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QE2 April 2008 - umbrella on bridge wing8 viewsDuring QE2's last visit to Fort Lauderdale in April 2008 someone apparently enjoyed a sunny afternoon on the bridge wing before departure2 commentsOceanliner07/05/20 at 16:44Thomas Hypher: The blue bridge wing umbrellas, as shown here, wer...
QE2 docks in Melbourne64 viewsQE2 docks in Melbourne on 29 February 2008 .1 commentsAnubhav Mitra07/03/20 at 19:24Anubhav Mitra: Last visit to Melbourne, Australia in 2008
QE2 1998 Millvina Dean7 viewsTo my very big surprise I had the pleasure to meet Millvina Dean - Titanic Survivor - during my first transatlantic crossing on QE2 in September 1998. 1 commentsOceanliner06/29/20 at 17:04Rob Lightbody: Wow!! Well done!
Rear view of the Mast explored and found5 views... after some fun-filled adventures.1 commentsIsabelle Prondzynski06/29/20 at 17:03Rob Lightbody: Really striking viewpoint, and its so great to see...
Surprise Invitations17 views1 commentsfrazscot06/25/20 at 17:25Thomas Hypher: It's a small world! My parents and I were on ...
stunning view19 viewsMay 19911 commentsHamburger05/15/20 at 14:04Rob Lightbody: WOW - what an incredible photo.
Majesty76 viewsFrom the decks of Shieldhall1 commentsStowaway2k05/14/20 at 14:01Rob Lightbody: This is the last photo uploaded by the forum'...
QE2's final departure from New York (1)26 views16th October 2008. A screen capture from my Dad's (James A Hypher's) video footage of this bittersweet event filmed from QM2's Boat Deck.2 commentsThomas Hypher05/13/20 at 15:16Thomas Hypher: The camera my Dad used (and still has) and his ski...
QE2's final departure from New York (1)26 views16th October 2008. A screen capture from my Dad's (James A Hypher's) video footage of this bittersweet event filmed from QM2's Boat Deck.2 commentsThomas Hypher05/13/20 at 15:04Rob Lightbody: Thats seriously impressive for a video screen grab...
Jasper the bear looking out the porthole - Lisbon (2004)15 views3 commentsBen Zabulis05/07/20 at 04:01Ben Zabulis: Many thanks Isabelle and Thomas. It was April 2004...
Last call Suez Canal 200819 views1 commentsCunarder Man05/06/20 at 19:15Rob Lightbody: I find these photos incredible. Knowing that she&...
Jasper the bear looking out the porthole - Lisbon (2004)15 views3 commentsBen Zabulis03/31/20 at 17:57Thomas Hypher: Great photo and good fun! Was this in October 2004...
Jasper the bear looking out the porthole - Lisbon (2004)15 views3 commentsBen Zabulis03/28/20 at 22:15Isabelle Prondzynski: Wonderful! Welcome to Jasper the Bear Smile .
HM The Queen in 'gold' - Oscar Nemon9 views1 commentsTwynkle03/04/20 at 09:17Cunarder Man: Excellent picture!
Sunrise on Vesuvius42 viewsNaples, July 20051 commentsPete Hamill01/24/20 at 18:36Thomas Hypher: Great photo! My parents and I were also onboard at...
Scott Richardson : QE2 in fog at Nova Scotia58 viewsThis picture is not very clear but it looks like the QE2 is sinking with the fog around it.1 commentsIsabelle Prondzynski01/19/20 at 15:19Rob Lightbody: Great photo of QE2 in the fog! She does indeed lo...
Barrie Evans 2 : QE2 in the Bay of Biscay, 10 November 200863 viewsReturn from her very last cruise, one day before her departure for Dubai.1 commentsIsabelle Prondzynski01/19/20 at 15:17Rob Lightbody: Great photo, capturing possibly the last "nor...
Tied Up in Malaga 200415 views1 commentsCunarder Man01/08/20 at 04:18Thomas Hypher: Excellent photo John. Was this QE2's visit to...
Arrival at sunrise (3) - New York April 20, 200158 viewsThe World Trade Center towers at sunrise. A last look for QE2 world cruisers.1 commentsharev12/30/19 at 22:14Rob Lightbody: What an amazing photo
18 viewsAt sea where else would you want to be1 commentspete cain11/17/19 at 21:57Thomas Hypher: Great shot Pete, very similar angle to some of my ...
Breakfast with splashing water16 views1 commentsHamburger11/10/19 at 18:24Isabelle Prondzynski: Wow! That's definitely an unusual view at bre...
