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February 2018, by The QE2 Story

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xx Year end 2017 and January 2018 Newsletter

Jan 31, 2018, 08:00 PM by Lynda Bradford
Have a look at :

The Year end 2017 and

 The January 2018 Newsletter,

The newsletters are sent every month to forum members plus non members who subscribe to the mail list on Mail Chimp.
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xx November 2017 Newsletter

Nov 25, 2017, 06:47 PM by Lynda Bradford
Our forum members are on the subscribers list for the newsletter. 

For our guests here is the link to the November Newsletter
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xx September 2017 Newsletter

Oct 15, 2017, 10:00 AM by Lynda Bradford
The September newsletter was sent to all forum member and newsletter subscribers.

We hope our guests would also like to read the newsletter, which this month was primarily about the very successful QE2 50 Year conference.
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xx August 2017 Newsletter

Aug 30, 2017, 10:33 AM by Lynda Bradford
The August newsletter sent to members on Sunday can be viewed from this link.

If you are not a member of the forum you may want to think about joining and keeping up to date with what is happening to QE2 and participate in the discussions.

Have a look at how to register:,2545.0.html
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xx July 2017 Newsletter

Jul 30, 2017, 07:40 PM by Lynda Bradford
I hope all our members have received and enjoyed reading the July newsletter. 

Guests can see the newsletter by following the link.
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xx June 2017 Newsletter

Jul 02, 2017, 10:51 AM by Lynda Bradford
Thank-you to everyone who has responded with comments about how much they enjoy receiving the monthly newsletter. 

The June newsletter was sent to members and subscribers last week and can now be viewed by our guests from this link.
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xx May 2017 Newsletter

May 22, 2017, 08:45 AM by Lynda Bradford
In the May 2017 newsletter we remember the skills of the workforce at John Brown's shipyard who built QE2 but also pay tribute to the QE2 model builders on the forum who are helping to keep the memory of QE2 alive.

The newsletter is sent to everyone who is registered for the forum (unless you unsubscribe) plus those that have subscribed through Mail Chimp.  We currently send it to around 1350 subscribers. 

   May 2017 newsletter
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xx April 2017 Newsletter

Apr 29, 2017, 02:30 PM by Lynda Bradford
We hope our guests enjoy the April newsletter. 

All forum members should have received an email copy of the newsletter yesterday, which we hope you enjoyed.
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xx March 2017 QE2 Story Newsletter

Apr 01, 2017, 12:01 PM by Lynda Bradford
The newsletter is sent monthly, to forum members and people who have subscribed to receive it through MailChimp.  I hope that forum guests also enjoy reading the newsletter and will maybe think about joining the forum to keep the memory of QE2 alive.

Click on the link to read the March newsletter.

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xx Boat Trip down the Clyde 23 September newsletter

Mar 16, 2017, 07:11 PM by Lynda Bradford
We sent a special newsletter to members today, with details of the planned boat trip down the River Clyde on 23 September
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xx February 2017 Newsletter

Feb 24, 2017, 09:48 AM by Lynda Bradford
You can see the February newsletter that was sent to forum members and people who subscribed to receive it - enjoy
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xx January 2017 Newsletter

Jan 29, 2017, 11:32 AM by Lynda Bradford
The newsletter is sent to all forum members. Hope you enjoy and if there is a QE2 topic you would like to see featured on the newsletter please let us know at
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xx Newsletter: QE2 50 Year Conference FAQ's Tickets and Accommodation

Jan 08, 2017, 07:22 PM by Lynda Bradford
Newsletter sent to forum members in on 8 January with links to QE2 Event website information on Conference Tickets and Accommodation links.
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xx December 2016 Year End Newsletter

Dec 31, 2016, 11:45 AM by Lynda Bradford
Happy New Year to everyone and we hope that 2017 is a good year for you and your family.

The year-end newsletter has been sent to 1319 people, members and people who have subscribed to receive the newsletter.  Enjoy!

For anyone who is not a member you can enjoy reading this month's newsletter and maybe even think about joining the forum to help keep the memory of QE2 alive.
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xx November 2016 Newsletter

Nov 28, 2016, 08:13 PM by Rob Lightbody
The November 2016 QE2 Story Newsletter is available here :-
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xx September and October 2016 Newsletters

Oct 29, 2016, 03:02 PM by Lynda Bradford
Hello everyone, I hope you are enjoying reading the newsletters.  It is hard to believe that we are nearly at the end of October and there will only be another two months until the end of year newsletter. 

All forum members will have received the October newsletter this morning. But here is a link so that any visitors to enjoy the newsletter.

For information this is the link to the September newsletter:
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xx August 2016 Newsletter

Aug 30, 2016, 10:03 AM by Lynda Bradford

The August newsletter was sent to members last week and already we have had very positive feedback. 

If you are not on the mailing list you can have a look the newsletter here
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xx July 2016 Newsletter

Aug 11, 2016, 12:54 PM by Lynda Bradford
All members receive the monthly newsletter, but if you are not a member you can still enjoy reading the newsletter.

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xx June 2016 Newsletter

Jun 30, 2016, 09:34 PM by Lynda Bradford
The June newsletter was sent to members last week.  Non members can view it from this link.

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xx May 2016 Newsletter

May 30, 2016, 10:27 AM by Lynda Bradford
Here is the link to the May 2016 Newsletter, that was sent out to members on 19 May

I sent the newsletter out earlier this month as a forum member had suggested that it would be good to have the reminder about the Photo Competition a week before the closing date, so as to give members time to look for photos and upload photos to the Gallery album.  I will try this for a couple of months to see if it makes a difference on the number of photos entered for the competition.

If you would like a particular story featured on the newsletter, please contact me by personal message or at

You can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time by clicking on the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the newsletter, but you would be missing out on QE2 memories and news.

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xx April 2016 Newsletter

May 02, 2016, 10:02 AM by Lynda Bradford
The April newsletter was sent to members last week.  Guests can follow this link to see the newsletter.
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xx Newsletter March 2016

Mar 27, 2016, 07:50 PM by Lynda Bradford
Forum members are sent the monthly newsletter, unless they unsubscribe by clicking on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the newsletter.
We hope you enjoy reading the little snippets of what is going on in the forum.

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xx The QE2 Story February 2016 Newsletter

Feb 21, 2016, 08:53 AM by Lynda Bradford
We hope that members enjoyed reading the February newsletter that was sent to your email address.   Guest can also access a copy by following the link:

Best Wishes
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xx 2015 Year end newsletter

Dec 24, 2015, 09:00 AM by Lynda Bradford
2015 year- end newsletter, which has been sent to all QE2 Story members
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xx November 2015 Newsletter

Dec 02, 2015, 02:05 PM by Lynda Bradford
The newsletter is sent to all QE2 Story members on the mailing list.  Non members guests can view the newsletter by following this link:
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xx October 2015 Newsletter

Oct 29, 2015, 10:11 AM by Lynda Bradford
Link to October 2015 newsletter:

The October 2015 newsletter is automatically sent to members who are on the distribution list.  If you no longer wish to receive the newsletter please use the unsubscribe option at the bottom of the newsletter. 

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xx September 2015 Newsletter

Sep 28, 2015, 08:37 AM by Lynda Bradford
Please follow the link to the September newsletter to read the latest forum news.

Forum members have been sent a copy.  However, if you are registered as a forum member and have not received a copy in your mail box, please check your spam folder and if it is there please move to your email in box.  If you have not received it contact

We hope you continue to enjoy the newsletter, but if you no longer wish to receive it you can unsubscribe by clicking on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the newsletter. 
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xx August 2015 Newsletter

Aug 31, 2015, 11:37 AM by Lynda Bradford
Link to the August Newsletter:

Forum members are automatically sent the newsletter.
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xx June 2015 Extra Newsletter

Jun 24, 2015, 06:59 PM by Lynda Bradford
Rob Lightbody sent this special extra newsletter to members in June 2015, so as to give information about the work forum members had done to alert the media about QE2's situation
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xx Newsletter September 2014

Oct 15, 2014, 11:03 PM by Rob Lightbody
Because of our new format of newsletter, the Newsletter is available at the following website address.[UNIQID]
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xx June 2014 : QE2 Story presents plaque to Cunard on board Queen Victoria

Jun 24, 2014, 07:34 PM by Rob Lightbody
QE2 Story members present special plaque to Cunard on board Queen Victoria

On the 31st of May, more than 20 members of the QE2 Story were invited by Cunard on board Queen Victoria in Liverpool, where the ship was commemorating the centenary of Aquitania's maiden voyage with a number of events.  This was part of a weekend of events for Forum members, including drinks on Friday night, and lunch and dinner together on Saturday.

