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The QE2 Timeline - month by month
« on: Mar 31, 2010, 12:21 PM »
I have taken the information held in the old QE2 Anniversaries topic by you all, and added it here, arranged by month.  This will follow the concept of the original topic - i.e. to allow you to see what was QE2 doing on this day in history.

If you would like to add/edit anything, please reply to this topic.  Once I incorporate the edit, I will delete your post.

Thank you to everybody who put so much effort into the original topic to bring out these dates.  Because the members of this forum worked out this information, it is not to be re-used without permission and a credit back to this topic.  I am also going to put a page for this information on the main site.

You can see this in graphical form by clicking here.

The QE2 Timeline - arranged by month.

1 January 1969: Cunard refuses delivery of QE2
1 January 2000: As the world anticipates the new millennium, the global press report on QE2 as being one of the most exclusive places in the world for ringing in the new era.
QE2's Millennium New Years cruise sold out in record time after going on sale.
1 January 2005: QE2 suffers a total loss of power for a few hours near Puerto Rico.  The Yacht Club party rages on!
1 January 2006: QE2 in European waters at new year for first time since 1969
2 January 1969: Arrives in Southampton for the first time. The maiden voyage is postponed plus 5 additional sailings are cancelled
3 January 2007: Spectacular firework display as QE2 departs Southampton for 25th World Cruise
4 January 1975: departed from Southampton on maiden World Cruise
4 January 1996: Commenced 20th World Cruise;  at the same time, celebrated her 4,000,000th mile
5 January 2000: Beatrice Muller, "The woman who lives on the QE2", takes up residence.
6 January 2006: QE2 departs for her 26th and final world cruise with a very slow tandem crossing with QV across the Atlantic.  QE2 runs most of the way with only 4 of her 9 engines running so as to not "lose" QV in her wake.
8 January 1971: QE2 rescued survivors from the burning French liner 'Antilles' off the Island of Mustique
8 January 2002: QE2 is the first cruise ship to return to New York after the September 11th terrorist attack.
10 January 2007: Norovirus outbreak after leaving Fort Lauderdale on her world cruise affects some 276 passengers and 28 crew
13 January 2008: QE2 & QV finish their slow transatlantic crossing, meeting QM2 in New York.
25 January 2009: is launched  :)

16 February 2005: While alongside in Freemantle four local Australians stole a fork-lift truck and rammed their way on board QE2. All four were found to be drunk.
16 February 2008: Final westbound crossing of the international dateline
20 February 1968: Princess Margaret opens the QE2 Exhibition at the Design Centre in London - British Pathé News Reel on You Tube
20 February 2007: QE2 & QM2 meet in Sydney, Australia
24 February 1978: Maiden call at Sydney, Australia
24 February 2008: Final call, Sydney, Australia

 5 March 1970: Princess Margaret, accompanied by husband Lord Snowdon, visit QE2 in Barbados, having lunch in The Grill Room and cocktails with the captain in his quarters and in the Midships Bar
 5 March 1971: Suffers power failure for four hours off Trinidad as a result of jellyfish being sucked into intakes.
 7 March 1980: First transit of Suez Canal
12 March 2006: A freak wave lifted the stern of QE2 making her roll severely and then a second wave struck the ship.
14 March 2002: Captain Ronald Warwick leaves QE2 as master for last time.
18 March 2008: QE2 reaches 32.8 knots for a time, proving again that she is still the world's fastest ship in service, and on engines over twenty years old.
22 March 1997: Maiden call at Dubai
22 March 2008: Final crossing of the International Dateline (eastbound)
23 March 1970: Welcomes her 75,000th passenger!
25 March 1975: First Transit of the Panama Canal making her the biggest ship ever to transit the canal!
27 March 1989:  Chartered for 72 days by a consortium of Japanese companies
29 March 1998: President Nelson Mandela embarks, Durban, South Africa