Looking Up...211 views1 commentscunardqueen10/16/19 at 19:55cunardqueen: Captain on The Bridge, all is well
out of Southampton17 views1 commentsLouis Phillippe Capelle09/25/19 at 18:19Rob Lightbody: WOW WOW WOW - Truly STUNNING !!!
Bow at 25 knots62 viewsBow shot in 1992 in the middle of the Atlantic
Hanged in front of the ship to get a film shot of the bow at full speed. Unique point of view.
3 commentsLouis Phillippe Capelle09/14/19 at 12:23Rob Lightbody: Wow!!
from the tug boat in Southampton52 views1 commentsLouis Phillippe Capelle09/14/19 at 12:23Rob Lightbody: Absolutely stunning photograph
July 2005, a speed you don't see anymore!39 views1st Bridge visit.1 commentsThomas Hypher09/14/19 at 11:30Rob Lightbody: Over 28 knots, all day long, fantastic QE2.
Under the Bow19 viewsFrom the slipway in Zeebrugge1 commentsDominic Burscough08/30/19 at 09:58Dominic Burscough: Three photo's from my one and only sailing on...
At GREENock11 views1 commentsCunarder Man08/19/19 at 13:29Lynda Bradford: Very Happy
300661 viewsA classically styled liner cabin, comfortable, efficient, attractive.1 commentsStowaway2k06/28/19 at 14:34Barumfox: Had this cabin for 16 day Med Cruise Oct-Nov 2005 ...
Lofoten Islands16 views1 commentscaledonia05/07/19 at 05:48caledonia: leaving the Loften Islands
Janine Janet "Water" statue in the Princess Grill15 views1 commentsRob Lightbody04/07/19 at 19:55Isabelle Prondzynski: Fabulous level of detail, Rob! I never stopped to ...
Last Docking in Southampton 11 Nov 200850 views1 commentsCunarder Man03/19/19 at 11:30Anubhav Mitra: A iconic shot.
A tug and lots of little friends say farewell on her last Greenock visit11 views1 commentsfrazscot02/26/19 at 15:31frazscot: Fraser Ballantyne
Honolulu Rainbow.11 viewsTug aiding QE2 to dock in Honolulu in 20011 commentsharev02/06/19 at 22:56Thomas Hypher: Wow, that's SS Independence in her last month...
QE2 leaves Hamburg13 viewsQE2 at the "Landungsbrücken" side by side with the beautiful Cap San Diego and the "Kaispeicher" in the background - today, the basement of the "Elbphilharmonie".1 commentsHamburger01/28/19 at 18:50Isabelle Prondzynski: Fantastic picture! What year would this have been?
Purple/Lilac Carpet and blue striped curtains at the Entrance to the Britannia Grill208 viewsTaken on Monday 7th July 2008. I really loved the colour scheme in "our" restaurant with the purple and lilac combination.
1 commentsGrill Britannia09/29/18 at 16:48Rob Lightbody: It was a very special restaurant, with a very spec...
Just another beautiful evening on the QE218 viewsCould be anywhere - but actually heading north to LA 20/01/20071 commentsBarumfox07/09/18 at 18:52Rob Lightbody: Oh to step back to that moment, and just spend an ...
Bird eye view of Beauty in the Bay 15 viewsAt anchor in Acapulco 19/01/20071 commentsBarumfox07/09/18 at 00:23Michelle Pellay-Walker: Wow--love the seagull!! Smile
Ahh,...Why Not?? 215 views...and here's a slightly unusual angle on her unforgettable funnel. Same voyage, same day. :-)1 commentsMichelle Pellay-Walker07/07/18 at 23:42Thomas Hypher: My Dad and I took a few similar photos to this ang...
Iconic!15 viewsOne of my photos from our last voyage in July 2008. Taken from the dockside in Civitavecchia.2 commentsThomas Hypher07/07/18 at 23:38Thomas Hypher: Thank you! It's certainly an interesting angl...
Iconic!15 viewsOne of my photos from our last voyage in July 2008. Taken from the dockside in Civitavecchia.2 commentsThomas Hypher07/07/18 at 22:48Michelle Pellay-Walker: Love this--I got almost exactly the same angle in ...
1991 westbound39 views2 commentsHamburger06/11/18 at 11:11Isabelle Prondzynski: Totally agree with Rob Smile !
1991 westbound39 views2 commentsHamburger06/09/18 at 14:04Rob Lightbody: What a fantastically captured photo!! Well done, ...
