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Hi there, do you still have that Gunze Sangyo model of our favourite ship? If so I would very much like to buy it if you could let me know the cost of both the model and the postage to the UK? I Live in Swansea, Wales. I built this model a few years back, and it was very hard to find then, and as I was lucky enough to sail on the QE2 in her final year, I decided that I would try to build the model as she was when I sailed on her. It took quite a bit of research of photos and appropriate parts to reconstruct what I hope is a fairly decent approximation of the real thing. ( I’ll attach some photos of the finished model if I can) Now I would like to build the kit more or less as it is presented, in other words correct for that period.
I’d much appreciate your help with this.
Thanks, Dominic.

P. S.  The photos show the additional decks and cabins I’ve added, along with various radar and communication domes. I just wish I’d kept a photo diary of the build!
Some memories from John Chillingworth's LinkedIn Page - posted with permission -

42 Years ago QE2 returns from the Falklands

A key event in the ship’s history 12 May 1982 she leaves Southampton after having two helicopter decks installed forward and aft, loading 3500 troops and a multitude of stores ammunition and boxes of blood.

When we left, we had to be towed out and anchor off the Isle of Wight for 20 hours as we only had one boiler on line because of a fault with the feed water system, someone had shut a secret valve!

We were in South Georgia for 40 hours transferring stores and troops to SS Canberra and a multitude of various vessels . We had to leave early, with over 350 survivors from the sunken RN ships Ardent, Coventry and Antelope, as the weather was deteriorating and we had to get through the ice field with hundreds of icebergs without radar.

In South Georgia a few of us got ashore to explore the whaling stations and the sunken submarine Sante Fe, that evening around 01.00 the engineers alarm went , the ship was about to black out as the fuel valves were shutting on the boilers , I managed to get them hand jacked open  in addition to the force draught fan vanes, I then saw the automation compressed air was low and found the compressors had tripped. The 12 /4 watch were too busy in the workshop polishing the whale harpoons they had found ashore, to see the alarm in the control room.

On the way back we had to be refueled at sea, the first time a commercial vessel had been RAS ‘d.
The medical team had to look after the injured sailors and troops.

The ship arrived back in Southampton 11 June 1982

Lasting 74 days the Falkland conflict was the first military action that utilised all elements of the British Armed Forces and commercial requisitioning since World War 2.

I doubt we have the capability to be able to do such a response today, which is very concerning considering the global geopolitics.
From John Chillingworth's LinkedIn Page  Posted with permission -


50 years ago, today Queen Elizabeth 2 is dead in the water for 3 weeks in the Bermuda Triangle. It's easy for me to remember as it was April fools day.
Extract New York Times

'QE2 lost the use of all three boilers after the feed water became contaminated with fuel oil, attempts to rectify the problem were unsuccessful. Without the boilers producing steam, there was no steam to power the generators or main turbines.
 Thirty-six hours after the problem arose, it was decided to transfer the passengers to another ship. The Sea Venture was sent out from Bermuda after her own passengers were unceremoniously hustled ashore. She arrived on the scene at 03:00hrs on 4, April and stood off at 1000 yards until daybreak. That was when the actual evacuation began.'

The situation arose after a fuel pump had been overhauled. the pumps had a steam jacket to heat oil in cold climates however it was never used and was forgotten about in the operation of the ship.
We started to see oil in the feed observation tank but couldn't figure out where it was coming from, eventually all 3 boilers burnt out through overheating of the tubes with oil contamination on the water side. After 3 days of trying to find out where the oil was coming from, we had opened the condensate system lines and then I saw oil coming out of one of them in the boiler room, as part of the investigation the fuel pump that had been overhauled had just been put on again, trying to recreate what had changed prior to the event. Turns out the mechanic had put the oil pressure gauge line in the condensate hole and the pressure gauge line on the steam jacket hole. Yes the oil pressure gauge wasn't working but they thought it was a faulty gauge. We calculated 30 tonnes of fuel oil got in the boiler water system. It took 3 weeks to clean the system out and partially retube and plug tubes. it was stinking hot and slept on the open deck doing 6 on 6 off for the period.
Reposted from John Chillingworth's LinkedIn Page with permission -

Queen Elizabeth 2 Front office team.

Apart from the enjoyment of discussing Historic details about the ship with the technical and heritage guys, the ship has a great front office team that provide a great guest experience. I was fortunate to give them a break and enjoy the skyline of Dubai.
They come from all over the world, Bangladesh, Columbia, Philippines, Thailand, Egypt, Sri Lanka.
In the days of when ship was operating as a ship, they would have been called Lady Officers or Bureau Girls by the crew.
The Bureau was the reception on the ship where passengers would go to seek assistance with their cabin or to get stamps to post letters.
Passenger & Enthusiast Memories / Re: QE2 and Concorde
« Last post by Rob Lightbody on Yesterday at 12:42 PM »
From John Chillingworth on LinkedIn - reposted with permission  See attached amazing photos.


