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Title: Jack Marland: Chief Engineer 1969 to 1980 (Steam Engines)
Post by: Lynda Bradford on Jan 12, 2018, 10:44 AM
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Queen Elizabeth 2 Chief Engineer: 1969  to 1980 (medical retirement)
Died: 27 September 2017

Navy Career:
Jack Marland initially studied as apprentice electrical engineer in Manchester, but as he wanted to travel he changed to naval engineering. He was an apprentice at Manchester dry docks before going to sea with the Lever Brother fleet.

He worked on Cunard Cargo and passenger ships, including Queen Elizabeth.  In 1965 he went ashore for two years, as he had been appointed to the QE2 team in Clydebank, Scotland to watch the progress of the building of the ship.  It was at this time, he sold his house in Lancashire and moved his family to Glasgow and later moved to the Southampton area when the ship was based there.

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