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Re: QM2 Whistles
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Horn or whistle, take your pick.  I prefer horn.  Even Tyfon uses the nomenclature interchangably.  For me, Titanic had a whistle.  QE2 and others have horns.  Either way, I miss the sound of QE2's "voice."   :'(
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Re: QM2 Whistles
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Always a whistle when at sea.
Horn on land, whistle at sea.


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Re: QM2 Whistles
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The deeper sound now puts her on par with the original Queen Mary, too bad the higher pitched Tyfon seems to overpower the deeper one making the overall effect anemic, except for when the higher pitched whistle stops before the deeper one.  When she came to Long Beach, the original Queen Mary "out blasted" QM2. (IMHO)


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