After a fantastic guided tour of the ship, a champagne reception was held in the Commodore Club on board, overlooking the Liverpool skyline including the Cunard building.

John Little had a beautiful plaque made especially for our visit, and former QE2 engineering officers Andy Kilgour (left), Ronnie Keir (centre) and Tony Amos (right), who are all now officers on QV, attended the reception and accepted the plaque on behalf of the ship. Also joining us was Michael Gallagher of cunard.

Amongst the Forum members going aboard were Graham and Alan, both former QE2 crew members who have not set foot aboard a Cunarder since they left QE2 decades ago.  All the members were glad to see QE2 remembered in various places on board QV, and enjoyed learning about the ship and seeing all that she has to offer.

Following the reception, members left the ship and got an exclusive tour of the spectacular Cunard building, by the building's manager, which included a trip into the basement and onto the roof, before lunch nearby, and then joining the thousands of people watching the Queen Victoria sail.  Most of us wished we were going with her!

Special thanks go to Michael Gallagher of Cunard for arranging our visit, the tours and the reception. Also to Lynda Bradford for organising our side of things and getting in touch with the officers, and to John Little for the idea of the plaque, then making it happen - his generosity is noted!  Also, of course, to all the forum members who joined us.

The discussion topic for the event is here -,5819.0.html

And our special photo gallery is here -

Keep an eye on the Get Togethers section of the forum so you don't miss the next one!  Also feel free to suggest your own get together.

And of course, look out for our plaque next time you're aboard QV - take a photo of yourself with it!!

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xx Newsletter March 2014: Photo Competition Reminder

Mar 25, 2014, 02:01 PM by Lynda Bradford
Photo of the Month Competition

Now that our members, who live in the Northern Hemisphere are looking forward to bidding Winter a fond farewell and welcoming Spring and Summer, the theme for the March Photo of the Month competition “QE2 Winter Views” reminds us just how beautiful winter can be. 

We have applied a wide interpretation to this month’s theme so that as many members as possible have the opportunity to participate:

QE2: The picture must contain at the very least a small part of QE2.

Winter: Taking the widest possible definition of winter, any QE2 picture taken between 1 November and 31 March of any year will qualify for this competition. It does not matter whether the scene is wintry or not -- indeed, world cruises are all eligible. Entries will need to indicate the month in which the picture was taken.

View: These could be both views of QE2 and views from QE2. Interior photos would be admissible only if there was a clear view of something wintry (e.g. Christmas decorations) in the picture.

As there is only one week until the deadline for submitting photos, please have a look at your QE2 photo collection and enter your three best photos that fit this category.  The lucky winner will get this lovely prize, of a QE2 Photo frame, donated by Isabelle.  The frame was bought onboard QE2 and is a fantastic piece of QE2 memorabilia. 

For more information have a look at the topic with instructions for entering your photos.,5953.0.html

You can also participate in the photo competition by voting for your favourite photo in the February competition “QE2 Cabins and Portholes” a theme that has attracted lots of interesting photos for you to choose from.  Just over a week to go before voting closes on 1 April 2014.  Please have a look and enjoy looking at these stunning photos,5952.0.html

And don’t forget to keep watching for the next QE2 Story Calendar page to download to your computer.  We hope everyone is enjoying this fun way of remembering QE2.

Thank-you for your continued support!

Best wishes

Lynda Bradford
Working on behalf of the QE2 Story Forum Members

To unsubscribe from our occasional emails - log into the forum, click on profile, and then turn off "Receive forum announcements and important notifications by email" which is under 'Notifications and email'. Alternatively simply email us at with "unsubscribe newsletters" in the subject of your email and we'll do it for you.
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xx Latest Newsletter February 2014

Feb 26, 2014, 10:32 AM by Lynda Bradford
Interim Newsletter

The Forum has had a good start to 2014 thanks to your interesting posts that we love to read.  With over 3000 topic boards you have lots of QE2 and other ships’ topics to choose from and hope you continue to enjoy being part of the forum. 

Monthly Update
Every month, Alan Snelson is using the winning photos used for the Calendar, to produce a QE2 Calendar image, for you to download to your computer.  Have a look, give it a try and tell us on the Forum topic, if you like this option.

March image: Peter Fitness

When June Ingram asked the question “what steps are taken for dry-docking a ship the size of QE2”?  We were lucky to have Rod onboard, who gave us an insight into the dry-docking process.  He also gave us the benefit of his expertise by answering the questions posted in this topic.  Do you have any questions about dry-docking?  Have a look and contribute to this interesting topic!

QE2 in Dubai Dry Dock July/August 2009.  Photo Rob Lightbody

In the “top ten” of our topic boards the Passenger and Enthusiasts Memories is top of the list.  There are some wonderful stories that help to keep the memory of QE2 alive but we know there are many more stories to be told so have a look and think about posting your QE2 memories.,8.0.html

Photo of the Month Competition
Since we started the Photo of the Month competition in April 2011 forum members have uploaded 1,117 photos to the competition albums, so that we can enjoy many happy memories of QE2.

January’s theme “Beauty” has attracted many lovely photos, but as the poll closes on 1 March 2014 there are only a few days left to vote for your three favourite images that remind you of our “Sleeping Beauty”?  It only takes a few minutes to vote (much longer to choose).,5891.0.html

February competition - “QE2 Cabins and Portholes” This theme has given us the opportunity to submit some wonderful photos of external and internal views of the ship plus a few fun photos. 

Image: Highlander 0108

If you have a winning photo we would love to see it in the competition but remember that the deadline is midnight on 28 February 2014.   You could be the winner of this lovely prize, “The British Cruise Ship” book donated by Amberley Publishing.  See here for instruction of how to enter:,5899.0.html

Photo Competition prizes:  We are fortunate to have prizes donated for this year’s photo competitions and although we know you enjoy contributing, simply to keep the memory of the QE2 alive, it is nice to get a little prize.   Keep watching the Photo Competition board for more information. 

Lynda Bradford
Working on behalf of the QE2 Story Forum Members

To unsubscribe from our occasional emails - log into the forum, click on profile, and then turn off "Receive forum announcements and important notifications by email" which is under 'Notifications and email'. Alternatively simply email us at with "unsubscribe newsletters" in the subject of your email and we'll do it for you.
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xx The QE2 Story 2013 year-end newsletter

Feb 01, 2014, 08:54 AM by Lynda Bradford
The QE2 Story 2013 year-end newsletter

Year-end message from Rob:

With nothing happening to QE2 in Dubai for most of the year (except for announcements), the Forum this year was able to focus on what it was originally intended for - to keep the memories of her crew and passengers alive from her long service life.  This is why we coined the phrase 'Keeping the Legend Alive'.

With the photo competition and calendar, and many new members sharing their stories, as well as consistently high number of 'guests' reading the forum, I think it's safe to say we've succeeded again this year thanks firstly to the members, and also to moderators Isabelle, Lynda and Alan.  No matter what happens with QE2 in 2014, we'll be here to share and capture all your memories and friendships.

As another year is drawing to an end it is an ideal time to look back at some of what has been happening in the Forum during 2013. 

QE2 News

Annus Horribilis was a phrase chosen by Queen Elizabeth II to describe the events of 1992 but it is a phrase that could equally be used by Queen Elizabeth 2 to describe what has happened to her in the past year. 

Photo by Andy Liney

At the end of 2012 we were very concerned with QE2's fate, when the V-ships crew were abruptly given notice to leave the ship, after looking after the ship since 2008.

