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Most viewed - September 2020 : QE2 in exciting weather
QE2 in her element on her final transatlantic crossing12 viewsNot rough weather on this occasion but the famous North Atlantic swells were present and at times noticeable. A screenshot from my Dad's (James A Hypher's) video footage from onboard QM2 on the final tandem crossing and QE2's final transatlantic crossing, Eastbound, between the 16th and 22nd October 2008.Thomas Hypher
Racing through a Force 9 gusting Force 10 in the Bay of Biscay (2)12 viewsMy Dad's (James A Hypher's) photo from our October 2004 voyage. Another photo in the series from this Bay of Biscay passage. My Dad was one of only two passengers out on deck at the time, and he was getting soaked in spray from the waves breaking over the bow but at the aft end of Boat Deck about 800 feet aft of the bow! Unfortunately I was busy being badly seasick for about a day and a half in our cabin at the bow but will never forget the motions of QE2 racing through the storm and our cabin creaking!Thomas Hypher
More awful than exciting - but yet a nice moment12 viewsNewcastle, September 17th 2007Hamburger
Newfoundland waters...12 viewsMay 1991Hamburger
Racing through a Force 9 gusting Force 10 in the Bay of Biscay (1)10 viewsMy Dad's (James A Hypher's) photo from our October 2004 voyage. QE2 had left Southampton 7 hours late due to a very late arrival caused by the same stormy weather. We would go on to arrive in Vigo, Spain (our first port of call) on time after a day and a half of bombing along in the upper 20s of knots in what was originally scheduled to be two whole sea days. Captain McNaught definitely opened up the throttles.Thomas Hypher
Atmospheric Afternoon and Ready to Sail.10 viewsLate afternoon sailing past QE2 berthed at home alongside Queen Elizabeth II Cruise Terminal. A hot and sticky September day with ominous dark clouds gathering overhead. The rapidly diminishing sunlight catching QE2 full on.shipnshore
Deadlight closed9 views... as the Captain was expecting a storm overnight.Isabelle Prondzynski
Leaving Longyearbyen7 viewsIsabelle Prondzynski
QM2 in fascinating light7 viewsTandem-crossing 2004Hamburger
Deckchairs stacked up6 viewsIsabelle Prondzynski
Calm Seas they said... 2 viewscunardqueen
Sun reflecting off the sea 1 viewsLynda Bradford
Exciting weather in Scotland when there is no rain!1 viewsLynda Bradford
A subdued North Atlantic October 20081 viewscunardqueen
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