Looking aft40 views1 commentsSue Downing05/31/18 at 12:58Sue Downing: What's a little rough weather when there'...
Beneath the boats29 views1 commentsSue Downing05/31/18 at 12:53Sue Downing: Soggy Promenade deck - Bay of Biscay 10th Nov 2008
Rough Seas44 viewsAtlantic crossing December 19961 commentsDianne05/28/18 at 20:43Dianne: Atlantic crossings
View from the bridge35 viewsStormy weather by Dianne1 commentsDianne05/28/18 at 20:40Dianne: View from the bridge
QE2 Arriving in the Clyde for the final time, October 6th 200821 viewsTaken from on board MV Balmoral, this was our first glimpse of QE2 as she came towards us. There then followed one of the most wonderful times of my life, alongside QE2 and HMS Manchester as we headed into Greenock as part of the Flotilla.

Never, ever to be forgotten.
1 commentsRob Lightbody03/05/18 at 22:07Isabelle Prondzynski: That was a heart-stopping super-exciting moment, t...
QE2 docks in Greenock for the last ever time, 6th of October 200829 viewsThis picture evokes such memories for me, as seeing that red funnel under those cranes was always so exciting to me as I travelled downriver to see her (starting in 1990).

On this occasion, I was with special family and friends, and had a really lovely day.
1 commentsRob Lightbody03/05/18 at 22:06Isabelle Prondzynski: Great memories of a sad / happy day ...
Bar Harbour 2008 no 116 views1 commentsStephen Hargreaves02/23/18 at 10:35steviebobs: Bar Harbour 2008
Bar Harbour 2008 no 212 views1 commentsStephen Hargreaves02/23/18 at 10:34steviebobs: Bar Harbour 2008
Rhode Island 200816 views1 commentsStephen Hargreaves02/23/18 at 10:33steviebobs: Rhode Island 2008
41 viewsawaiting a helping hand1 commentspete cain02/11/18 at 14:36pete cain: awaiting a helping hand
Hang on!17 views1 commentsCunarder Man09/27/17 at 21:38Isabelle Prondzynski: That title made me smile! But of course it might j...
Phuket , World cruise 2001, Crew members on tender.34 views At left four crew members including David, Caronia Restaurant manager, returning on top of tender, after shore visit. 1 commentsharev07/19/17 at 03:28harev: Phuket, Thailand. At left four crew members includ...
Hythe pier at dawn57 viewsSeptember 20081 commentsIsabelle Prondzynski05/21/17 at 11:00Linda Bratcher: Lovely picture and You can also see our house and ...
Vincent Thomas Bridge, Long Beach 200529 views2 commentsCunarder Man04/21/17 at 20:57Cunarder Man: Too far to appreciate her, you could see her three...
Vincent Thomas Bridge, Long Beach 200529 views2 commentsCunarder Man04/20/17 at 21:52Rob Lightbody: How close was QE2 to Queen Mary here?
A Sunny Day in Lisbon!21 viewsAtlantic Isles cruise, 12th October, 20011 commentsCruiseqe204/17/17 at 08:37Isabelle Prondzynski: Beautiful!
In Her Element179 viewsTransatlantic 14 January 20081 commentsCunarder Man03/05/17 at 01:57Trevor Casey: Favorite pic of her bow right here! Very Happy
New engines and a new life31 views1 commentscunardqueen03/04/17 at 18:06Lynda Bradford: Good thinking the picture certainly shows what spe...
Strike a pose!114 viewsQE2 1997 1 commentsLynda Bradford03/03/17 at 20:34Trevor Casey: Madonna? Laughing
Cinderfella Tries on His Golden Slipper127 views1 commentsStowaway2k03/03/17 at 20:31Trevor Casey: Omg Laughing
QE2 Mast 25 8 2008_3 17 views1 commentsManoel02/28/17 at 16:39Manoel: QE2 Mast 22.08.2008
Queen's Room 200151 viewsA beautiful venue that so many have enjoyed over many years.1 commentsharev01/05/17 at 22:00Isabelle Prondzynski: I love the way everything looks so tidy and well a...
The Midnight Hour - Norway 200836 views1 commentsTwynkle12/31/16 at 14:38Lynda Bradford: Lovely photo with happy memories
New Day Dawns on the Forth26 views1 commentsStowaway2k11/03/16 at 13:27Lynda Bradford: Lovely image
A Photo Bombing Legend22 viewsStavanger 20011 commentsLynda Bradford10/30/16 at 09:37Isabelle Prondzynski: Love your title, Lynda! And the picture Smile .