Ultimate ownership of the QE2 remains with Dubai World, as it has done since 2008, but a new consortium called QE2 Holdings was formed, with a QE2 Hotels website launched  QE2 was dry docked briefly in January, and then docked within the industrial dry docks facility (another part of QE2 Holdings), tied up between oil tankers.  The ship was in cold layup throughout 2013 - meaning that her engines, air-conditioning etc. are no longer running.  She's also been seen recently to be rather dirty looking.,4817.msg58509.html#msg58509

News released in April by the Oceanic Group, another part of the consortium, suggested that QE2 would leave Dubai for Singapore in August or September and that the ship’s engines were being refurbished to allow her to make this journey without assistance.  We were sceptical when we heard this news and these deadlines have indeed passed with QE2 remaining in Dubai with no departure date stated. 
In October we heard that COSCO's Zhoushan Shipyard had been selected for QE2's conversion, although it is unclear what sort of contract has been signed, if any.  Later that month the design proposals were released, giving the public the opportunity to comment on their website.  Some of the designs were more complete than others, and in different formats, making direct comparisons impossible.   The verdict on the winning design was scheduled to be released by 15 December, but to date there has been no further information.   Although the designs stirred up interest, without knowing exactly where QE2 will be located, or when, and who will operate her, and who's paying for all of this, it is impossible to be too hopeful just now.

The QE2 Story provides up to date information on QE2 news and gives Forum members the opportunity to give their valuable views, which this year have been more important than ever. 

Keep watching for more QE2 news:,53.0.html

One page Summary, kept up to date, with QE2's Dubai story.

Your stories are important to the QE2 Story

It is your stories that have built a wonderful resource of information and personal memories that are an everlasting tribute to the QE2. 

This year we enjoyed reading many new topics but one that really caught our eye was Alan Hughes’ story about having the opportunity as a three-and-a-half-year-old, to sail with his family on QE2 on the pre-maiden voyage cruise from Southampton to the Canaries in April 1969. Although Alan never managed to sail on the QE2 again as an adult, he has been part of a special time in QE2’s history.

Photo from Alan Hughes

But this story gets even more interesting.  Jane Crosthwaite responded to this topic to say that she had also been on the same voyage with her family when she was about the same age.  Jane posted the children’s daily programs that mention all the activities for the children, which were supervised by “Uncle Reg” and “Auntie Jane” (I wonder where they are now?).  It was fantastic to see the wonderful photos that Jane posted showing her as a young child onboard QE2 and some amazing early photos of QE2.

Thank-you Alan and Jane for sharing your memories. Have a look at the topic to read the full story and see their treasured photos.,5697.0.html

The QE2 Story Jigsaw

The QE2 Jigsaw is continuing its travels around the world and so far it has travelled approximately10,983 miles:

From Rob in Scotland, to
Isabelle in Ireland, from there to
Lynda in Scotland, and then on to
Louis in Germany, from where the jigsaw made its first transatlantic crossing to
Rod in the USA and then
June in the USA, then the second transatlantic crossing to
Pete in England...  Where it will go next is up to you! 

Photo from Lynda Bradford

Please add your name to the list to have a try, so as to make sure that the “QE2 Story” Jigsaw is the most travelled jigsaw (apart from the one onboard QE2),3838.120.html

Photo Competition and Calendar

Despite a slow start sales of the 2014 wall calendar gained pace and by 26 December a total of 83 had been ordered by members from eight different countries. The calendar is of course still available in premium and standard sizes and can be ordered by following the links on this page.

Thanks to all of you who placed orders and who are continuing to keep the spirit of QE2 alive by supporting

Can we ask you all to please have a good search through your image files to see if we can find even more stunning photos for the 2015 calendar!  Naturally you will have to enter them in the Photo of the Month competitions to get the opportunity of having your photos of QE2 included in next year’s calendar.

The December Photo of the month theme is “QE2’s Wake” and there is still time to enter before the closing date on 31 December 2013.,5768.0.html

Plus you can still vote for your three favourite photos in the November Photo of the Month Competition.  We know it is a busy time of year but we hope you can find time to enjoy looking at these fantastic photos and vote.,5766.0.html

The QE2 Story Computer Wallpaper

New for 2014, we are making available to members a series of computer wallpaper calendars using images from the 2014 wall calendars. The results of our poll showed that over 60% of members who voted preferred a new image each month, so a new image will be released monthly, which will include two months of dates on it. The initial size available will be 1360 x 768 pixels, which should suit the majority of modern monitor screens. If this size is not suitable for you please let Alan Snelson know, and he will do his best to provide a more suitable size for you. 

Follow the link to download the January/February 2014 computer wallpaper Calendar.

If you have any problems downloading please let us know by posting in the Computer Wallpaper topic and we will do our best to help.,5783

Photo Gallery

As a project for 2014 we are planning to add a lot more tags to images already in our gallery. This should mean that images will be available in multiple locations and searching for specific features or criteria should become easier. This is likely to be a fairly large task so please be patient. It would also be a great help if you could add as much of your own tag information as possible when loading new images into the gallery.  We will be providing more guidance on this soon, so look out for more information. 

Photographs in General

Earlier in the year Rob raised the question “Where are all the photos?”,5470.msg55462.html#msg55462

Photo from Lynda Bradford

He was referring to all the early build, launch, publicity and promotional photos that were taken of the brand new QE2. Alan has been hunting for these very early images over the past year and has also been trying to locate the Ocean Pictures archive. Ocean Pictures were the on board photography concessionaires and had photos going right back to the very start of QE2’s working life.

All the very early photography of QE2 was in the hands of a man called John Jochimsen. He documented the progress of keel 736 right through the build, launch, sea trials and maiden voyages of the newly named QE2. By his own account he took thousands of photographs of every aspect of her construction as well as all the finished public rooms, lots of passenger accommodation and just about anywhere else he could get his photographic equipment. Having spoken to John, it seems he was obliged to hand over all his work to Trafalgar Holdings when they assumed ownership of Cunard in the early 1970’s. Sadly, from there no one seems to know where all those photographs went. It really would be incredible to locate these images as there is so much history there. Alan will continue turning stones throughout the coming year in the hope that something comes to light. On the plus side Alan has had some success in the hunt for both sets of photographs in that he has found at least ten places where they are not!!

If there is anyone out there who might be able to shed any light on where these images are it would be great to hear from you at

Ask the Captain

We were delighted when Captain Bill Cooper, QE2’s Captain in Dubai, between 2009 and 2012 agreed to participate in an “Ask the Captain” session. Then as an added bonus, Scott Clegg, Project Manager for QE2 in Dubai also agreed to take part in this session to answer any question that we had about the ship’s time in Dubai. Some interesting questions and answers:

Best Wishes

Best wishes to all our members for 2014 and thank-you for continuing to support the QE2 Story Forum.

Rob Lightbody, Lynda Bradford, Isabelle Prondzynski and Alan Snelson
Working on behalf of all the QE2 Story members

To unsubscribe from our occasional emails - log into the forum, click on profile, and then turn off "Receive forum announcements and important notifications by email" which is under 'Notifications and email'. Alternatively simply email us at with "unsubscribe newsletter" in the subject of your email and we'll do it for you.

January 2014 Newsletter
We hope you are continuing to enjoy visiting the QE2 Story Forum and reading some of the wonderful topics that have been posted by members. 

Here are a few examples of recent topics that have created a lot of interest:

George Griffiths has given us an insight into the QE2 Penthouse Suite, which is especially interesting as his story is brought to life with the addition of videos,5893.0.html

Have you had a look at the details of the QE2 Story get together in Liverpool, on 31 May 2014?  Our get together includes the opportunity for a short visit and drinks reception onboard Queen Victoria, but as there are a limited number of places for this event you need to read the conditions and let us know if you are interested in joining us. 
Read more here:,5819.0.html

Gary Baltao treated us to a rare insight, from a member of crew’s perspective, of the QE2 maiden around the world voyage in 1975,3241.0.html

Have you noticed that the QE2 Story Front Page has had a wee update?  Rob likes to keep the QE2 Story looking smart.

Photo of the Month Competition
We find it hard to believe that a month has passed since we welcomed in the New Year.  But as January comes to a close, the deadline is approaching for casting your vote for your 3 favourite photos of “QE2’s Wake”

The poll closes on 1 February 2014 so we hope that you will have a look and cast your votes:,5809.0.html

A big thank-you to everyone who uploaded their pictures and to members who have voted and posted messages to say how much they enjoyed seeing this collection of photos. 

January photo competition:  there is still time to submit photos for the January Photo of the Month ”Beauty”, a topic that has resulted in a range of photos that demonstrate the beauty of QE2

If you have a winning photo we would love to see it in the competition but remember that the deadline is midnight on 31 January 2014. 

