Author Topic: British Pathe Video: Select Originals Launching Of The Q4 1967 (44917 and 44918)  (Read 2790 times)

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Offline Bob C.

Excellent video and great find Rosie!

Here are more British Pathe Newsreels that are amazing.  It is a collection of many random segments of footage shot that September day in 1967.  It includes many camera angles during the launch which I have never seen before.  It also includes a few seconds of rigging the Aussy champagne bottle to the pole and tying off the string that the Queen cut on the podium.  There is lots more so click on the link already!

and You Tube links to same video footage:

Source:  British Pathe and You Tube
Media Type:  Video
Description:  Various video shots of Q4 launch day at John Brown’s.  Footage includes – QE2’s beautiful bow, spectators at John Brown’s, the Royal Party in the launch box, John Brown’s clock, the ship sliding down the slipway and sitting in the water with the tugs. 
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Offline Alistair

One of the best launch day clips I have seen.

Offline pete cain

To add to these , recently placed on Youtube:   some shots I've never seen before, clue possibly in the titles, if these have already been linked,   apologies, as ever thanks to youtube & Brtish Pathe', who it turns out have just placed their archive on Youtube, maybe that's why these have appeared. What else QE2 wise is in there??


Description:  You Tube Video showing selection of British Pathe footage and outtakes of Launching of Q4 1967
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Online Lynda Bradford

Thanks Pete for posting the video links. 

I have been working on separating the video links to have individual discussion topics and I have worked on a Video/Film footage list to make it easy to identify videos that have already been posted. This should work okay with the  British Pathe videos that are posted on You tube as I have given the topic the name as shown on British Pathe. 

Work in progress at the moment as I still have some refining to do, but have a look and let me know what you think.,5999.0.html

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It so draws one in even more to our beloved QE2 to see these absolutely marvelous videos.  :)
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I've just been watching this again.   The video quality is absolutely outstanding - it looks like its been shot yesterday.  The other thing is, the Queen, who often looks like she's just tolerating events, actually looks like she's enjoying herself.
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