' was logged it appeared that the ships position was almost the same as the Titanic's when she foundered all those years earlier ! Now this story teller even had a recording of the morse message which he played thru loads of static ..eerie, though a caller rang in to say he was a retired radio operator and that it sounded to formulated to be manual and it was probably a hoax ... but to receive the message at the same position ? the story tellers web is if you want a read .

Even if it's a hoax I love these stories.
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