See here for instruction:,5815.0.html

Lynda Bradford
Working on behalf of the QE2 Story Forum

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xx Newsletter January 2014

Jan 22, 2014, 08:06 PM by Rob Lightbody
We hope you are continuing to enjoy visiting the QE2 Story Forum and reading some of the wonderful topics that have been posted by members. 

Here are a few examples of recent topics that have created a lot of interest:

George Griffiths has given us an insight into the QE2 Penthouse Suite, which is especially interesting as his story is brought to life with the addition of videos,5893.0.html

Have you had a look at the details of the QE2 Story get together in Liverpool, on 31 May 2014?  Our get together includes the opportunity for a short visit and drinks reception onboard Queen Victoria, but as there are a limited number of places for this event you need to read the conditions and let us know if you are interested in joining us. 
Read more here:,5819.0.html

Gary Baltao treated us to a rare insight, from a member of crew’s perspective, of the QE2 maiden around the world voyage in 1975,3241.0.html

Have you noticed that the QE2 Story Front Page has had a wee update?  Rob likes to keep the QE2 Story looking smart.

Photo of the Month Competition
We find it hard to believe that a month has passed since we welcomed in the New Year.  But as January comes to a close, the deadline is approaching for casting your vote for your 3 favourite photos of “QE2’s Wake”

The poll closes on 1 February 2014 so we hope that you will have a look and cast your votes:,5809.0.html

A big thank-you to everyone who uploaded their pictures and to members who have voted and posted messages to say how much they enjoyed seeing this collection of photos. 

January photo competition:  there is still time to submit photos for the January Photo of the Month ”Beauty”, a topic that has resulted in a range of photos that demonstrate the beauty of QE2

If you have a winning photo we would love to see it in the competition but remember that the deadline is midnight on 31 January 2014. 

See here for instruction:,5815.0.html

Lynda Bradford
Working on behalf of the QE2 Story Forum

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xx QE2 Story Newsletter August 2013

Sep 01, 2013, 07:37 PM by Lynda Bradford
The QE2 Story August 2013 Newsletter

Captains of the QE2

In the 40 years from 1968, when she left Clydebank until 2008 when she sailed to Dubai QE2 has had 25 Cunard Captains who were Masters of the ship. She has had one V ships Captain in Dubai between 2009 and 2012. 

Each Captain has been involved in parts of QE2’s history and  there is often a mention of a particular Captain in relation to specific events or passenger and crew memories within the Forum.  However what was missing was a section to gather factual information to build QE2 Captain’s profiles.

The QE2 Story are pleased to announce the launch of our new QE2’s Captains board and to invite you to contribute factual information to build this important information resource. 

Have a look at the topic board:,105.0.html

Format of the Captains topic board:

The first topic of the board is:
 List of QE2 Masters/Captains with links to individual profiles

The second topic on the board is:
Members’ comments and contributions to QE2 Captains topic, where you can post comments and facts to add to the Captains’ profiles

Profile for each individual Captain.  As the profiles are in chronological order they have been locked.  If these topics were not locked each time a post was made the chronological order would be lost. 

As this is work in progress, there are some Captains who have more information than others, but hopefully Forum members can contribute their knowledge and add relevant facts, especially for the earlier Captains. 

Have you introduced yourself on the Forum?

A key part of the Forum is the Introductions section with two boards:

Officer, Crew and Worker introductions,34.0.html

Passenger and Enthusiasts Introductions,4.0.html

We love hearing your stories and enthusiasm for QE2, like Tony Feist’s dramatic rescue of a young couple, which certainly created a lot of interest.,5288.0.html

Displaying Real Names on the Forum

Rob has recently started a topic for discussion on using real name for the display name on the Forum.,5604.msg56607/boardseen.html#new

We know that there are sometimes reasons why people do not want to display their real names, but where possible we would like to encourage their use. 

If you would like to display your real name, go to your Profile and select Account Settings.  You will see your usernames, which is the name for signing into the Forum.  You will also see a Name box where you can change the display name that people can see.  Save after changing the name. 

Ask the Captain/Project Manager

Captain Bill Cooper (2009 to 2012)
Scott Clegg, QE2 Project Manager (2008 to 2012). 

Thank-you to everyone who submitted questions for our recent Ask the Captain/Project Manager. Your questions have been sent to Captain Cooper and Scott Clegg, Project Manager. We will let you know when we receive their responses, which will be featured on the QE2 Story front page along with the other Ask the Captain articles. 

Let’s get Technical!

Have you had a look at the range of information on the Technical Matters Forum Board?,56.0.html

Even if you are not a technical person you will be impressed with the amount of information that is within this section. We are so pleased that Forum members have taken time to share their knowledge. 

QE2 Story Get together July 2013

Thank-you to everyone who attended the QE2 Story Get together last month!  We enjoyed meeting up on the Friday evening to chat over a drink or two.  The QE2 Story connects us with our common interest, the QE2 and at the get together we enjoyed sharing our stories and had plenty to chat about. 

We were blessed with good weather on the Saturday for the sail down the Clyde on the Waverley and were so pleased to hear your positive comments about the week-end. 

If you have any ideas for a Forum get together please contact us with your suggestion.,5195.80.html

We have set up a Gallery Album to post Forum Get Together photos.  Have a look!

Photo Competition

The July competition entries "Fun pictures taken on or of QE2" have certainly raised a smile or two and are now ready for you to vote for your favourite three photos. 

The voting closes on 31 August 2013   The winner will be announced on 1 September BST to allow for other time zones to catch up with the voting deadline.,5553.0.html

This month’s photo theme is "QE2 Docked or at Anchor" (closed 31 August) chosen by John Parsons, the winner of the May competition

We have already had many excellent entries but we are hoping that you will have a look at your QE2 photos and upload to the Gallery your 3 photos that fit the theme.  Have a look at the instructions and share your photos of QE2 looking her best docked or at anchor.,5554.0.html

We will be starting work on the 2014 Calendar and will keep you updated on the Forum and on newsletters.

If there are any QE2 Story topics you would like featured on a future newsletter please contact us at

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xx QE2 Story Spring 2013 Newsletter

Apr 23, 2013, 07:21 PM by Lynda Bradford
The QE2 Story Spring Newsletter

Forum improvements:
We’ve dramatically simplified how easy it is to add photos to messages and upload to the gallery. Have a look and start uploading your QE2 photos without having to reduce the size!

Uploading photos to the gallery:,2936.0.html

Including photos with your Forum message:,2337.0.html

We've also added a 'similar topics' feature at the end of the topic you're reading, to encourage you to waste even more time on the forum.

Clyde gathering 26 & 27 July:
Meet fellow Forum members sailing down the Clyde past John Brown’s shipyard on the PS Waverley,5195.0.html

Photo Competition:
The photo competition has generated some fantastic QE2 Photos and brought back many memories of the ship.  Join the fun by submitting your photos for this month’s theme “QE2 the bit beneath the bridge” or log in and vote.  It could not be easier to share your QE2 photo memories and there is a special prize for the winner!  Closing date 30 April. 

March Competition Poll:,5240.0.html

Instructions to enter the April competition:,5248.0.html

Status of QE2:
Much has been said, but nothing is yet definite. For months QE2 has been without power, which has clear implications for her interiors in the scorching Dubai heat.  She will continue like this for the foreseeable future while they try to arrange a workable and complete plan for her.  See the summary of her story since she arrived in Dubai:


Join Forum members” discussions on QE2 news issues:,53.0.html

Recent interesting topics:
QE2 not an RMS:  Did you know that QE2 was never actually an RMS?  Rob has spoken to Cunard's historian Michael Gallagher and her last captain, Ian McNaught, to get definitive clarification -,1392.msg54296.html#msg54296

QE2 paintings:  We have enjoyed seeing QE2 paintings by our members, Alan C, Peter Mugridge, and Peter Ward who have shared photos of their QE2 paintings on the QE2 Models and Paintings topic board.  Have a look, enjoy and if you have done a painting of QE2 we would love to see it.,61.0.html

QE2 Falklands: Would you remember the day that Margaret Thatcher phoned your Dad to borrow your QE2?  We received a fascinating email with this story – read more!,127.msg54130.html#msg54130

Do you know that you can keep up to date with what's happening on the forum, by checking the forum recent posts each day, or click on the “notify” button to ensure you receive email notification when new posts are added to your favourite topics. 

