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QE2 at Civitavecchia on Tuesday 26th July 2005 (3)6 viewsMy Dad's (James A Hypher's) photo.Thomas Hypher
QE2 at Civitavecchia on Tuesday 26th July 2005 (2)2 viewsMy Dad's (James A Hypher's) photo.Thomas Hypher
QE2 at Civitavecchia on Tuesday 26th July 2005 (1)2 viewsMy Dad's (James A Hypher's) photo.Thomas Hypher
Departing Gibraltar on Thursday 21st July 20057 viewsMy Dad's (James A Hypher's) photo. We were assisted, as usual in Gibraltar, by RMAS/Serco Tugs (linked to the MoD).Thomas Hypher
Departing Civitavecchia on Friday 25th July 20085 viewsMy photo. Ocean Village Two and Brilliance Of The Seas departed ahead of us.Thomas Hypher
Sunrise and a Swim?12 viewsMy Dad's (James A Hypher's) photo. Sunrise on 19th July 2005, off North West France, heading South to the Mediterranean. Note the Starboard side Jacuzzi bubbling away!Thomas Hypher
Nasty Surprise, a particularly smokey tug!16 viewsNot sure this tug would pass emissions laws these days ;)
It had just given us a good load of smoke to the bit beneath the bridge which had the large group of us coughing and spluttering a bit. My photo from departing Civitavecchia on Friday 25th July 2008.
Thomas Hypher
Towel Animals, always a nice surprise!21 viewsDad's photo (James A Hypher's) photo from our last voyage onboard in July 2008. Taken in cabin 3005, note the original to 1969 mirror, light, chest of drawers, and bunk bed.Thomas Hypher
QE2's first and last visit to Propriano, Corsica30 viewsMy photo from Thursday 24th July 2008. Also our final voyage onboard.Thomas Hypher
Juxtaposed15 viewsMy photo from Friday 25th July 2008, in Civitavecchia, on our last voyage onboard.Thomas Hypher
Outside the Yacht Club16 viewsOctober 2004. My Dad's (James A Hypher's) photo.Thomas Hypher
The falls and the funnel23 viewsMy photo, July 2008 - probably from our visit to Propriano, Corsica.Thomas Hypher
Lifeboat/Tender 12 on it's falls and over the side in Propriano, Corsica15 viewsThursday 24th July 2008, QE2's only visit to Propriano. My photo.Thomas Hypher
QE2's last ever visit to Monte Carlo14 viewsMy photo from our run ashore on Saturday 26th July 2008. We left the port with no fanfare or marking of the occasion, hauling anchor and blowing our whistles a bit before calmly sailing off.Thomas Hypher
QE2 anchored off Monte Carlo20 viewsMy Dad's (James Hypher's) photo. Taken from a tender going ashore on the morning of Sunday 5th August 2007.Thomas Hypher
QE2 about to depart from Civitavecchia15 viewsMy Dad's (James Hypher's) photo from the evening of Tuesday 26th July 2005. He almost missed the ship despite being told he had plenty of time to take a few photos!Thomas Hypher
Gib26 viewsStowaway2k
Pete Cain : Concord of the ages -- old meets new in Dubrovnic23 viewsIsabelle Prondzynski
QE2 in Cannes, queueing in the heat to get a tender back aboard.39 viewsRob Lightbody
Cutting edge 1 -- Trieste May 200859 views© Peter CainThe QE2 Story Administrator
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