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Happy 11th Anniversary to the forum! An excellent place for all things QE2, and most importantly acting as an archive and preserving the memories of her seagoing days. I have learnt so much about QE2 from the forum in nearly a decade of being a member (August 2010), and shared happy QE2 memories of significant personal sentimental value, photos and videos that otherwise wouldn't have seen the light of day anywhere near as much if at all.

Thank you Rob for creating and continuing to provide the excellent place that is The QE2 Story forum and to everyone who keeps the forum on an even keel, underway, and on a good heading! Here's to another 11 years!
I've been here for most of that time - I see from my profile that I registered just ten months later.

All I can say is - the number of stories and level of detail on here makes this place a gold mine of information. :)
More of the "unseen" slides.

QE2 under construction in Clydebank in summer 1967

Inside the theatre - QE2 under construction in Clydebank in summer 1967

On the boat deck - QE2 under construction in Clydebank in summer 1967

It is extraordinary to see these spaces, which we know so well, in their "raw" state, ready to become... and yet, many of the elements we know are already there, such as the long Boat Deck windows.
Beautifully said, Rosie, thank you!

It has been such a joy to have been a member of this fabulous forum since day 1, and I would not have missed it for anything. Quite apart from celebrating QE2 from that first day to the present and to the future beyond, this has also been a place of learning -- about our wonderful ship, about friendship and togetherness via the internet and by personal encounter, and about handling the technicalities of this excellent forum.

Big thanks to Rob, who made it all possible, and to all the wonderful movers, shakers and members of the QE2Story!
Hear hear Rosie, still well up when  good shots of QE2 are married with 'that song', how could you not.....
In 3 days time, whilst Scots all over the world, and on Cunard ships will be celebrating Burns Night, there will also be those of us who well remember January the 25th in 2009 when QE2 had celebrated her "40th" and we were here 'learning on the job' about the Birth of Rob's great creation - The QE2 Story!

One of the best things of the earliest days was seeking, and finding real gems often well-hidden online - the 'Memories' made by friends of QE2, Pathe News, photographs - and the competitions, images, books, articles, fantasy voyages and much more - many are here, all helping as Rob says - in Keeping The Legend Alive.

This year has also seen the completion of Lachlan's great model - this labour of love, and The Find of so many significant early photographs, The Newsletter too, together with the highest  possible degree of loyalty, time and patience shown by the Moderators, Global Advisors and 'Describers' -  we ourselves are so fortunate.

To date the efforts of so many includes 97611 Posts in 5182 Topics made by 1078 Members and has got to be a reflection of the love of a ship held in such high esteem.
Surely now - The QE2 Story itself must be well on the way to achieving legendary status too! 

Thanks to Stev.Hancock who posted the following video on Facebook a year ago - like the other special videos, hopefully you will enjoy this too. It must have been filmed in Liverpool Cathedral -  in October 2008.
Time then it was 'to say goodbye' - very hopefully, there won't ever be a time to bid farewell to the memories of QE2.

How could we possibly forget too, that 50 years ago this year will be the celebration of 1970, when QE2 was still Really Young!

To Rob, and your Trusty Team - Thank you.

PS Waverley / Re: Waverley re-boilering 2020
« Last post by Rob Lightbody on Yesterday at 06:21 PM »
Thanks Gav.  I'm glad the work is underway, good luck to Waverley and her team.  Love that last one with the aft funnel at the stern of the ship!
Miscellaneous QE2 / Re: Photo shoots for QE2 brochures
« Last post by CasinoChris on Yesterday at 06:07 PM »
Found these promo pictures of the QE2's Casino in an old issue of Gambler's digest.
Recognised the 2 chaps standing behind the table players as Casino staff.

Attachments: JP.jpg QE2 slots3.jpg

Attachments: JP.jpg QE2 slots3.jpg

PS Waverley / Re: Waverley re-boilering 2020
« Last post by CasinoChris on Yesterday at 06:01 PM »
Hope those Funnels are solid, the RMS Queen Mary's apparently collapsed when placed on the dock, only the paint was holding them together! :)
10 pictures entered so far. This is an easy theme, and we look forward to many more entries. Ropes and cables were everywhere and can be found on many pictures not even focusing on them. Happy scouting!
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