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PS Waverley 2023 Dry Dock Appeal
« on: Jan 20, 2023, 08:26 PM »
Waverley Dry Dock appeal

An appeal has been launched to urgently raise the funds needed to afford Waverley’s upcoming dry dock in March and the start-up costs before she enters service. If you can help support Waverley please read the appeal page and if you can make a donation to help to raise the funds, you will be helping to preserve this ship.

Paul Semple, General Manager has posted a You Tube video appeal

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Re: PS Waverley 2023 Dry Dock Appeal
« Reply #1 on: Jan 23, 2023, 08:49 AM »
This is what I feared might happen - especially with the cryptic facebook post the week before last!
I really feel for Paul and his team as it has been one thing after another since they took the helm of the operation in late 2018.

Those of you who know me will know Waverley has a wee place in my heart that nothing or no one else will ever occupy but these year on year appeals cant go on in my opinion - this HAS to be the last time the cap goes round or at least the last for funding to cover operational costs (ie not a capital project)
The public purse is stretched to breaking point just trying to keep the lights on in some cases.

If the monies are raised and she is able to sail (which I hope is the case) then the operation must make enough to see itself through next winter and into service.
Back 15 or 20 years ago the drydocking was scheduled to happen after her Western Isles programme (ie she still had a valid passenger cert for those sailings) - this way there were funds in the bank which would hopefully cover the docking and therefore her pax cert would be renewed for another year.

Whether due to her boiler issues in 2019 or something else her cert now appears to expire before the Western Isles which means the funds to dock her must be available or she wont sail.

At least this year her fuel bill should be lower.

Fingers crossed the monies are raised and she will come out again in 2023.
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Re: PS Waverley 2023 Dry Dock Appeal
« Reply #2 on: Jan 23, 2023, 10:01 AM »
Why does she need dry docked every year?

Could she go slower to save fuel?  Could they just use one boiler?

And my perennial question... Could she open at her berth, static, sometimes to make money from her bar and restaurant...

Should she just stay down south where she makes more money due to the better weather?  I'd be sad to lose her from the Clyde, but if it means she survives...

I thoroughly enjoyed my trip on her last year, despite it being very expensive.  They did have a glitch on our trip, but communications were excellent.  If they get her sailing, I'll be there.

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Re: PS Waverley 2023 Dry Dock Appeal
« Reply #3 on: Jan 23, 2023, 10:12 AM »
Hi Rob,

Due to her age she requires to be docked annually.

I personally dont know of any reason she couldn't be opened alongside however it would require some alteration to the way her winter overhaul is conducted so that it could happen in parallel.

As for her sailing areas - I dont know if the reason she makes money down south is because she is there for such a short period of time and whether that would be sustainable on a longer season - I wonder if she took pilots down there last year or if the skippers have their exemptions for those areas.
If she required to be off the Clyde for longer than she was on it to survive I would support that - as you say its better she survives.

I am assuming many options have been considered moving forward but I guess the focus will be getting her back out this year.

I had three trips on her last year and enjoyed them all. During the last trip in August she had air pump issues which was slowing her down but those were resolved overnight and she carried out her timetabled sailing the next day.

As for sailing her slower - this creates timetabling issues I would think but everything should be considered.


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Re: PS Waverley 2023 Dry Dock Appeal
« Reply #4 on: Jan 28, 2023, 06:20 PM »
Our fingers are crossed that enough money is raised to help the PS Waverley continue to sail around the coast of Great Britain and to continue her reputation as the last ocean-going paddle steamer in the world.

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Re: PS Waverley 2023 Dry Dock Appeal
« Reply #5 on: Jan 29, 2023, 10:05 AM »
As a supporter and Friend of PS Waverley, I received an email with an update on the appeal.  Fantastic news that they are at the halfway mark to raising the £180,000. 

However they still need to raise the outstanding amount, so if you can donate, even a small amount, please think about helping this historic ship.

Following on from Lucy’s email to you last week to announce the Dry Dock 2023 Appeal I wanted to give a brief update.
Following our press release the appeal had wide coverage both in national publications and many local papers, particularly those local titles in the towns and areas where Waverley operates. Several requests for media interviews came and all were taken up to help prompt the appeal and get the message to as many people as possible.
I am delighted to let you know that in just one week we have now crossed the halfway point in our £180,000 target with the running total up to yesterday morning at over £97,000 from over 700 individual donations. Given the current rate of donations we should cross the £100,000 barrier very soon. The level of support for Waverley at this time, especially given the economic backdrop, is heart-warming for all of us involved in her operation. The Virtual Donor Wall has now been updated and shows the level of support with so many names added in such a short space of time. You can view this on our website at
I will shortly be posting the running total on our social media channels and website which will hopefully attract further donations towards meeting the start-up costs for the coming season. If you are able to pass on details of the appeal to friends and family that would be appreciated. I believe there is the ability to raise a further £80,000 in the next two months if we can get the call for help to enough people. The donate page on our website is
As ever the small Waverley team are very busy. The past week has seen good progress on timetable planning with Oban & Inner Hebrides, and the Clyde timetables now fully drafted. The next stage is confirming all dates and times with ports/piers and then the final version of the timetable can be produced. Ideally, I would like to have the Scottish sailings all published by the end of February. The Bristol Channel, South Coast and Thames timetables are currently a work in progress. On the ship the boatbuilders are progressing well with decking repairs and a new batch of deck timbers arrived on Wednesday. Engineering works are continuing with a lot of survey work due to be completed in the first two weeks of February.
Given the ship is booked to move to dry dock in just 7 weeks the pressure is certainly on to raise more funds. I have attached an appeal flyer which you may be able to pass on to others. Thank you for your continued support.
Best wishes,
Paul Semple
General Manager | Waverley Excursions Ltd.
Director | Waverley Steam Navigation Co. Ltd.
I was proud to be involved with planning QE2's 50 year conference in September 2017 in Clydebank


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