Author Topic: 31 Dec 1975 QE2 collides with coral reef in Nassau  (Read 8253 times)

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Re: 31 Dec 1975 QE2 collides with coral reef in Nassau
« Reply #20 on: Apr 18, 2016, 07:38 PM »
Together with the events off Martha's Vineyard (7.8.1992)
and the coral reef off Nassau -  it happened on on New Year's Eve (!)
please do you know whether these are the only two events in QE2's history when she bumped into 'uncharted territory'?
( Links to 1992:,217.0.html )
PS - And not forgetting though - her 'nudging' The  Brambles (charted!) in November 2008

During my time aboard we had two 'nudges' that I remember. One leaving Fort Lauderdale in a very strong Southerly wind. I think Captain Portet was master at the time and although he tried to power us out of the channel we touched ground just before clearing. It was a noticeable jolt but no damage done except for the loss of some antifoul.

Another occasion was coming in to San Juan, Puerto Rico. The ship was swung a little too wide to line up with the pier and we ended up aground on a sandbar for a couple of hours whilst tugs were readied to drag us off again.

Can't really help with specific dates for either of these events unfortunately.

Michael Gallacher gives details about the San Juan Grounding and other incidents that caused damage to the ship on the Hull patches topic
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Re: Sack the pilot !
« Reply #21 on: Dec 27, 2017, 02:51 PM »
Would this photo show repairs being made to the damage of the ship?  Looks like there was a patch in the plating on the port side below the anchor.  Thinking if she hit something on the port bow, that might cause a severe list to starboard.

(Image removed from quote.)

This photo was taken of a slide Commodore Warwick presented onboard QE2 in one of his fascinating talks on the modifications to the ship throughout the years, where he mentioned that the ship had a "nose job."  He did not go into detail on the enxtent of the damage or how it occured, or where the repairs were made if I recall.  Ed note:  not sure on the legality of posting a pic of a slide presented during a presentation onboard QE2.  Delete if necessary. 
Photo looks impressive!

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Re: 31 Dec 1975 QE2 collides with coral reef in Nassau
« Reply #22 on: Oct 26, 2019, 01:27 PM »
I was on that Christmas Cruise, I was 13 at the time, the ship crawled into Port Everglades, laid up 48 hrs, while the hull was evaluated. Finally filling the hole in the hull w/watertight cement, (legends were the Mary was repaired in similar fashion WW2 after sinking her escort vessel).
That night, the sea was a blur from my porthole, she had to be topping 30 knots!. The following morn, we were crawling, advised the cement failed,and Norfolk was next.
I was having a ball,18 day cruise, missing school, the adults were not happy! The night before we disembarked, docked next to the deteriorating "Big - U" in mothballs, my Dad renamed the Q4 Room, the 4Q room! Few flights were avail, my sister was lucky to get one (late for Law school), the majority of the passengers were dumped on a freezing cold cargo pier, to deal w/pissed off southern customs officers abruptly assembled, to process 2,000 wealthy "Yankees", and boy did they take it out on us! The QE abruptly left for dry dock, the 2nd the last bag was removed. They also assigned a decent contingent of crew loaded w/Champagne/Caviar, mixed nuts, and of course "tea sandwiches".
The idea was to inebriate the huge mob of angry passengers aboard the chartered Amtrak train to NYC. I still haven't seen a passenger train this long! The train broke down several times in the 1st few hrs, (Amtrak was in it's infancy), the 3rd time we stopped the English crew mutinied, absconding wall the Champagne, etc. Leaving the passengers to endure the journey north without even water! 24 hrs later we arrived at Grand Central, met w/EMS who carried off several passenger suffering from dehydration! Cunard did give us 50% off the 2076 Christmas Cruise,and we upgraded to the Queens Grill.
Anyway thanx for listening, I grew up on her, sailed on her until Dubai, and she is the one true love of my life that I can't get over!

Barry W......Hi Kevin

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Re: 31 Dec 1975 QE2 collides with coral reef in Nassau
« Reply #23 on: Oct 27, 2019, 09:15 PM »
What an adventure that was! Thank you very much for telling us your memories, including all the things that could go wrong and did go wrong, and the outlandish efforts to placate the passengers with caviar and champagne :) ... (at least until the crew absconded)! What other ship would have done that?

I am sure you have plenty more stories to tell from your later cruises. How did the ship change? What was the Queen's Grill at Christmas like?

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Re: 31 Dec 1975 QE2 collides with coral reef in Nassau
« Reply #24 on: Dec 22, 2020, 09:46 PM »
Another couple of stories about this particular event. The good thing was that we got to spend a few days in Newport News with no passengers on the ship. A bunch of us went to Colonial Williamsburg and had a great time. We were shown a film about the Battle of Yorktown where the Americans beat the British, we were the only ones booing in the back of the cinema booing.
Secondly, the company asked for volunteers from the ship to go on the specially chartered train from Newport News to New York. A couple of my friends volunteered. Seemingly it was the trip from hell. There wasn’t enough food and  the trip took far longer than planned.
It was also really cold in Newport News.


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