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I was a six year old boy when I first saw the QE2, docked in the Fitting Out Basin of the John Brown Shipyard In Clydebank Scotland on Sunday 24th September 1967 - four days after her launch by Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. I excitedly told my Mum when I got home that when I grew up I wanted to sail to America on the QE2.
I had a long wait - and finally 41 years later my wish came true when my partner Ian & I were lucky enough to book a stateroom on what would be her final westbound crossing to New York.

I wrote and published a book detailing our voyage, lovingly describing all that we saw and everywhere we went and the wonderful memories we have from sailing on the last British built Cunard Ocean Liner to New York.
I had written a list of things I wanted to see whilst we were on board. Top of this list was seeing the builder's plate which is a metal sign stating that the QE2 was built at John Brown's. I had seen pictures in books of both the RMS Queen Mary and RMS Queen Elizabeth's builders plates, so I assumed the QE2 had one also, I just had to find it!

After sailing across the North Atlantic Ocean for four days I did finally find the QE2's builder's plate, fixed to a wall in The Officers Ward Room - two decks below The Bridge - above the very large ship' s bell from the RMS Aquitania which was set in a highly polished wooden frame. My camcorder and Ian's camera worked overtime throughout our voyage and we are very blessed to have so many cherished memories, photographs and video footage of this historic event. :) :)
The Cruise Queens (QV, QE & QA) / Queen Anne The Maiden Cruise Part-3
« Last post by shipnshore on Jul 01, 2024, 10:55 AM »
QUEEN ANNE : The Maiden Voyage - Part-3. Her last port of call was Lisbon, Portugal. Passing under the Ponte 25 de Abril then coming alongside. She looked outstanding in the Portuguese sun as we stepped ashore to enjoy our day. Lisbon is a vibrant city with lots to discover. If you wish to view it here is the link.
13 voters now, and just five hours to go before the poll closes.

We have never had so few voters... hoping for very many last-minute voices :) .
QE2 Story Newsletters / Re: Archive of 2024 Newsletters
« Last post by Lynda Bradford on Jun 30, 2024, 11:55 AM »
You can catchup on all QE2 Story Newsletters here

There is also a big button there to sign up, if you don't already receive the newsletter in your email inbox.


Just a wee reminder that Rob has set up this link to the archive of the QE2 Story newsletters.  From the link you will see a list of the monthly newsletters.   
The QE2 in the Caribbean theme generated some good photos for the May competition.

Have you voted for your three favourites?  If not there is still time before voting closes tomorrow afternoon - 1 July BST

At the moment here is one photo in the lead and one a close runner up, so if you want your favourite to win please vote now. 
There is still time to enter photos for this month's competition QE2 Bars and Cocktails.  Enter up to three of your best pictures before 1 July.

Easy to follow instruction in the post at the top of this topic

RMS Queen Mary 2 / Re: QM2 problems
« Last post by Barumfox on Jun 29, 2024, 01:39 PM »
To counter the you tubers views there are a couple of excellent threads on the last and current (ending today) Westbound crossings on the Cruise Critic Cunard board which provide a more balanced / positive view of the service on board the ship - one in Britannia and the other in Queens Grill - again they both love the ship but have mixed views on the food. There was a lot of useful information for me about changes in life on board in terms of venues and entertainment since I was last on board in 2015.

The potential impact on service on QM2 of experienced crew being transferred to QA is an interesting point - reminds me of  the same discussions on QE2 when the QV came into service in 2007/08. The Solent Ships coverage of the QM2/QA departures quoted 2434 / 2750 passengers respectively with almost identical crew numbers of around 1220-1225. To put this into perspective P&O's Arvia left after them and reported over 5500 passengers - more than both Queen's combined - and 1600 crew.

 In terms of the review from the Black Country couple I only saw the first night coverage and it is clear that cost seems to be their overriding concern - cancelling the tips at due to the issues experienced at that time is premature and they seem oblivious to the fact that these are to enable the non-passenger facing members of the crew such as engineers / laundry / kitchen staff / deck department to receive something rather than the dining room / cabin stewards they had issues with. They did not mention that their dinner appeared to be in King's Court rather than the Britannia - not sure what level of waiter service is provided there in the evening?

They did well to get a late booking at a low cost but seem to be taking the cost focus too far. Leaving the car in a shopping centre car park certainly appears cheaper but would be less secure than the likes of CPS and they would have to get their cases from the ship to the car presumably by taxi after the cruise. They were fortunate that the weather was kind when walking to the Mayflower Terminal. Overall not particularly impressed with their approach.

One issue which has affected both of the most recent Westbound Transatlantics -six nighters - is being delayed berthing at Red Hook by a further two to three hours by the tide levels - first time I have become aware of this - is this just an issue with Red Hook or with the Manhattan piers as well?
QM2 draws around 33 feet - similar to QE2 but most cruise ships are around 27 feet but this is still considerably less than the original Queens at 40 feet whose scheduled arrival and departure times were determined by the tide tables.

Queen Victoria World Cruise 2024 Navigator Notes (sector 3 contd.)

1 March 2024

Throughout the day Queen Victoria will continue on a West North Westerly heading across the Tasman Sea. The Tasman Sea is a marginal sea of the South Pacific Ocean, separating Australia and New Zealand. It measures approximately 1,200 miles across and 1,700 miles from north to south. The sea was named after the Dutch explorer Abel Janszoon Tasman, who in 1642 was the first known person to cross it. British explorer Lieutenant James Cook later extensively navigated the Tasman Sea in the 1770s during his three voyages of exploration.

The Tasman Sea is informally referred to by both Australian and New Zealanders as 'The Ditch, for example "crossing the Ditch" means travelling to Australia from New Zealand or Vice Versa .

2 March 2024

Queen Victoria continued on a Westerly course across the Tasman Sea overnight and shall remain steady on this course throughout the day. As we make our approaches in towards Sydney we will pass the Hornby Lighthouse.

The Hornby lighthouse, also known as South Head Lower Light or South Head Signal Station, is a heritage-listed active lighthouse located on the tip of South Head, New South Wales. It marks the southern entrance to Port Jackson, as well as lighting the South Reef, a ledge of submerged rocks. It is the third oldest lighthouse in New South Wales. The need for a lighthouse at the entrance of Jackson Bay was made evident by the loss of two ships. First was the Dunbar, wrecked in August 1857, with the loss of 121 lives. The second was Catherine Adamson, two months later in October 1857, with a loss of twenty-one lives.
RMS Queen Mary 2 / Re: QM2 problems
« Last post by Rod on Jun 28, 2024, 12:22 AM »
The problem, as I see it at least, AND, don't forget that I have dined in ships dining rooms a LOT less than any of you, is that people do not know what they want ! Do they want what they have at home? Do they want what they had Last year on their hols? What they had for breakfast. It's impossible to tell. Kinda like a kid trying to decide!
QE2 Models and Paintings / Re: Virtual QE2 Model
« Last post by Lynda Bradford on Jun 27, 2024, 09:27 AM »
The software program you are using gives a remarkable good image of these areas of the ship.  I feel like I am there on QE2.
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