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Congratulations to Katharina and to Philiw for the winning photos ! Both are great photos !

Many thanks to all who submitted photos and to those who voted !
Lots of photos in the Gallery of crew in uniform so hoping that we get lots of entries either from photos in the gallery or new picture uploaded to the competition.
The theme for this month's photo competition is "Crew at work -- in uniform", chosen by Bob C.

Photos could be taken on board or on shore, provided that the crew at work in the photo are in their uniforms. This should lead to plenty of entries, as I am sure that we all (crew members or passengers) often enjoyed taking photos of crew members.

Some pictures may already be in the QE2 Story Gallery -- if you would like to use any of those for the competition, just let the Moderators know, and we can enter them for you, without removing them from their original albums. We also assume that any photos in the Gallery may be entered in the competition by the Moderators on behalf of the owners / photographer members.

Your description should if possible give some information about when and where the photo was taken.

Photos entered should be your own, or if not, please post them with permission of the photographer, mentioning the name for copyright reasons, and so that the owner can be credited.

Enjoy the search and the memories!

How to enter

The album is open -- so now is the time to look for your three most interesting pictures on this theme. Wishing you happy memories as you search your photo collection to find up to three pictures to upload to the competition album.

This link will take you straight there : Crew at work -- in uniform.

If you have not uploaded photos to the Forum Gallery for a while, have a look at these instructions, and if you have any problems or would like us to move a photo from the Gallery into the competition, just contact us on

If it helps, you could email the photos to the above address, and we shall gladly upload them for you.

The deadline for submitting photos is 1 August 2024. Voting will run from the beginning of September 2024 until 1 October 2024, until everyone's time zone has caught up with the closing date.

We look forward to seeing your photos in this competition. 

This is the seventh month of photos for the 2025 calendar. Maybe your photo will figure there :) .

Enjoy yourselves!
Congratulations to the winners! Both of them are excellent photos.

Without these photo competitions, they might never have arrived in our Forum. We are very grateful to Katharina and Philiw for posting them and adding another facet to the legend that QE2 was and is.
May Photo Competition

The voting has finished for the May competition and the winning photo is :

Katharina Ernst's picture: QE2 off Kingstown, St.Vincent.  The photo was taken during the Christmas Cruise 2008

The runner up is:

Philiw's photo: Panama Canal

Congratulation to our winner and runner up and a big thank-you to everyone who entered photos and voted. 

When I joined my first ship in 86 I was a bit on the tubby side :D
As a staff member we could eat in the passenger restaurants, at first I was trying everything on the menu
(Which tended to repeat every week).
But after a few weeks I got into the habit of eating a big lunch but having soup and salad in the evenings.
Did not take long for me to drop a lot of weight, of course I did like to do a lot of walking ashore which helped.
Good question Myles:

Food Glorious food!

When we were on a cruise last year, I was speaking to the Maitre d' about how I would manage to not eat to much.  He said that on World Cruises passengers tended to eat like they would on a short voyage for the first week or two.  After that they settled down to restrict eating and that is exactly what happened. Although I still ate too much and exercised to little so put on four pounds, which is not bad in 107 days, but I am still trying to lose the weight gained. 

We ate in the main dining room or the buffet for breakfast and lunch.  I liked getting up to the buffet early, when it was quiet and enjoyed fresh fruit followed by cereal or an egg.  The omelette chef made delicious omelettes, which I preferred to scrambled or fried egg.  Unfortunately I like croissants, so that was my downfall.  Lunch in the Lido was a light lunch of soup and salad or sandwich.  At lunch I also liked the pasta bar in the Lido.  Cake with coffee was my lunch downfall!  In the main dining room I felt the lunch choices were a bit limited, so choose the days when the menu suited.  There were days when there was a pasta bar in the main dining room, which was popular.  I didn't eat in the Golden Lion Pub but it was a popular venue. 

In the evening we dined first sitting at the same table each night. We were very well looked after by waiters Nestor and Nicholas.  Because I am Pescatarian, eating fish, vegetarian and vegan, the head waiter gave me the next day's lunch and dinner menus to check if the options were suitable. If not I could order from the Vegetarian or Vegan menu.  Passengers also have the choice to order salmon, steak or chicken on the night.  Basically the waiter and head waiter tried hard to please.  The menu changed each night for around 21 nights then reverted to the beginning again, so by the end of World Cruise we would have liked a change, but for people only doing one sector it would have been fine. We dined in the Lido for dinner a couple of times, and I was surprised that it was quite good, especially the German buffet, which was popular with the German passengers.  We didn't try the other speciality dining options, basically because we enjoyed our dining experience in the main dining room and as you mentioned the waiters did know our likes and dislikes. 

