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My hilarious wife.
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What has this photo to do with the QE2, When I joined in April 1969 it was to be my forever job,  home in Southampton every two weeks and drive out the see friends in Rockaway, New Jersey on alternative weeks. But on shore leave I met Elaine and gave it all up. I struggled to adjust and missed to excitement of life at sea, Elaine wanted to join the Royal Navy on leaving school like her brothers and father did but as a nurse so we both gave up our dreams. In 1987 after her refit we went as a family to watch the QE2 leave port and watching passengers having a meal as she left port. Elaine said it will never be us , I found that upsetting with children, mortgage and other commitments. But times do change, In 2008 Elaine wrote to Cunard from our home in British Columbia and asked if we could do the last cross Atlantic as a present to me. That was one of the best presents I have ever had. Since then we have traveled on the Mary 2, Victoria, Elizabeth and hope to include the Queen Anne one day. We travel on Princess cruises once or twice a year from Vancouver or LA. I am including a photo taken in 2013... Date July 4th, American independence day, Boston harbor, on a British ship with an hilarious wife dropping a tea bag over the aft end of Queen Mary 2.
Phil Spanner. Joined QE2 while in King George dry dock during repairs to turbines in 1969.

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Re: My hilarious wife.
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Wonderful story Philippe and although you both gave up your dream of working at sea, your wife's present to sail on QE2 in 2008 would have been a dream come true - Happy Memories

Like the photo of your wife doing her own Boston Tea Party

Happy 4 July
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I was proud to be involved with planning QE2's 50 year conference in September 2017 in Clydebank