 3 April 1974: Passengers transferred to Sea Venture after boiler trouble near Bermuda 
 3 April 1998: Carnival purchases Cunard Line
14 April 1973: First of two Israeli charters
14 April 1997: The Late Commodorre Marr's ashes are committed to the deep by Captain Hasel.
14 April 1999: 30 years of service celebration lunch on board
16 April 1972: QE2 encounters an Atlantic storm with winds in excess of 100 mph and waves 50 ft in height that caused her to lie hove for 21 hrs 30 mins
18 April 1969: Delivered to Cunard
19 April 2004: QE2 leaves Southampton for final time as Cunard's flagship
19 April 2005: Crew go on a rampage after a crew party for the end of the world cruise
22 April 1969: Mini Maiden Voyage / enters commercial service
22 April 1970: First mediterranean cruise leaves southampton
22 April 1984: Easter Egg Hunt - girl wins QE2 cruise!
22 April 2008: 3 'Queens' together in Southampton, after QE2's dry-docking is cancelled.
23 April 1972: Arrives 36 hours late in Southampton after one of the worst recorded Atlantic storms
23 April 2006: QE2 & QM2 together in Southampton.  New flagship QM2 plays "You're Beautiful" song by James Blunt to the former flagship as QE2 sails past her.
25 April 1987: "The New QE2" is delivered back to Cunard after successfull re-engining.  She makes 33 knots on trials.
25 April 2001: QE2 rescues an injured fisherman while travelling towards Madeira.
25 April 2004: QE2 berths alongside QM2 in New York for the first and last time  The media go wild.
25-29 April 1982: The City of Philadelphia charters QE2 for celebrations in connection with the 300th anniversary of the city. QE2 remains in Delaware Bay on her maiden call for four days.
27 April 1969 First Christening on QE2
28 April 1969: Maiden call at Lisbon, Portugal
29 April 1987: Maiden Voyage of QE2 following new engines refit
29 April 1987: Diana Princess of Wales comes board QE2 off Cowes to join 400 schoolchildren who had embarked in Southampton. A fly-past by the Concorde and RAF Harrier jets salute QE2.


1 May 1969: Queen visits QE2 in Southampton
1 May 2004: QE2 leads QM2 into Southampton and passes flagship status over to her in a handover ceremony.
2 May 1969: QE2 departs for New York on her maiden voyage  Maiden voyage topic and video
2 May 1979: 10th anniversary / half a million passengers /63 countries / 1.5 million miles
2 May 2004: QE2 enters dry dock for her final proper refit. Funnel bar added.
3 May 1982 : As QE2 steamed along the south coast of England bound for Southampton, those on board listening to the 12:30 BBC news heard that their ship had been requisitoned by the government. Following confirmation, Captain Hutcheson makes a formal announcement to passengers and crew that QE2 will be withdrawn from commercial service upon arrival in Southampton.
3 May 1986: HM Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother lunches on board QE2 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of RMS Queen Mary's maiden voyage
3 May 1995: First call at Plymouth as part of VE Day anniversary
4 May 1987: QE2 Arrives in New York after her first crossing as a motorship.  Fierce Atlantic storms and incomplete refit work means the ship once again hits the headlines
5 May 1969: QE2 stops on her maiden Atlantic crossing for the burial at sea of Mr Ernest Sharp
5 May 1982: Work begins on QE2 to convert her from luxury liner to troop carrier.
7 May 1969: QE2's maiden Arrival in New York. British Pathe News
8 May 1994: Silver Anniversary Crossing to New York see Silver Anniversary Portraits topic
10 May 1992: 10 years since the Falklands conflict, Margret Thatcher (former Prime Minister)  lunches on board, stressing the importance of the role the ship played.
12 May 1982: QE2 set sail to join the Falkland conflict.
13 May 2002: Cunard confirms that QE2 will be removed from transatlantic service in April 2004,
16 May 1969: QE2 Cruises through NATO fleet at Spithead & exchanges greetings with HM the Queen on board the Royal Yacht Britannia
17 May 1972:  While in mid-Atlantic, Captain Law receives a coded message stating that there may be bombs placed in strategic locations throughout the ship. An RAF Hercules transport is flown out to parachute bomb-disposal experts. No bombs were found, the extortion plot was a hoax, one month later a New York shoe salesman was arrested, found guilty, and sentenced to 20 years.
18 May 1985: QE2, RAF's Red Arrows, and a Concorde rendevous in and over the English Channel. The event is photographed from a Hawk jet, after months of planning for good weather in daylight hours.
18 May 1972:  Bomb disposal team parachuted on board QE2 in mid-Altlantic following a bomb threat by an extortionist.
22 May 1981: Striking Crane drivers refuse to lift off the gangway. Captain Ridley orders his sailors to cut it off with gas torches to permit QE2 to depart for a Norwegian cruise.
26 May 1982: QE2 arrives in the Active war zone in the South Atlantic
29 May 1969: Prince Phillip visits QE2 in Southampton while presenting the Council of Industrial Design awards.
29 May 1982: Approximately 640 survivors of the lost HMS Ardent, HMS Coventry, and HMS Antelope join QE2