You may also want to  “like” the Forum’s Facebook page to ensure you are informed when interesting topics are added:

Registering for the Forum:
If you are reading this newsletter as a guest or through Facebook do you know that it is easy to register as a member of the Forum and free!,2545.0.html

Thanks for your support and for posting your QE2 memories!

To unsubscribe from our occasional emails - log into the forum, click on profile, and then turn off "Receive forum announcements and important notifications by email" which is under 'Notifications and email'. Alternatively simply email us at with "unsubscribe newsletter" in the subject of your email and we'll do it for you.
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xx The QE2 Story 4th Anniversary 25 January 2013

Apr 23, 2013, 07:15 PM by Lynda Bradford
The QE2 Story 4th Anniversary 25 January 2013

Quote from Rob (24 January 2013)

In January 2009, QE2 had just retired, but lots of people were still talking about her on cruise ship forums.  These forums were understandably focused firmly on current cruise ships, so QE2 and her fans were rapidly left with nowhere to chat, without being told to get over it and move on!  This is what spurred me into action and into setting up the forum.  The initial setup took a couple of hours, and I fired off emails to my many existing QE2 contacts to see what would happen...  and at 6:50 pm on 25 January 2009 one of our first members Singlemalt posted:

“It feels like I've arrived a bit too early for a party and am standing around awkwardly with a glass in my hand   although am sure there are others on their way soon!”

….. and there certainly was many others waiting in the wings to join The QE2 Story party.   Members’ introductions give us a fascinating insight into new members QE2 Story and why they wanted to join the Forum.,95.0.html

The Forum started with a few who had one common interest – the QE2 – but it has grown into a recognised information resource about the ship and that is because of the input of our members.

What a party it has been! Here are just some of the highlights:

The QE2 Story - One Stop Shop for QE2 Information

The QE2 Story (TQS) Discussion Forum is truly the only QE2 One Stop Shop where queries and mysteries are solved and information is freely shared in an open and friendly, respectful manner.  If you Google anything QE2 on the Internet TQS is likely to be one of the top information choices. 

The well organised topic boards give Forum members the opportunity to comment on any aspects of QE2’s career from her launch in John Brown’s Clydebank, to news about the ship in Dubai. 

Forum members have shared memories or added links to photos, videos and web sites that have contributed to "keeping the legend alive".  Almost every nook and cranny of the QE2 has been explored and there are many photos and facts that you will only find on this Forum. 

Flagship listed information on how the external profile and look of QE2 in 2008 differed greatly from the external profile when she entered service in 1969.  Did you know that her maiden appearance only lasted three short years and that the first of many changes were made in 1972?  Read more here:,4684.msg49266.html#msg49266

The topic board on QE2’s Service life (1969 to 2008) was further enhanced by the contribution of members to build the two QE2 Timeline topics the QE2 maiden calls, final calls and The QE2 Timeline - month by month,1.0.html

But Rob took this a step further by using a web tool to display the timeline facts and by doing so further enhanced the information collected by Forum members.

The contribution of by TQS members has resulted in a QE2 archive of accurate information that is frequently used by researchers.  Admin often receive requests for information, which we are happy to answer and we are always pleased to help students researching QE2 projects, particularly when they achieve good exam results.

In the four years since the forum was created we have seen the rise and further rise of Facebook. 

But we set ourselves apart by being:
(a) free with no adverts
(b) not owned by a company
(c) carefully and gently moderated
(d) totally open and searchable by Google
(e) neatly organised in sections to keep the story intact for the future
(f) run by, and for, QE2 Enthusiasts

The fun side to the Forum!

The decommissioning of QE2 in 2008 galvanised the crew of into organising a QE2 World Cruise the like of which has never been experienced before or again.  Captain Rob and his crew had forum members laughing from February to June and if you have not read this topic please be prepared for something completely different.,88.0.html,89.0.html

There were adventures galore -- Singlemalt was captured by pirates, and Isabelle needed to be rescued, but best of all were the drawings by Waverley, which had us all in stitches.

Another topic that will keep you in stiches is the “embarrassing” moments topic. Why is Isabelle lying on the floor of the Queens Room? Why did Rob think that every surface on QE2 was sticky? Read and enjoy!,15.msg359.html#msg359

The first Forum poll asked members to vote on their favourite room onboard QE2.  This generated discussion on not only the rooms nominated for the poll but other areas of QE2 that were firm favourites of our members, including the “bit beneath the bridge” a favourite place for Twynkle.  This is an ongoing poll so if you have not voted have a look and let us know your favourite place onboard QE2.,47.0.html

“Songs that make you think and dream about QE2 “ started in February 2009 was such a popular topic that 3 pages later in December 2010 members were still happy to reminisce about songs that remind us of our favourite ship.  Have a look there are lots of memories in this topic:,157.msg1413.html#msg1413

Reunions and lasting friendships:

We have been pleased to see that many firm lasting friendships have been formed on the forum between people who had not previously met. Not only have members attended events we organized such as sailing down the Clyde on the Waverley but we have also been pleased to see that members are keen to meet with other members onboard cruises to share their QE2 memories.   

The Photo Gallery

When the Photo Gallery was set up we could never have imagined the number or range of QE2 photos that would be posted by members.  To date you have posted over 2000 photos that have let us see photos of areas of the ship, plus an insight into passenger and crew QE2 memories.

However we should not forget the photos that have been submitted to the Photo Competitions.  The Photo Gallery has been an important resource to hold the Photo Competition photos.  Members have been able to participate by either entering photos, voting for their favourite photo or both.  But it did not end there as the winning photos were used to produce QE2 Story Calendars for 2012 and 2013.  As far as we know this is unique to TQS Forum and no other QE2 website have Calendars produced by their members’ photos.  Well done to everyone who has participated!,75.0.html

Special features and members' stories

We are very proud of the range of members from across the world and with different interests in QE2.  Our members include former crew, QE2 enthusiasts, fans, passengers, historians, researchers, experts and 'celebrities' from the world of the QE2 who contribute together in discovering and remembering the Story of the QE2.

We have been particularly pleased to give members the opportunity to participate in the “Ask the Captain” sessions and delighted that three former QE2 Captains had agreed to take part. 

Captain Robin Woodall (who sadly passed away last year) was the first Captain who agreed to answer your questions in August/September 2009.

A year later in 2010 Captain McNaught was only too happy to be the second Captain to participate and members were enthusiastic about having the opportunity to ask their questions.

Photo (c) Ken MacLeod

In 2011 Ronald Warwick was the featured Captain who delighted us with his interesting answers to your questions.

But it is not just Captains and celebrities who have the opportunity to be included in the special features.  We have also had “Ask the Engineer” when Forum member Rod agreed to answer your questions about the engineering side of the QE2. 

The QE2 Story also gives members the opportunity to tell their story and to have it featured on the front page of the QE2 Story.

QE2 Officers Crew and Workers Memories

A popular area of the Forum is the Officer Crew and Workers memories where we have been given an insight into life in the crew areas.  We have had the opportunity to read about crew parties, engine room memories, the wardroom and much more.  Thank-you to the crew for sharing your memories.,10.0.html

Photo courtesy of and (c) Cunard

Forum Statistics

As at the time of writing this newsletter we have almost 1,000 members, who have contributed to 45,689 posts in 2,639 topics.  Excluding the moderator team the member who has posted on the Forum the most is Twynkle with 4,484 posts. 

On 17 January 2013 the “Most Online Today” figure was 266. This compared to the Most Online Ever figure of 276 on 8 April 2012. 

When looking at Forum statistics you can clearly see that there is an increase in the number of members whenever there is news about QE2. 

An example of this was at the start of January when Rob reported that in the first 7-and-a-bit days of January 2013 – “Our server has served 2 million pages in the (2.4 million hits) to 6000 unique visitors, on 10340 visits composed of over 8 gigabytes of data”

4 Years of the Forum - 4 tumultuous years for QE2

When we started the forum, we thought QE2 was about to go into dry dock to be utterly transformed and become unrecognisable.  4 years later, there she is, with her funnel still smoking, almost entirely intact.  Nobody would have guessed this.  Plans have come and gone, some were rumours, some weren't, but none worked out.  What is to come?  Well, we're simply not sure.

We set out to be as honest and fair as possible - including towards her new Dubai owners.  The forum rapidly gained a very good reputation amongst observers both within her former owners Cunard and her new owners in Dubai.  Because of our excellent reputation, we were approached with information about her 2009 dry docking, and communication channels were opened... facts became clear, and daft internet rumours were quashed, repeatedly!