Afternoon tea, as much as I like scones and cakes, we limited this option to around four or fives times in the Queens Room but did have the occasional scone or cake with tea in the Lido. 

By the end of the cruise it was good to get home to some plain food, but we enjoyed the meals onboard ship at the time. 

Ok we are on the big daddy of cruises and food plays a big part in that, how did you fare with the meals ? dare we ask what a typical day might hold, Breakfast in the cabin or in the restaurant or elsewhere ?  a pub lunch ? of course im sure Afternoon tea each day even if only for a cuppa a finger sandwich and bit of cake , and then Dinner ! were you keen to try out the alternate venues or were you in the restaurant each night . Were you able to see a preview of the menus and perhaps plan your meals ? and of course the Midnight buffet.
What about local speciality food taken onboard at the various ports ?  Did you ever just yearn for a plate of your favour meal on land .

I confess l struggled with the food on QE2, ok you dont have to eat everything , but with all that was on offer it was hard to refuse . My longest trip was 21 days and l was already into larger trousers , over the years l met a few people who came secretly with a set of larger clothes and we made no shame of having the extra scone or the extra bit of something nice at the buffet , and yes when times sometimes permitted 2 puddings at dinner.

My very first cruise back in 1986 l was very much at sea, and being booked on a newcomers to cruising deal we were all seated at the same location. l still remember my very first Dinner, l wasnt even 17 years at the time and seeing the table set with heaps of cutlery and being faced with a vast menu had no idea what to eat. as it happened my order was last so l followed the rest soup and starter sometimes salad then onto the mains one guy had 2 mains , assuming that was what was expected , then the vast choice of desserts and ice cream  We all did kinda laugh at the end and came to realise we didnt need to have so much. The following day at breakfast the waiter did suggest that whatever was on the menu we could have, but we didnt need to have something from every section. Lunchtime we were  all more settled . l recall meeting a group of 4 from Newcastle at the afternoon and we all just pigged out . Dinner that night the menu had the Gazpacho and being a venturous bunch we all went for the fancy soup . Only to realise it was chilled and really not very good. but we got a second choice. Caviar night l soo wanted to try it, lm glad i did, l can now say l don't like caviar. The menus tended to have  steak or a chicken dish , fish indeed any shellfish is always a nono for me, lm not good with bones so l really don't tempt fate. It was a lovely table and we all gelled pretty quickly . I always thought l was a fussy eater, and to a large extent l am (hence no fish or shellfish, but l can safely say i never opened a menu and thought ..Jees l could starve tonight on any of my QE2 trips.

If l was ever in the lucky position to be able to do a 3 month cruise around the world, l would have to be disembarked by crane .

The waiters l always found to be simply superb, they did get to know your likes and dislikes , even to the extent of the bread rolls or the tea or coffee thing  and were always happy to oblige with the extra chips .

Friends have just returned from a visit to Queen Mary and l have always shouted about their sunday brunch. It was voted the best in So Cal a couple of years ago. They went and found the whole thing just insane in what was offered and more shocking in just how much they ate . l rather fear like me they try to get their moneys worth, and thats not really the best was to do it.                 
Queen Victoria World Cruise 2024 (Sector 3/4)

3 March 2024
Weathe:r 27 degrees
Sydney is famed for the quality of its outdoor living, yet a visit here offers more than a chance to soak up the sun. The Sydney Harbour Bridge, World-famous Opera House and the constant bustle of the harbour itself makes Sydney one of the World’s most dynamic destinations.  Venturing outside the capital of New South Wales unlocks mysterious protected coves, miles of sandy beaches and the dramatic landscape of the breathtaking Blue Mountains.

Those unfamiliar with Sydney may be surprised by the sophistication of the city's culinary scene. Sydney offers, myriad dining  experiences drawing on both eastern and western influences, along with restaurants producing some of the most innovative nouveau cuisine in the Word. Sydney offers an exciting shopping experience encompassing department stores, boutiques and designer emporiums within the city centre.

4 March 2024
Weather: 21 degrees
The stunning harbour city, Sydney is Australia’s oldest and largest urban centre, Gold mining and sheep breeding propelled Sydney’s development and today it is the largest port in the South Pacific. Mark Twain called it "the wonder of the world"
Blessed with a natural  harbour countless golden beaches and first class  restaurants.

Sydney is a dazzling metropolis and international gateway to Australia east coast. The city is famed for the quality of its outdoor living, but it offers more than a chance to soak up the sun. The Sydney Harbour Bridge, word Famous Opera House and the constant bustle of the harbour itself make Sydney one of the most dynamic destinations. Venturing outside the capital of New South Wales unlocks  mysterious protected coves, and the dramatic landscape of the breath-taking Blue Mountains.

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Would like to know if someone has brochure with QE2 dressed in light gray?
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