10 to 27 June 1983: Hull repainted back to black during the unscheduled refit
1 June 1970: QE2 crossed the Atlantic westbound in a record time of 3 days, 20 hours and 42 minutes, an average speed of 30.4 knots'* Transatlantic crossings times, records and speeds
11 June 1982: QE2 ended her longest non-stop voyage, having sailed for 6,976 miles from South Georgia.
11 June 1992: QE2's Echo Engine ripped itself to pieces.
12 June 1993: Prince Edward lunches on board to celebrate 40 years since his mother ascended the throne.
14 June 1995: QE2 set sail from New York on her 1000th voyage
14 June 2002: Baroness Thatcher on board - 20th anniversary of Falklands conflict
14 June 2009: QE2 Stationary in Dubai for 200 days
15 June 1991: Prince Edward and the Duke of Edinburgh attend a Royal Ball aboard QE2 in Southampton
15 June 1994: takes part in Spithead review in honour of the 50th anniversary of D Day with Vera Lynn and Bob Hope
18 June 2007: Cunard stuns with the surprise announcement that QE2 has been sold for $100 million to Dubai interests. Dubai soon announces vague plans for QE2 as a luxury hotel and shopping attraction, plus heritage museum, at the same time stating their intention to restore QE2 to her original 1969 appearance.
20 June 1975: QE2 offers medical assistance to a sick seaman from the Russian fishing trawler “Luga”.
23 June 2002 : Escape of steam and hot water on board QE2 in mid Atlantic resulting in one fatality
26 June 2002: QE2 departs Southampton carrying a Maybach car to its world premiere in New York
26 June 1970: QE2's First Rescue at sea when Spanish Fisherman Jesus Ferreira, onboard the German Motor Vessel Zosmarr, required medical assistance
26 June 2007: A series of Farewell voyages is announced by Cunard
26 June 1983: QE2 abandoned her post Falklands pebble grey colours and returns to the more traditional Cunard colours
30 June 1971: Trafalgar House purchases Cunard for 27.3 million pounds.