The QE2 Story Exclusive in Dubai

Ultimately this reputation led to Rob's request to 'come aboard' being granted in 2011, and he became the first person to break down the secrecy barriers and document her condition in person through photos and video.  This quelled widespread rumours about her condition, and allowed the world to "meet" her excellent V-Ships crew who were caring for her so carefully.

The end of the 4 years has led to sudden changes for QE2.  V-Ships out, a Far East managed crew suddenly put aboard.  Stories about a trip to the Far East.  News about a plan for QE2 London. 

One thing's for sure, QE2 can still make the headlines, and we'll help keep her there.

Thank-you for joining the party!

The QE2 Story Team

To unsubscribe from our occasional emails - log into the forum, click on profile, and then turn off "Receive forum announcements and important notifications by email" which is under 'Notifications and email'. Alternatively simply email us at with "unsubscribe newsletter" in the subject of your email and we'll do it for you.
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xx Year-end 2012 Newsletter

Dec 28, 2012, 07:00 PM by Lynda Bradford
The QE2 Story 2012 year-end newsletter

As we approach the end of 2012 we thought it would be an ideal opportunity to recap on what has been happening on the Forum over the past 12 months. 

As the Forum approaches it’s fourth birthday we are still welcoming new members.  In 2012 around 156 new members were registered and we are pleased that QE2 enthusiast are still eager to join us. 

Your contribution to topics is what makes the Forum so successful and it is your contributions that are resulting in the Forum becoming an important resource for QE2 information.  We couldn't cover everything that has happened during the year but we hope you enjoy looking again at some key moments. 

How could we forget the fantastic start to the year and how excited we were when we saw the photos from the QE2 New Year event.  In the topic board “Step aboard the iconic QE2 to celebrate New Year’s Eve 2011 in style” we discussed the possibility of this being the start of a new life for QE2 and enjoyed sharing links about the event.,3777.0.html

The topic board that records QE2’s service life reminds us of the extent of events in her life that contributed to her being the most famous ship.   

One such topic that gave detailed information on an explosion and fire that happened in 1976 generated a lot of interest from Forum members.  Not only had there been damage to the QE2 funnel but a 22-year-old engineer, Kenneth Lyon, from Liverpool was seriously burned on the face and arm while tackling the fire. We were delighted when Kenneth Lyon contacted us in January and was able to give us more details about the extent of his injuries, which gave us a personal side to the story.,3934.0.html

The contribution by QE2 crew is an important element of the Forum and we always enjoy their unique input to the Forum in the “Officer, Crew and Workers” boards. 

We know that you particularly liked the crew insight when member “Casinogirls” treated us to some laughs about her fantastic memories of the “hazy,crazy days” onboard QE2 between 1981 and 1983.,4042.0.html

In February and March, Rod Fair who was a QE2 Engineer between 1971 and 1988 agreed to answer Forum members’ questions in an “Ask the Engineer” session.  You enjoyed having the opportunity to learn a bit more about the technical side of the QE2 and also to learn about Rod’s role in keeping QE2 running  smoothly.,4037.0.html

We were very sad to hear of the death Captain Robin Woodall in April and felt very privileged that he had participated in an Ask the Captain session for the QE2 Story in 2009.  Have a look at the Questions and Answers here:

2012 was the 30th Anniversary of the Falklands War.  It was on 3 May 1982 that Cunard received instructions from the UK Government that the Queen Elizabeth 2 was to be requisitioned by the Secretary of State for Trade under the Requisitioning of Ships Order 1982.  In addition to the military onboard, QE2’s Captain, Peter Jackson was in command of the 650 ship’s crew volunteers. 

Members also gave us some first hand information, which was a timely reminder of the contribution QE2 made to the Falklands War effort.  (See posts from reply 61),127.40.html

In June we had a small band of QE2 Story members taking part in the three Queens Diamond Jubilee Celebrations in Southampton.  The British weather was not kind to them but that did not stop our members changing the QE2 Story Picnic to an inside venue so that a small but happy gathering could go ahead.

This Diamond Jubilee meeting was followed at the end of June when QE2 Story members met in Glasgow to sail down the Clyde the on PS Waverley.  The Waverley is a lovely little ship that you cannot help but love and we know that The QE2 Story members like to be kept informed about this famous Ocean Going Paddle Steamer.,45.0.html

In July members hopes were raised when Istithmar World, DP World and the QE2 management announced that QE2 was to have a permanent home at the heart of Port Rashid, the hub of cruising in the Middle East.

We were told that the vessel would be moored next to the original cruise terminal at Port Rashid and converted into a 300 room luxury hotel, with top quality lifestyle facilities, while the terminal itself will be developed into a maritime museum.,4504.0.html

But little did we know that this would all change by the end of the year!

Another story that caught our interest was in July was when we were contacted by Paul Ableson, the man behind the project to turn the QE2 propellers into the unique sets of golf clubs.  We certainly enjoyed the insight into this project as Paul told his story in instalments.,2362.msg47500.html#msg47500

In August we found out about everything you wanted to know about burials at sea on board QE2, and maybe more than you want to know!

On 20 September 2012 we remembered the 45 Anniversary of the launch of QE2 at John Brown’s Shipyard in Clydebank.  This was made even more special when we received a message and a photo of QE2’s Birthday Cake from Captain Cooper onboard QE2 in Dubai.,4609.msg48359.html#msg48359

In October information started to emerge that not was all well for our ship in Dubai. Information from reliable sources was that ship brokers had been contacted about the possible scrapping of a 300m cruise ship based in UAE.

That could surely only be one ship and our jubilation at the possibility of work starting on converting her to a hotel ship started to turn to concern for the future of QE2.,4641.msg48649.html#msg48649

How could we compile a year-end newsletter without remembering the photo competition and the fantastic photos that members have submitted!

The winning photos have been compiled into a QE2 Story Calendar that members can order online.  Plus thanks to the work of Forum member, Edward Hickson an online version can be downloaded to your desktop.   

We know that members are busy at this time of year but if you have time to vote for your favourite photo in the current poll “Parties onboard QE2” or would like to upload photos “QE2 Ports of Call” then there is still time until the closing date of 31 December.,82.0.html

The v-ships crew who have looked after QE2 so well since she arrived in Dubai suddenly left the ship just before Christmas, having been given just a couple of days notice. the replacement crew is much smaller and Chinese managed. This has raised fears that something will be happening to the ship soon. Read our coverage in the news section where we are usually ahead of any other website or newspaper as we strive to uncover the truth.,53.0.html

Best wishes to all our members for a Happy 2013 and thank-you for your continued support for the Forum.

Rob Lightbody, Lynda Bradford and Isabelle Prondzynski
On behalf of the QE2 Story

To unsubscribe from our occasional emails - log into the forum, click on profile, and then turn off "Receive forum announcements and important notifications by email" which is under 'Notifications and email'. Alternatively simply email us at with "unsubscribe newsletter" in the subject of your email and we'll do it for you.

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xx Newsletter September 2012: 45th Anniversary of QE2 Launch

Sep 18, 2012, 08:20 PM by Lynda Bradford
QE2 Celebrates 45 Years

Forty-five years ago on 20 September 1967, HM Queen Elizabeth II launched the QE2 at John Brown’s shipyard, in Clydebank. 

At precisely 14:28 hours on a sunny afternoon Her Majesty stepped forward on the launching platform and said:

“I name this ship Queen Elizabeth the Second.  May God Bless her and all who sail in her.”

Very few Forum members were fortunate enough to be at the launch, but through the work of Forum members an amazing amount of information has been gathered about the launch and the life of the ship. 

Some facts about the launch
Did you know that a little over two minutes 30 seconds after the Queen had named the ship the new Elizabeth had slid smoothly into the River Clyde?  She reached almost 20 mph as she slid down the ways and then dipped 33 feet as she left the slipway.

Did you know that there are many factors that had to be taken into consideration prior to launching a ship this size.  Have a look at what our member “Flagship” had to say about this in The QE2 Launch topic board Reply #77 posted on: Oct 18, 2011.,379.40.html

You may know that following the launch, a flypast was done by aircraft from 736 Naval Air Squadron based at Lossiemouth, Fife.  But did you know that the flypast was replicated on the original 1967 Helena Barynina Hernmarck tapestry that hung on the E stairway onboard QE2?