Her Real Home !27 views1 commentsfrazscot10/23/16 at 14:24Fraser Ballantyne: From Fraser Ballantyne
Her last visit home31 viewsFrom Fraser Ballantyne1 commentsfrazscot10/23/16 at 14:19Fraser Ballantyne: Well, Greenock was almost her home !!
Bow at 25 knots62 viewsBow shot in 1992 in the middle of the Atlantic
Hanged in front of the ship to get a film shot of the bow at full speed. Unique point of view.
3 commentsLouis Phillippe Capelle10/03/16 at 18:25Adam Hodson: Wow! What an amazing photograph! Smile
Bow at 25 knots62 viewsBow shot in 1992 in the middle of the Atlantic
Hanged in front of the ship to get a film shot of the bow at full speed. Unique point of view.
3 commentsLouis Phillippe Capelle09/06/16 at 20:41Isabelle Prondzynski: Fabulous! And totally unique... Smile ...
Our super bathroom in 103052 viewsFrom Fraser ballantyne1 commentsfrazscot06/19/16 at 15:05Fraser Ballantyne: Our beautiful bathroom in 1030
Caledonia suite No 8002 in 200873 viewsFrom Fraser Ballantyne1 commentsfrazscot06/15/16 at 14:39Fraser Ballantyne: The luxury of the Caledonia Suite after conversion...
Ready for dinner in 104963 viewsFrom Fraser Ballantyne1 commentsfrazscot06/14/16 at 11:26Fraser Ballantyne: A drink before dinner in 1049
QUEEN MARY MUSIC INSIDE 23 views1 commentslahrdeco03/31/16 at 21:21lahrdeco: listen to the QM music....
Queen Mary Piano on QE217 views1 commentslahrdeco03/29/16 at 20:57lahrdeco: QUEEN MARY piano on QE2
Lion's Pub Jazz21 views1 commentslahrdeco03/29/16 at 20:54lahrdeco: LIONS PUB JAZZ
QE2 on Clyde 124 views1 commentsdrum6702/20/16 at 18:56drum67: Our Queen Departs the Clyde
Drum with QE2 Clyde Flotilla 200823 views1 commentsdrum6702/20/16 at 18:55drum67: The famous yacht DRUM pays homage
Farewell from Clyde 200819 views1 commentsdrum6702/20/16 at 18:54drum67: sailing off into the future
Style without style53 views1 commentslahrdeco01/29/16 at 20:15lahrdeco: STYLE WITHOUT STYLE Laughing
Awaiting the guests43 views1 commentslahrdeco01/29/16 at 20:15lahrdeco: AWAITING THE GUEST....
We are the champions52 views1 commentslahrdeco01/29/16 at 20:14lahrdeco: WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS Laughing
Lido, the Calm Between the Meals78 views1 commentsStowaway2k01/06/16 at 21:38Isabelle Prondzynski: Beautiful... one of my favourite places to linger,...
Wedding reception on QE2 11/12/8826 viewsReception in Mauretania Suite and Bride and groom with Cpt Alan Bennell1 comments11/04/15 at 10:46Lynda Bradford: A very special occasion with reception on a very s...
The leaving of Rotterdam25 views1 commentsIsabelle Prondzynski09/30/15 at 09:25Lynda Bradford: Good photo that captures a tranquil moment
QE2 with newbuilding Pride of America95 viewsBeauty and the beast?1 commentsStephanG231202/20/15 at 18:11StephanG2312: QE2 with unknown Car Carrier...oh, sorry, it'...
Sipping champagne89 views1 commentsfrazscot01/27/15 at 09:48Lynda Bradford: Sipping Champagne - A luxury activity Laughing
78 views..Shopping....1 commentscunardqueen01/27/15 at 09:47Lynda Bradford: One of my favourite activities Laughing
Relaxing with a good book on deck88 views1 commentsRob Lightbody01/20/15 at 22:35Isabelle Prondzynski: Great picture, Rob! Catching the atmosphere so wel...
The Chartroom Bar. 2001125 viewsA favorite watering hole for QE2 regulars.1 commentsharev12/16/14 at 18:30Rob Lightbody: The Chart Room, in my view, was one of the bits th...