2 July 2002: QE2 arrives in New York with the Maybach car carried there for its world premiere
2 July 1977: QE2 "dressed overall" and participating in the line-up on Liner Row, New York
4 July 1986: QE2 participates in celebrations at the Statue of Liberty to mark the historic landmark's one hundredth anniversary.
 4 July 2000: QE2 collides with Japanese warship in New York harbour "Kissed by a Queen
 5 July 1965: Keel Laid
 7 July 2005: London bombs. 7 July 2005 on board QE2
13 July 1984: A sudden strike by Southampton dock works again results in the termination of a cruise at Cherbourg. Cunard must transfer disembarking passengers and their baggage to England by chartered airline, as well as embarking passengers set for the following Transatlantic crossing to New York.
QE2 sails on time.
14 July 1967:  Prince Phillip the Duke of Edinburgh tours the uncompleted liner and lunches with Cunard and John Brown executives
14 July 2005: QE2 in Geiranger Fjord the very day this was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site
17-27 July 1990: Songs of Praise recorded on board QE2 as part of Cunard's 150th anniversary celebrations
22 July 1990: Arrived in Southampton after fastest ever Eastbound Crossing - 4 days, 6 hours, 57 minutes (av speed 30.16 knots)
22 July 1990: Cunard begin their 150th anniversary celebrations
23 July 1976: Engine room fire which damaged the original white funnel of QE2. The damaged funnel panels were incorporated into the new red funnel in 1987 and the dents from the fire are still visible.
23 July 1990: Opening of Ringaskiddy Terminal in Cork (Ireland). President of Ireland, Patrick Hillery, lunched on board QE2.
23 July 1999 Medical alert as weather prevents QE2 call to Peterhead, but pilot boat comes to the rescue
24 July 1990: Maiden call to liverpool, Cunard's spiritual home
25 July 1990: Maiden call to Greenock, 1st return to Clyde since 1968.
26 July 1990: Captain Ronald Warwick commands QE2 for the first time - following in his father's footsteps.
26 July 1998: QE2 meets Arctic ice floe
27 July 1990: Royal Review of Cunard at Spithead by HM the Queen on the Royal Yacht.  Flypasts by Concorde, a 747 and a Harrier amongst others. Queen attends reception on board and is the first reigning monarch to sail on a commercial vessel with passengers.
28 July 2005: HM The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh review QE2 from the deck of HMS Endurance as part of the Trafalgar 200 celebrations off Spithead
29 July 1981: Special screening of the Royal Wedding of Princess Diana and Prince Charles takes place while crossing the Atlantic. Cunard designates the crossing the "QE2 Royal Wedding Commemorative Voyage"


 4 August 2000: QE2 sends 100th birthday message to Queen Mother
 5 August 1993: Queen & prince philip on board for 175th anniversary of British Sailors Society.
7 August 1992: QE2 hits a submerged rock off Martha's Vinyard - significant damage caused. see also repairs topic
9 August 1990: QE2 completes her 500th Transatlantic crossing, from Southampton to New York
20 August 1990:QE2 called to the rescue of the West Gamma oil rig workers
27 August 1978: Police team rescues couple in a stricken dory about to be mowed down by QE2
15 August 1982: The Queen Was Back : QE2 returns to service with her hull painted light grey, and her funnel in traditional Cunard Red.