Many members have posted information on the above plus many links to photos and video footage on the "QE2 launch" topic board? Have a look and enjoy the experience.,379.0.html

Did you know that the QE2 was launched with wine and not champagne or whisky?  Read what is said about this subject:,1895.0.html

You may not have been invited on 20 September 1967 to toast the new Cunard ship but you can see the toast list here:,3034.0.html

Press Release “Evolution of Q4 the most efficient ship”
On 4 April 1967 Cunard released a Press Release to herald the launch of their new liner known as the Q4.

Not only does the document contain a lot of facts that are familiar to us now but also some statements that we can recognise as being true today.   For instance, in the section “Q4 is not a gimmick ship” it is stated that “The Q4 is a ship entirely without gimmicks. Gimmicks date, but good design doesn't and this ship is designed to keep 'new' for her working life with the minimum of alteration”.

In 1967 it could never have been imaged how true these word would be and how over forty years later members of a QE2 Forum would enthuse over the design of the most famous ship in the world who became a legend in her time.
You can access more information and a copy of the Press Release document on the “Cunard's Q4 Press Release April 1967” topic board.,2118.msg23221.html#msg23221

Post your message to QE2
Join our celebration of this special occasion, by posting a special message in recognition of QE2’s 45th Anniversary and wherever you are on 20 September, make a toast to our famous ship. "Long Live the Queen",4603
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xx QE2 Story Newsletter June 2012

Jun 17, 2012, 09:30 PM by Lynda Bradford
QE2 Story on Facebook and Twitter

We hope you enjoy following QE2 Story on Facebook.  It is good to know that 1121 people like the QE2 Story Facebook page and follow our news. 

If you are a Facebook member make sure you "like" the QE2 Story and look out for posts on current topics. We also look forward to your comments.

Twitter members can choose to follow us at:

Keeping you Posted!

Remember you can select to be notified by email when new posts are added to topic boards.  All you need to do is click on the notify button at the top of topics and every time a new post is added you will be notified. 

You can also manage your notifications by going to your Profile.  Select Modify Profile, then notifications.  You can see what topics you selected for notification. 

Featured Topic Board

Service Life 1969 to 2008:,1.0.html

We are rather proud of members’ contributions to the Forum that has resulted in one of the most interesting sections of the Forum recording her Service Life from 1969 to 2008.  These topic boards, sorted by decade, are where members have recorded many facts and events that happened to QE2 over her long service. 

On the “QE2 Timeline month by month” topic board we have recently started to make hyperlinks into some relevant stories.  Let us know if you identify any other links we could make from the timeline to Forum topics.,1789.0.html

Have you had a look at the QE2 timeline in graphical form that can be accessed from the timeline topic or the QE2 Story Front page?

This is an ongoing project where we are building facts into the timeline.  Perhaps you could help us to continue keeping the memory of the legend alive by posting to the Service Life 1969 to 2008 topic board!

John Duffy, Hotel Manager onboard QE2 and QM2 Retires

John Duffy QE2 Hotel Manager from 1981 to 2008 retired with almost 47 years Cunard service on 22 May 2012.   It is significant that QE2 Story members had started a topic on John way back in February 2009 to report that he had received the Seatrade Insider Award for “Seagoing Employee of the Year” and since then they have been adding to this topic with news about John. 

Many members had fond memories of meeting John onboard QE2 and others could not help but agree with his quote "Well, you can't get better than the best, and when you're hotel manager of the QE2, there's nowhere else to go that compares..."

Have a look at what members have posted about John Duffy on the Forum:,113.0.html

QE2 Story at Three Queens Southampton

QE2 Story members could not resist the temptation for a get together at the Three Queens event in Southampton.  It was an early start for members who had booked places onboard the Blue and Red funnel ferries that accompanied the ships into Southampton.  But their reward was an amazing display with lots of flag waving and whistle blowing.  We also had members onboard some of the ships who were treated to an amazing experience that will live in their memories for a long time to come. 

In the afternoon thanks to Cunarder Man we toasted the QE2 as we picnicked in style.  Unfortunately an indoor venue had to be found as the British weather was not kind to us.  Rain, rain and more rain.  Have a look at what members had to say about the event and have a look their photos (post 53 onwards),4222.40.html

Cunard have put up a lovely collection of photography, videos and their press releases of the three Queen event here -

QE2 Story Get Together in Glasgow 29/30 June

We know how much you all enjoy cruising, so why not join us to cruise down the Clyde on PS Waverley, the last sea going paddle steamer in the world, on 30 June.   

We will be meeting for drinks at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Glasgow at 7.30 pm on Friday 29 June.  Dress code casual!

On Saturday 30 June we will meet outside the Crowne Plaza Hotel around 9.15am giving us plenty of time to walk over the Waverley.  We have been told that the Bacon rolls sold onboard the Waverley are very good but we need you to verify this.,4304.0.html

Photo Competition

We need your votes!

Members have once again submitted some fantastic photos for the photo competition but we need you to vote for your three favourite photos so that a winner can be decided for the June competition “Celebrating the Reign of a Queen” 

Please have a look and vote for your favourites:,4367.0.html

Very Desirable June Photo Competition prize!

QE2forever has very kindly donated a QE2 poster, which was only ever for sale in the QE2 bookshop, and will be a very desirable prize indeed.,4372.0.html

All you have to do is submit three photos that fit the theme “From Anchors to Lamps” Have a look at the June photo competition instructions to find out more.,4368.0.html

Thank-you once again to all our members who contribute to the Forum and are helping to keep the memory of the QE2 alive!

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xx The QE2 Story January 2012 Newsletter

Mar 25, 2012, 06:23 PM by Lynda Bradford
The QE2 Story January 2012 Newsletter

Forum's 3rd Birthday
(Isabelle Prondzynski)

The QE2 Story Forum celebrated its third birthday on 25 January.

It has been another amazing year, crowned by Rob's visit on board QE2, and by QE2's own New Year's party.

It has been our third year of friendly discussions, sharing of information, sharing of memories, and sharing of pictures, culminating in our very own QE2 Story Calendar.

Thank you everyone for all your contributions!

 QE2 New Year's Eve Party & 2012 Events
(Rob Lightbody)

Surprising everybody in December, was the announcement that an events company, Global Event Management (GEM) would host an exclusive New Year's party on board the ship.  It was arranged at short notice, which understandably caused them problems getting the big names they wanted to attend - including myself! 

Guests arrived at the Quayside, which had been specially prepared as a sort of open air champagne bar, and QE2 was well lit up, including a fantastic montage of her life projected onto a giant image on the side of the ship!  After an over-lengthy delay, guests were taken aboard via the 5-deck gangway, then walked aft to the G stairway where the lifts were active for the event, and whisked them up to Upper Deck, where they walked out via the empty shops.  All exterior decks were in use for the event, with the teak decking freshly renovated, sanded and treated and looking gorgeous.  Food was served buffet style, and because QE2 is a laid-up ship with limited public area plumbing activated now, portable "posh loos" were provided on 1-deck aft for the guests.  Music and entertainment was provided on various stages on her spacious aft decks, fireworks were displayed behind the stern of the ship, the night skyline of Dubai sparkled to the port side of the ship, and the drink was flowing just as quickly as it did when QE2 was in service.

So what of 2012? GEM are promoting a variety of events being possible on board, but it is hard to see how.  The ship is in lovely condition, but she is properly laid up.  The New Year's party appears to have been carefully designed to deal with what was possible, and what was not - e.g. access to the ship's interior was extremely limited.  Events on her outer decks similar to the party would seem possible, but as for anything else?  We'll see.  It seems to me that they'd have to spend a lot of money to re-activate her public rooms in their 2008 state - and wouldn't that money be better spent on the actual conversion that she needs to secure her future.

You can read all our posts about the event, which includes links to photos and videos - here -,3777

A different kind of QE2 Story
(Rob Lightbody)

We have discussed QE2's iconic funnel many times since the forum started, one of these discussed the fact that the damage that you can still see on the funnel today in Dubai, was caused by an engine room fire in 1976.  Michael Gallagher, Cunard and QE2 historian, contributed his research into this, and also Rod, an Engineer aboard at the time contributed his insights and memories.  Both remembered a young man, Kenneth Lyon, who was very badly injured in the incident.