Lifeboat 980 views3 commentsfrazscot11/04/14 at 15:53Fraser Ballantyne: Thank you for your kind comments. x
QE2, Seagull and lifeboat, 15th August 2005, South Queensferry, Scotland58 views1 commentsRob Lightbody10/31/14 at 09:34Lynda Bradford: A bit of photo bombing going on here Laughing
August 2008, QE2 Lifeboat (2)73 views1 commentsManoel10/26/14 at 22:37Lynda Bradford: excellent photo Laughing
Brilliant sunshine in Bridgetown Barbados87 views2 commentsNarguesse Stevens10/26/14 at 18:27Cunarder Man: Cool
night53 views1 week non-stop QE2 around me!
And everytime with best view - from QM2.
Final transatlantic crossing westbound, Oct. 2008
1 commentsHamburger10/23/14 at 20:50Rob Lightbody: Thats a truly gobsmacking photo, would love to see...
Shuttle78 views09.2007 South Queensferry1 commentsHamburger10/23/14 at 20:46Rob Lightbody: Oh WOW!!
Lifeboat 980 views3 commentsfrazscot10/23/14 at 19:31Lynda Bradford: I like this photo
Lifeboat 980 views3 commentsfrazscot10/21/14 at 18:23Rob Lightbody: What a great, evocative photo. No Cunarder is now...
Tender & pool in the 80's91 views3 commentsfrazscot10/21/14 at 10:32Fraser Ballantyne: Many thanks for your kind words
Tender & pool in the 80's91 views3 commentsfrazscot10/21/14 at 09:25Lynda Bradford: This photo really capture the scene beside the poo...
Be Tender 2 me66 views1 commentsCunarder Man10/21/14 at 09:23Lynda Bradford: Good photo and caption Laughing
Tendering in Svalbard 200666 views1 commentsIsabelle Prondzynski10/20/14 at 18:47Rob Lightbody: Thats a great shot!!
Tender & pool in the 80's91 views3 commentsfrazscot10/20/14 at 18:47Rob Lightbody: It was such a complicated arrangement back there t...
O tell na me o' wind and rain, QE2 has come again.81 viewsGreenock 2007 (with apologies to Robbie Burns)1 commentsStowaway2k09/29/14 at 09:27Lynda Bradford: Laughing True words
Balmoral escorting QE2 on her birthday61 viewsGreenock, September 20th, 20071 commentsHamburger09/28/14 at 17:36Rob Lightbody: I love that photo, because I was there, on Balmor...
Sleeping Beauty57 views1 commentsRob Lightbody08/19/14 at 23:03Cunarder Man: Wow!
You Are Here51 views1 commentsStowaway2k08/16/14 at 11:20Isabelle Prondzynski: Nice one! And such an apt title Smile .
Departing Greenock, 5 October 200870 viewsFinal Departure from the River Clyde2 commentsEd100008/01/14 at 23:27Adam Hodson: What a stunning photo!
Iconic funnel 51 viewsStavanger 20011 commentsLynda Bradford07/28/14 at 10:07PJtheMuppet: Very Happy
Departing Greenock, 5 October 200870 viewsFinal Departure from the River Clyde2 commentsEd100007/28/14 at 09:51Lynda Bradford: Brilliant photo Very Happy
45 viewsNot sure it's actually my favourite because it brings a tear to the eye. QE2 leaving Southampton for the last time, on November 11, 20081 comments06/17/14 at 12:19Lynda Bradford: Good photo.
Ready for afternoon tea82 views1 commentsIsabelle Prondzynski04/11/14 at 15:59Rob Lightbody: Thats a really lovely photo isabelle!
a cozy state-cupboard down on deck 544 views1 commentsElphaba02/27/14 at 19:30Isabelle Prondzynski: Great to see this! Brings back happy memories. Can...
Almost a Porthole pic..........54 viewsEnjoying the delights of 1049 on our last voyage.2 commentsfrazscot02/27/14 at 19:27Rob Lightbody: Lucky ou! A really wonderful suite to enjoy for y...
golden QE262 views10. Oct. 2008, near Calshot, Tandem with QM2, final transatlantic crossing westbound1 commentsHamburger01/09/14 at 10:10Lynda Bradford: Beautiful photo of a beautiful ship Very Happy
Cunard Club Cocktail Party145 viewsCunard Club 1 commentsLynda Bradford12/05/13 at 07:15Scott Ebersold: When was this? I couldn't be November 2012? ...
When Icons Meet50 viewsQE2 facing the Forth Bridge, Firth of Forth, Scotland1 commentsStowaway2k11/02/13 at 13:50Lynda Bradford: Lovely photo of the Forth Rail Bridge Very Happy
My mum still can't believe she is a guest on QE2!109 views1 comments08/30/13 at 16:21NW JOHN: My Mum still amazed she is a guest on the QE2
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