September 1995: A round-Britain cruise becomes a reunion of former QE2 Masters.
Including Captain Warwick's father, on the cruise are Captains Hehir, Arnott, Woodall, and Commodore Marr.
4 September 1990: QE2 rounds off 150th anniversary celebrations with calls at Halifax and Boston, ports called at by Britannia in 1840. Governor Dukakis of Massachusetted declares September 4 "Cunard Day"
5 September 2005: QE2 becomes the Longest Serving Express Cunard Vessel - 36 years, 4 months, 2 days
12 September 1978: QE2 caught in a huge Atlantic hurricane Click for Link
11 September 1995: Stuck in Hurricane Luis, QE2 was hove-to in wind speeds over 120 knots and 40-50 foot seas] link to story
2:05 a.m. QE2 is struck by a 90 foot wave. The weight of the water crashing onto the foredeck dents deck plating and bends rails. Most passengers don't notice a thing.
15 September 1996: QE2 hits a whale which she carries on her bow to Lisbon.
15 September 2007: QE2 departs on successfull 40th birthday "Lap of Honour" around UK
16 September 2007: QE2 pauses off Scarborough to allow Sir Jimmy Saville to board.
After a four hour delay due to strong winds, QE2 enters the River Tyne on her maiden call, to a tumultuous welcome. Media coverage is heavy, as are the crowds along both shores of the river who had been waiting hours for the delayed arrival.
20 September 1967: Launched by the Queen in the presence of Prince Phillip and Princess Margaret.  The launch ceremonies are carried live on television by the BBC and broadcast worldwide on BBC radio.  The day is declared a holiday in Clydebank.  The Queen christens the ship "Queen Elizabeth the second" setting in place a controversy that is debated to this day as to whether or not the queen named the ship after herself, although Cunard intended the ship to be named simply "Queen Elizabeth"
20 September 1997: To celebrate QE2's anniversary, a benefit in aid of land mine victims is held aboard QE2. Princess Diana was to be guest of honor. Paying tribute to the late Princess at the benefit were Lord Attenborough, Elizabeth Dole, Cherie Blair, and Terry Waite.
20 September 2007: In Greenock on the 40th anniversary of her launch by the Queen, huge crowds gather along the Esplanade for day long festivities, capped off by an exciting display of aerial daredevilry by the famous Red Arrows.
QE2 hosts a reception and lunch for former workers of the John Brown yard who helped to build QE2.
21 September 1967: September 21: News of the launch and naming ceremony is reported in major newspapers throughout the world.
25 September 1974: In the Mediterranean, QE2 rescues 6 survivors from the sinking yacht ‘Stephanie’
28 September 1996: Prince Edward attends a Royal Ball on board in Southampton
29 September to 4 October 1985 : Hurricane Gloria on the Atlantic
30 September 2008: QE2's Farewell to Britain cruise. Public reaction is intense and bitter-sweet, with huge crowds and celebrations along the way.


 4 October 1968: The Mast goes on John Brown's Shipyard Clydebank, Scotland : and University of Glasgow Archive Services
 4 October 1992: Repairs to damage caused by grounding at Martha's Vineyard.
 5 October 1994: Diverts 120 miles to answer distress call.
10 October 2008: Departs for final ever Westbound Transatlantic in tandem with QM2
16 October 2008: QE2 makes her 710th and final call to New York. She departs on her 806th and final ever transatlantic crossing and bids farewell to America, her second home since her maiden call in New York in 1969.
QE2 crosses in tandem with Queen Mary 2. Her final transatlantic crossings sell out in a matter of a few hours over a year before.
20 October 1971: After calling at Cobh, Ireland, and disembarking several passengers, it is discovered that six pieces of unclaimed luggage contain a large consignment of illegal arms destined to the IRA.
20 October 1986: Departs new York for final time as a steamship. see QE2's Last Days as a Steam Ship
24 October 2003: A Concorde, due to be taken out of service, passes over QE2 in mid-Atlantic. The ship's master, Captain Heath, sends a message: "From one British icon to another. We are sorry to see you go."
27 October 1974: QE2 crashes into the pier at Cherbourg and a dock worker loses both legs when a line snaps.
27 October 1986: Arrives Bremerhaven for 6 month re-engining refit
27 October 2008: Departs for final cruise (return voyage)
29 October 1970: Medical assistance provided to "Cerinthus" in mid-Atlantic


1 to 15 November 1969: Dry Dock Vosper Thornycroft, Southampton
11 November 2008: QE2 leave Southampton for the last time
17 November 1975: QE2 checked for bombs (IRA)
29 November 1983: Magradome installed over quarter deck pool
19 November 1968: QE2 travels down the Clyde to Greenock Dry dock with Prince Charles on board - Britsh Pathé Newsreel 1
20 November 1994: Arrives in Hamburg for major refit
21 November 2008: QE2 transits Suez Canal for last time
26 November 1968: Departs Greenock, Scotland, for her first sea trials
26 November 1976: IRA Bomb plot to blow up ship is foiled.? check date?
26 November 2008: Last day in open waters, 40 years to the day since her first.
26 November 2008: Arrives in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
27 November 2006: QE2 makes her maiden call to New Orleans which has suffered so terribly from hurricane Katrina and the levy failures
27 November 2008: "Finished With Engines" - Cunard Line hands ownership of QE2 to Nakheel Property Services / QE2 Enterprises, Dubai UAE.


