I Love QE2 Teddy BearThe "I Heart QE2 Badges

Forum Member and QE2 addict Myles Devin  generously took the time in 2009 to have a batch of badges manufactured especially for The QE2 Story Forum members!

  This is the story of the badges!

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I first came across Myles and his fabulous badges just before my August 2008 cruise on QE2.  During the cruise, I wore my badge proudly and often - I had no end of people smiling at it, pointing and wanting to know where they could get one!  I offered to sell it for £100 a few times! 

Myles had the ingenious idea of adapting his original badge to promote this site at the same time as promoting QE2 herself.  This was IDEAL for wearing with pride on board the Queen Mary 2 or Queen Victoria.  Wear it with pride and show that you wish to keep the legend alive!

Myles Devin with his QE2 Badge


The QE2 Story Badges

But that wasn't the end of the deal, oh no!  You didn't get off that lightly!  You had to send us a photo of you with your badge on in an interesting location!  Who could be the pictured first wearing it with their formal dress with Captain McNaught on the Queen Victoria??  Attached to your Speedos by the pool on QM2??  In your local Sainsburys?  Come on, lets see!!  Post your pics on the forum!

The QE2 Story Forum Members Gallery - Show us your badge on location!

 Myles Devin with his badge

Myles aka "Cunardqueen" during one of his CruiseCritic cabin cavalcades on board QE2.

Rob Lightbody on board QE2, August 2008

Isabelle, voting in the European elections in Brussels.  June 2009.

"Avariel" in Singapore.  June 2009.
Rosie on Saga Ruby

Rosie aka "Twynkle" on board Saga Ruby wearing BOTH her badges!  June 2009
Robert "Waverley" on board QM2 with his QE2 Story badge on

Robert "Waverley" on board QM2, July 2009.

"Kathy M" 's sons at the Black Falcon Cruise Terminal in Boston, 4th of July 2009

Pat "LuzParis" with Celebrity Equinox in the background
Myles Devin with QM2 Captain Nick Bates

Myles Devlin "CunardQueen" on board QM2
with Captain Nick Bates, July 2009.
Singlemalt "Ali" at John Browns Shipyard, Clydebank, July 2009

Ali "Singlemalt" at John Browns, July 2009
Rob Ligthbody, Isabelle Prondzynski and Singlemalt "Ali" at John Browns Shipyard, Clydebank, July 2009

Ali "Singlemalt", Isabelle Prondzynski and Rob Lightbody at John Browns, July 2009 

Rob on board Balmoral, QE2-spotting on her final visit to the Clyde, October 2008. A sad day.

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