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December 2022 : QE2's Foredeck
« on: Dec 05, 2022, 07:59 PM »
The theme for this month's photo competition is "QE2's Foredeck", chosen by seagreen.

Photos should be taken during QE2's service life, from within the ship, on deck or even from shoreside. Photos should show at least a sliver of QE2's foredeck.

There are quite a few suitable photos already in the QE2 Story Gallery -- if you would like to use one of those for the competition, just let the Moderators know, and we can enter them for you, without removing them from their original albums.

Your description should if possible give some information about the location of the ship when the photo was taken, and the year.

Photos entered should be your own, or if not, please post them with permission of the photographer, mentioning the name for copyright reasons, and so that the owner can win the prize!

Enjoy the search! It is bound to bring many happy memories :) .

The prize this month is the the DVD "Tales from the Shipyard", donated by me.

How to enter

The album is open -- so now is the time to look for your three most interesting pictures on this theme. Wishing you happy memories as you search your photo collection to find up to three pictures to upload to the competition album.

Your description should if possible give some information about the location of the ship when the photo was taken, and the year.

This link will take you straight there : QE2's Foredeck.

If you have not uploaded photos to the Forum Gallery before, have a look at these instructions, and if you have any problems or would like us to move a photo from the Gallery into the competition, just contact us on

If it helps, you could email the photos to the above address, and we shall gladly upload them for you.

The deadline for submitting photos is 31 December 2022. Voting will run from 1 January 2023 until 1 February 2023, until everyone's time zone has caught up with the closing date.

We look forward to seeing your photos in this competition. 

This is the second month of photos for the 2024 calendar. Maybe your photo will figure there!

Enjoy yourselves!  :)

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Re: December 2022 : QE2's Foredeck
« Reply #1 on: Dec 11, 2022, 08:56 PM »
12 pictures uploaded so far. Looking forward to lots more!

Browsing the Gallery, I have noticed several others -- so if you would like us to add a photo already in the Gallery to the photo competition, just say the word, and we can make it appear simultaneously in the competition album as well as where it already is. Moderator magic!