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Title: Captain P Wright (22 August 1999)
Post by: Lynda Bradford on Aug 18, 2013, 11:28 AM
Captain Paul Wright
(22 August 1999)

Thank-you to Cunard for supplying this photo

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Background:  Captain Wright is a native of Worcester, England.  He lives in a small village called Malpas in Cornwall. As at the time of his retirement he had worked 31 years with Cunard Line. 

His first appointment with Cunard was to Cunard Countess.  He also served on Cunard Princess, Sagafjord and Cunard Dynasty.

Master of QE2
Master of Queen Victoria
Master of Queen Mary 2

Navy Career:
1966: Joined Shell Tankers as a Cadet. He then joined Canadian Pacific and sailed on their cargo and passenger ships, including the Empress of Canada
1976: Gained his Masters Certificate
1980: Joined Cunard as a First Officer*
1980-1988: Served onboard Cunard Countess starting as a First Officer and rising to a Staff Captain *
1988:  Staff Captain onboard Sagafjord* and later Staff Captain onboard QE2
1993: First Command as Master of Cunard’s cargo ship Atlantic Conveyor*
1990’s: Appointed as Master of Crown Dynasty, a ship Cunard had chartered for the Alaska Cruise Market
1997 to 1999:  Worked on shore as Cunard’s Marine Superintendent
1999: Assumed command of QE2 on 22 August 1999
2000: onboard QE2 for the international review of naval and civilian ships during the 4th July celebrations in New York harbor
2001: Master in command when the QE2 was the first ship to enter New York after the 9/11 terrorist attack
2004: Appointed as Master of Queen Mary 2 alternating as Master with Commodore Warwick.  He has been assigned to oversee the construction of Queen Mary 2 in St Nazaire in France
2006:  Named as Captain of Queen Victoria late 2006 (source: Cunard Shipboard Information 23/7/2010)
2007: Appointed Master of Queen Victoria, which entered service in December 2007

Media and Information Sources:
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The Cunard Liner QM2

Beyond Ships* – In Command of the Queens by Richard H Wagner (February 2011)

Quote from Captain Wright
“Asked what his most memorable moments at sea have been, Captain Wright cites two: when he brought QE2 into New York for the first time after the 11 September attack on the World Trade Center in 2001, and bringing Queen Mary 2 into Hamburg on her maiden call when half a million people turned out to greet the ship.”

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