2 December 1976: QE2's 12.5 ton bow anchor came adrift ripping a hole in the bulbous bow
2 to 16 December December 1990: Hamburg Refit.  Britannia Grill added.
 2 December 1982: Visit of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother in Southampton.
 4 December 1975: Completes her first million miles, between Antigua and Boston
14 December 1988: HM the Queen Mother is hosted by Captain Bennell at a special luncheon on board QE2 to celebrate the
50th anniversary of Her Majesty's launching of RMS Queen Elizabeth at Clydebank on September 27, 1938
15 December 2007: Near miss with the Pride of Kent
17 December 1994: Prince Andrew lunches on board to celebrate QE2's return to service after major 'project lifestyle' refit.
23 December 1968:  Main trials & shakedown cruise - engine problems off the Canary Islands
27 December 2004: QM2 & QE2 unexpectedly alter courses to sail in tandem for 6 hours in the Caribbean.  QE2's final caribbean holiday cruise.
28 December 1989: Maiden call at Tokyo, Japan & spends 6 months there as a charter
30 December 1964: Contract to build Cunard liner signed by chairmen of Cunard and John Brown's 
31 December 1975: QE2 collides with uncharted coral reef during arrival in Nassau, Bahamas, necessitating 48 hours of dry docking in Newport News, Norfolk, Virginia. Passengers were transported to New York by specially chartered train. 
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Passionate about QE2's service life for 40 years and creator of this website.  I have worked in IT for 28 years and created my personal QE2 website in 1994.

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Re: The QE2 Timeline - month by month
« Reply #1 on: Apr 06, 2010, 10:06 PM »
I've now completed adding the events from the anniversaries topic here.

For any edits/additions to this list, please now reply to THIS topic, and I will incorporate the changes.  I will delete your posting once the change has been incorporated.

Work in progress - linking these events where necessary to relevant topics on the forum - and where you wish to discuss an event, please either find or create a separate topic for it.
Passionate about QE2's service life for 40 years and creator of this website.  I have worked in IT for 28 years and created my personal QE2 website in 1994.

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Re: The QE2 Timeline - month by month
« Reply #2 on: Apr 08, 2010, 02:14 PM »
June ?? 1970:  QE2 helped to rescue some fishermen off Grand Banks, Newfoundland, Canada, after their boat was damaged by another ship.
There was dense fog at the time.

There may already be a reference to this event already on the Forum - please, does anyone know further details?

Offline Twynkle

Re: The QE2 Timeline - month by month
« Reply #3 on: Apr 26, 2010, 09:43 PM »
April 2008

Rob, you might need these dates for the Timeline :)

....wetdock in Southampton lasting from 18 to 27 April.
22 April when we had the magnificent sight of the three Queens in Southampton together....

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Re: The QE2 Timeline - month by month
« Reply #4 on: May 03, 2010, 06:09 PM »
Rob - you might want to add this:

                        attended by 9 captains & John Whitworth who was key to her construction.
to this - on the topic above:
...... QE2 Timeline arranged month by month......
I have taken the information held in the old QE2 Anniversaries topic by you all, and added it here, arranged by month.  This will follow the concept of the original topic - i.e. to allow you to see what was QE2 doing on this day in history.

