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Do you have photos of QE2 Bars or cocktails on QE2 that you would like to enter for this month's competition.  You can enter up to three pictures.  If you need help to upload photos contact us on and one of the moderators will advise or upload pictures on your behalf. 

Isabelle has posted instruction on the initial post
Captains of the QE2 / Re: Capt Sir Ian McNaught
« Last post by Lynda Bradford on Jun 22, 2024, 10:22 AM »
Read Captain McNaught's profile to learn more about his maritime career.   
258 steps to the lighthouse - oh my !

Tough for the lighthouse keepers.  The Maritime NZ web site has more information on the lighthouse, which can now be visited by tourists. The lighthouse keepers houses were at shore level making it easier for delivery of stores but they still had to haul the oil for the light up the path to the lighthouse. 

Maybe some of our NZ members can tell us more about the lighthouse and if they have visited post some picture. 

258 steps to the lighthouse - oh my !
Queen Victoria 2024 World Cruise (sector 3 contd.)

26 February 2024
After disembarking the Auckland pilot yesterday evening we set a north easterly heading, passing around Fletcher Bay and Tryphena before altering to the south east. We round the North east tip of the North Island at a range of 15 nautical miles before steaming down the east coast of New Zealand. En route was pass Portland Island 20m on our starboard side. As we make our approaches in towards Wellington, we sail past Cape Palliser Light-house on our starboard side. This Lighthouse is operated by Maritime New Zealand, was built in 1897, originally fuelled by oil. In 1954 the oil lamp was replaced with an electric light that was powered by a diesel generator. This was sub-sequently connected to the mains grid in 1967, although a diesel generator is retained for emergency power. The light was fully automated in 1986 and is now managed from a control room in Wellington. The base of the lighthouse is reached via a staircase with 258 steps, up a 58-metre-high cliff. Cape Palliser lighthouse is one of three New Zealand lighthouses with a distinct striped paint scheme; the other two are Dog Island Lighthouse and Cape Campbell Lighthouse both have black and white stripes.

27 February 2024
Weather: 17 degrees
Located on the southern tip of New Zealand's North Island, Wellington may be small by some capitals' standards but it's every bit as vibrant, picturesque, and culture filled as cities double its size. Within the Central Business District and along the waterfront you'll find galleries and museums of every persuasion, including New Zealand's acclaimed national museum, Te Papa Tongarewa.
If outdoor pursuits are more your speed, you'll also be among good company in Wellington.

Along with the chance to try out sea kayaking, the city's waterfront and surrounding hillsides offer beautiful walking trails, perfect for stretching your legs in the fresh New Zealand air.

A port call to Wellington also opens up the opportunity to ride the city's iconic red Cable Car, join the locals for a spot of sunbathing at Oriental Bay, or embark on a quest for the perfect pint among the city’s craft beers.

Read from the top of topic plus World Cruise map

QE2 Models and Paintings / Re: QE2 1/450 Gunze Sangyo kit available
« Last post by Lachlan on Jun 21, 2024, 08:30 AM »
Thanks Chris for your reply - I will make contact with Dominic via a PM. Thanks everybody for your comments and interest.
Captains of the QE2 / Re: Capt Sir Ian McNaught
« Last post by Peter Mugridge on Jun 20, 2024, 11:02 PM »
Should be something published in advance in the Palace court and social lists, I would have thought - but not sure exactly where to look.
Captains of the QE2 / Re: Capt Sir Ian McNaught
« Last post by Rob Lightbody on Jun 20, 2024, 08:56 PM »
Does anyone know how to find out exactly when he'll be knighted?
QE2 Models and Paintings / Re: QE2 1/450 Gunze Sangyo kit available
« Last post by Chris Thompson on Jun 20, 2024, 08:46 PM »
Hi Lachlan, as much as I would love the model I have too many other projects going on. Plus I’m in the USA, postage would be a ripoff 😀
Miscellaneous QE2 / Re: Something that's a reminder of QE2...?
« Last post by Chris Thompson on Jun 20, 2024, 08:43 PM »
This picture popped up in an ad today and was an instant reminder of QE2….😀
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