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Alongside in Stavanger11 viewsMy Dad's (James A Hypher's) photo from Tuesday 1st August 2006. What looks like Tumblehome with her hull is a somewhat common optical illusion with cameras.Thomas Hypher
Iconic background!16 viewsMy Dad's (James A Hypher's) photo from Tuesday 1st August 2006 in Stavanger.Thomas Hypher
QE2 in Bergen14 viewsMy Dad's (James A Hypher's) photo from Monday 31st July 2006. We had gone up the Fjord side on the famous funicular.1 commentsThomas Hypher
Departing Bergen19 viewsMy Dad's (James A Hypher's) photo from Monday 31st July 2006, on our 4th voyage onboard called "Northern Odyssey" in the brochure.Thomas Hypher
Departing Rotterdam with one of several water salutes!12 viewsMy Dad's (James A Hypher's) photo from Friday 4th August 2006 (14 years ago today! - day of uploading this photo). We had a wonderful send off from Rotterdam including a choir, but almost girted the tug off our stern with our sheer power and torque even at 72rpm as we left the cruise terminal. My Uncle and Auntie watching from the dockside said the tug master only just recovered and their photos show how dicey it was. Family friend and fellow ship enthusiast Stephen Macey is in the photo.Thomas Hypher
QE2 in Svalbard 200628 viewsIsabelle Prondzynski
QE2 in Stavanger 200631 viewsIsabelle Prondzynski
I love the smell of diesel in the morning!26 viewsCannes, July 2006Pete Hamill
QE2 in Svalbard46 viewsJune 2006Isabelle Prondzynski
Symmetry 43 viewsJuly 2006Pete Hamill
Winner Sail by Smoking Stromboli 200647 viewsSail by Smoking Stromboli 2006Seagreen
QE2 in Stavanger 200668 viewsMind your head!Isabelle Prondzynski
QE2 in Stavanger 200690 viewsWatching the Beach Volleyball championshipsIsabelle Prondzynski
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