  3 May 1986: HM Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother lunches on board QE2 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of RMS Queen Mary's maiden voyage

and you may have read this wording -  taken from
 3 May 1982 - While en route to Southampton from Philadelphia, QE2 was requisitioned by the British Government for the Falkland Islands campaign, along with the Cunard Countess and the Line's non-passenger ships the England and Atlantic Conveyors
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Re: The QE2 Timeline - month by month
« Reply #5 on: Jun 01, 2010, 01:48 PM »

1st June 1970

'40 years ago today, QE2 crossed the Atlantic westbound in a record time of 3 days, 20 hours and 42 minutes, an average speed of 30.4 knots'

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Re: The QE2 Timeline - month by month
« Reply #6 on: Jun 01, 2010, 04:18 PM »
17 March 1971

QE2 has a once and only meeting in Aruba with SS Seawise University (formerly RMS Queen Elizabeth).  The latter was about to embark on her final journey to Hong Kong.

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Re: The QE2 Timeline - month by month
« Reply #7 on: Jun 01, 2010, 05:28 PM »
17 March 1971

QE2 has a once and only meeting in Aruba with SS Seawise University (formerly RMS Queen Elizabeth).  The latter was about to embark on her final journey to Hong Kong.

Thank you! That is interesting information!
Having read Commodore Marr's book several times(!) to try and verify this meeting - I have deduced that the meeting could have taken place over the fortnight at Easter, this being the time that Commodore was on leave and then attending meetings in London,
It would be helpful to us if you can possibly let us know more about the meeting and if you can point us in the direction of the source / reference to the date, and details.

By the way - did you know that Seawise was chosen by her new owner - his initials being CY!!

There is a Topic about Queen Elizabeth 2 meeting Queen Elizabeth here:,1322.0.html

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Re: The QE2 Timeline - month by month
« Reply #8 on: Jun 14, 2010, 06:18 PM »
11 June 1982   Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother welcomes QE2 home
                        after the ship’s longest non – stop voyage, having sailed for 6,976 miles from South Georgia and the Falkands conflict

10 June 2007:  QE2 hosts 100 Southampton veterans at a special lunch,
                      in conjunction with the City of Southampton, to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the Falklands Campaign

14th June 1995: QE2 leaves New York for Southampton on her 1,000th voyage

(Source - Cunard)

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Re: The QE2 Timeline - month by month
« Reply #9 on: Aug 20, 2010, 01:26 AM »
She became the longest serving Cunarder on 4 September 2005 when in Sydney, Canada. It said so on the daily programme that day!

RMS Queen Elizabeth 2 - Sic Transit Gloria Mundi

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Re: The QE2 Timeline - month by month
« Reply #10 on: Aug 21, 2010, 10:21 AM »
She certainly did become the longest serving on 4 September. She the exceeded the 36 years, two days achieved by the Scythia (1921 – 1957).

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Re: The QE2 Timeline - month by month
« Reply #11 on: Aug 24, 2011, 07:46 PM »
Seems like her last visit to Greenon on Oct 5th 2008 needs to be added and OF COURSE Rob's visit to QE2 in April 2011 should e added as a significant event!
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Re: The QE2 Timeline - month by month
« Reply #12 on: Dec 29, 2011, 06:39 PM »
Hi Alistair,

This may not be as signifcant but I too had a private tour of the QE2 in Oct 2009 and was allowed to take some great pictures of the vessel.


Offline Alistair

Re: The QE2 Timeline - month by month
« Reply #13 on: Dec 29, 2011, 07:11 PM »
Hi Lisa,

I just realised that I made a huge mistake. I actually meant Rob's visit in 2011 which resulted in the Sleeping Beauty DVD. Don't know where my brain was when I stated 2009. However, any forum member's visit while she is in Dubai should be considered significant!  :)


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Re: The QE2 Timeline - month by month
« Reply #14 on: Jun 26, 2013, 11:36 AM »
Clydebank Shipyard's Facebook page has a post from Paul Strathdee that 30 years ago today (26 June 1983) QE2 abandoned the pebble grey post Falklands colours and was returned to her more familiar Cunard colours.

See recent posts by other on the Clydebank Shipyard Facebook page for photos.

Note:  I have added to timeline above
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I was proud to be involved with planning QE2's 50 year conference in September 2017 in Clydebank