I thought to finish this week's posts we would end on the unique Best of British relationship. 40 years ago, when I was on leave, I had a call from Concorde's senior Captain Dave Leney, who asked if I was busy on Thursday as British Airways was inviting me to be part of the flight crew for a return flight to Miami via Washington. After some thought, as we normally do the Tesco shop on Thursdays 🤔 I decided to do the flight 😀

Captain Dave Leney, Jock Lowe and Bill Brown, who I knew from their QE2 Trips were my flight crew and a great bunch. I had to put up with having to do the flight in the jump seat with the occasional break for a sandwich. seriously its one hell of a life experience that I was fortunate to experience several times.

At Washington airport I had my photo taken with the stewardesses on the wing of Concorde, yes I took my shoes off. We overnighted at Miami's Coconut Grove and came back the next day.

on one particular occasion I was in Cunard's Southampton office finishing some reports and then at 10.00am went to Heathrow for the 1pm Concorde and then was in Cunard's New York Manhattan office at 12.30pm.

Posted with permission from John's Linkedin page -

Within the comments section, are replies from various people John worked with related to QE2, including the managing director of Lloyd Werft!  It is worth a read through.

A visit to QE2 40 years after first sailing Chief Engineer

Paying a visit to the power plant on QE2

It was 40 years ago today, at the age of 31, that I first sailed as chief engineer on the ship, she was a steam ship at that time and could be a headache maintaining a 30 knot schedule with only 3 boilers, Queen Mary had 24 boilers.

Having grown up on the ship since the age of 18

I had experienced most of the major technical events such as adrift dead in the water for 3 weeks in the Bermuda Triangle, being caught in the eye of a hurricane and rolling over 45 degrees, several fires, main engine turbine failures due to misalignment . It’s the only ship I know were 3 of my predecessors were retired medical , 2 with nervous breakdown and one heart attack .

I had a great team working with me, over half had trained me and progressively we regained a reliable power plant so much so that when we went for re engining in 1986 the management said that if she was in this condition 2 years previously they most probably re engined her . That said I think it was the right decision for her longevity as she steamed 2.5 million miles with steam and just over the same as diesel electric . I was fortunate I was the only chief to sail her with both power plants.

it’s nice to meet up with the current QE2 technical team that are working on making the engine room presentable after her being run for 7 years alongside Dubai on her own power with minimal maintenance . she was finally shut down in 2014 . Now They are planning on having engine room tours to add to the current tour offer in the next few months. My uniform is now on loan and on display on the ship.

Photos - Johns Uniform, now on display.

11 June 2024 QE2 main control room having a good chat with the ships current Chief Engineer and friend Sivadas Sivadas

Reply to Friedrich Norden -

Hi Friedrich , Lloyd Werft will always be linked to QE2 and for many of us we have had a long special association with you and Bremerhaven.
As you know I worked with your Father on many projects from 1982 including the re engining which really was a mammoth task in such a short time frame.
I was pleased to be the chief that did the final acceptance trials one year after delivery and we managed to do 32 knots with all 9 generators and full throttle however we still had power available in addition I decided to knock the AC off which gave us another 2 MW and the Lips engineer and I adjusting the propellor blade limit stops past their limit so we could utalise the extra power . Which gave us 34 knots , going against the Gulf Stream for 2 hours, We then put the limiters back to original . I didn’t tell anyone where the secret screw was located so ultimately the propulsion would never have the same power again😀
QE2 Hotel Dubai (2018 onwards) / Re: Events on board QE2 Dubai
« Last post by Rob Lightbody on Yesterday at 12:15 PM »
The latest Morgan sportscar has been launched on the QE2 in Dubai.

Morgan is an iconic British sportscar, which ties in very well with the QE2 heritage and brand.  Clever marketing here.

New Morgan Plus Four makes its Middle East Grand Premiere Onboard the Iconic QE2 Cruise Ship in Dubai
Captains of the QE2 / Re: Capt Sir Ian McNaught
« Last post by Rob Lightbody on Yesterday at 11:59 AM »
I am sure that all members of the QE2 Story will support me in passing on huge congratulations to Captain Sir Ian McNaught on his Knighthood in the King's Birthday Honours List 2024.

A very well deserved honour to a man dedicated to his work and all those in his command. A very kind person and a much respected Captain of Queen Elizabeth 2.

In addition many congratulations to Lady Susan McNaught.

Does anyone have a nice photo of Ian that I can use without incurring Copyright problems please ?
Captains of the QE2 / Re: Capt Sir Ian McNaught
« Last post by Rob Lightbody on Yesterday at 11:57 AM »
I am sure that all members of the QE2 Story will support me in passing on huge congratulations to Captain Sir Ian McNaught on his Knighthood in the King's Birthday Honours List 2024.

A very well deserved honour to a man dedicated to his work and all those in his command. A very kind person and a much respected Captain of Queen Elizabeth 2.

In addition many congratulations to Lady Susan McNaught.

I think we should send a QE2 Story Congratulations card.  I still have his address, assuming he hasn't moved.

I have however lost his email address.  The one I was using previously has stopped working.
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