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Title: Captain L R W Portet, RD Cdr RNR (13 April 1977)
Post by: Lynda Bradford on Aug 18, 2013, 11:43 AM
Captain Lawrence Portet, RD Cdr RNR
(13 April 1977)

Died: 22 November 2017 (aged 92)

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Background:  Born in Liverpool

Navy Career:
Member of the Royal Navy Reserves (RNR) and holds the Reserve Decoration (RD)

Served with the Blue Funnel line before joining Cunard
First Command, Cunard Ambassador.  Also Captained Cunard Adventurer

1947:      Third Officer onboard Cunard Liberty ship Sambre
1949/50: Second Officer onboard Cargo ship Valacia
1967:      First Officer onboard RMS Queen Elizabeth
1968:      Staff Captain onboard RMS Queen Elizabeth
1977:      First assumed command of QE2 (13 April 1977)
1979:      Captain for QE2 on 1979 World Cruise
1985:      Appointed master of QE2 on 1 August 1985 following the retirement of Captain Arnott*

Sources of Information:
*"Cunarder - Journal of The Cunard Shipping Companies", Winter 1985 edition.

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