Amazingly, Ken Lyon got in touch with us, to share his memories of the event, and show how, as with QE2, the scars remain with him to this day.  You can read this fascinating story here -,3934.0.html

The Costa Concordia tragedy
(Lynda Bradford; Isabelle Prondzynski)

The Costa Concordia tragedy generated heartfelt sympathy from Forum members, particularly as the scale of the incident became apparent.  Members gave us regular links to news reports to ensure we were kept updated.,3945.0.html

The incident also generated a considerable amount of discussion about safety features and evacuation procedures on board ships. We are fortunate to have members with considerable experience in naval architecture, engineering and the maritime industry, much of it gained or practised on board QE2. This has led to discussions about lifeboats and their use, watertight doors, where they are and when they are closed, and the crew's training and drills, drawing on experiences and practice on the ship we know best.,3945.0.html,3963.0.html,3965.0.html

Veronica -- ex-Mona Lisa and ex-Kungsholm
(Isabelle Prondzynski; Lynda Bradford)

Another fine Clyde built liner, the Kungsholm (later Mona Lisa) of 1966 has found a new home in Duqm (Oman) and a new name, the Veronica:

The QE2Story has been following her fate since 2009, and it is so encouraging to note that this beautiful ship has been saved and is starting a new life as a hotel ship in Duqm, Oman. It appears that the refit has been generally respectful of the ship's design and interior, and that not many changes have been made.

Ironically two Clydebank ships that shared the same slipway QE2 and Kungsholm are now in the Middle East. QE2 in Dubai and the Kungsholm (now Veronica) in Oman.  May they both have many years ahead of them to delight those who are fortunate enough to be onboard these magnificent ships. 

We look forward to the first reports from any members staying on board!,1394.0.html

Forum member onboard Queen Mary in Long Beach California for New Year event
(Lynda Bradford)

Many of us dream about going onboard the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California but for one of our members this is a reality as he has visited and stayed onboard the ship several times. 

Myles (Cunardqueen) who celebrated New Year 2011/2012 onboard Queen Mary has given an insight into this wonderful experience. 

Have a look at these two topics:,3983.0.html,3978.0.html

QE2 Technical Trials 23 December 1968 to 2 January 1969
(Lynda Bradford)

Lisa (Youngesteverpassenger) was indeed QE2's youngest ever passenger sailing onboard the ship when Lisa was a couple of weeks old.  Her father was the Chief Engineer on the QE2 and when the Technical Trials was carried out,  Lisa's family set sail to test the facilities onboard while her father was working hard testing out the engines. 

We were treated to a day by day account of life onboard ship during these trials when Lisa posted the daily programmes. Lisa also posted the list of work requiring to be done on the QE2 on her return to Southampton. 

Follow the link to have a look:,3802.0.html

QE2 story get-together 2012 - who's interested?  When? Where?
(Lynda Bradford)

We would like to hear Forum Members' ideas for a QE2 Story get together in 2012.   We have enjoyed an annual get together onboard the PS Waverley in 2010 and 2011.  Last year this corresponded with the Tall Ships event in Greenock.   Later in the year Forum members met onboard QM2 and there have also been get togethers arranged by individual Forum members.  Post your ideas here for what you think would be a good QE2 Story event for 2012.,

Forum Newsletter - Let us know what you would like to see in the newsletter

What do you think we should include in the Forum newsletter?  We have opened a topic to encourage members to suggest topics for the Forum Newsletter and also to produce contributions that we will edit.  Have a look and post your thoughts here:,3986.0.html

Ask the crew member
(Isabelle Prondzynski)

Thanks to Louis, we had an opportunity in August / September to ask him questions about his life as Barkeeper on board QE2, and this brought up some interesting new insights.,3494.0.html

Would any other crew member like to host a month of questions on his / her life and duties on board? Please let the Moderating Team know if you would like to take this on.

We hope you continue to enjoy the Forum

Best Wishes
Rob, Isabelle, Lynda
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xx 2011 Year-end Newsletter

Mar 25, 2012, 06:22 PM by Lynda Bradford
2011 Year-end Newsletter

QE2 news 2011
(message from Rob)

As I write this, QE2 has spent over 3 years in Port Rashid in Dubai.  If her original plan had been executed, the almost unrecognisable New QE2 Hotel might have been preparing to welcome its first visitors to see its glass funnel and giant engine room theatre about now; but our ship continues to sit there, unspoilt. 

As always this year, there have been lots of rumours and news stories but after going and seeing for myself at the end of April, and then following the news since then, I think there is simply nothing to report.  She is laid up, having just essential maintenance carried out to keep her safe.  The smoke coming from her funnel makes it look like she could set sail at any moment, but this is no longer true.  I hope Captain Bill Cooper and his excellent crew enjoy Christmas on board her again this year and, as always, we will bring you all the news that’s fit to print (and some that isn't) as it happens.

Step aboard the iconic QE2 to celebrate New Year’s Eve 2011 in style
(update from Rob)

Earlier this month the Dubai World Media Centre informed us about a key event for a limited number of guests onboard QE2.  A New Year party onboard QE2 is good news for the ship as it keeps her in the limelight.   If you would like to be there the cost of a ticket, your accommodation and a flight to Dubai are all that stand between you and a reunion with QE2. 

The tickets are priced at AED 3000 (approx £500/€630/$816) and AED 6000 (approx £1000 / €1250/$1630).

As you can imagine there has been quite a bit of discussion on this topic,3777.0.html

 Ask the Captain
(update from Rob)

In February 2011, maritime author Chris Frame arranged for Commodore Ronald Warwick to answer questions posted by members of TheQE2Story's discussion forum. Thank you, Chris, for taking this on -- and our thanks too to Ron Warwick for the detailed and sometimes surprising responses to each of our questions.

Click the link to see what he had to say!

For your comments, please return here:,2989.0.html

 New Members "how to get started" guide
(update from Isabelle)

The Moderating Team are keen to give support to members to make sure they are getting the most from the Forum. Isabelle is putting together a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) together with some hopefully helpful answers, which can serve as a start-up kit for new members. To begin this task we need to know what problems did you have when you joined? What problems do you still have? Please have a look at the topic and let us know how we can support newcomers.,3787.0.html

Sea Shanties – an area of the Forum dedicated to non QE2 maritime discussions

 PS Waverley
(update from Lynda)

Increased running costs had meant last season could have been the final voyage for the Clyde-built Waverley.
An appeal for donations of at least £350,000 had raised more than £140,000, from donors all over Scotland, England and Wales. Forum members were pleased to hear that a substantial donation from Euro Millions Lottery winners from Largs in Scotland would allow the Waverley to sail on the Clyde next year. 

We know that many members are interested in reading news about the Paddle Steamer Waverley in the Sea Shanties topic area. Have a look at this interesting topic board.,45.0.html

SS Rotterdam
(update from Isabelle)

While the search continues for a long-term owner to take over the SS Rotterdam, the ship is proving herself to be lively and exciting, with activities going on at all times. She has become a popular venue for photo shoots, opera and theatre performances, wedding anniversaries and special occasion dinners, and also serves as a hotel for other events taking place in Rotterdam itself. There will, of course, be a glitzy New Year’s party there too. The three tenant companies (running the hotel business, the conference / events business and the ship as such) have been co-operating more closely this year, which means that the public rooms are now more often accessible to hotel and day visitors.

The Facebook pages of the ship list the upcoming activities and show pictures and videos of events, and you can also request a regular e-mail.

Even though the SS Rotterdam staff all speak excellent English as well as Dutch (and other languages too), the Facebook pages and newsletters so far have been largely in Dutch. This may change next year, as a special effort has been started to provide an English version much more often.

Read more here:,46.0.html

 Saga Ruby
(update from Isabelle)

This fine British (Swan Hunter) built liner (1973) started life as the Vistafjord, later became the third Caronia, and was for many years (1983-2004) a sister ship to QE2. As QE2Story Forum member Pete Cain has documented, she bears a remarkable likeness to QE2. Have a look at his excellent pictures and descriptions here :,3667.0.html

For those of us who are over 50 (or over 40 and in the company of an over-50-year-old), she is currently the closest ship to QE2 remaining in active service, and no doubt a ship to experience before one day she too will be forced to retire. Her beautiful French-built older sister, the Sagafjord become Saga Rose, has already been taken out of service and dismantled in China.

Would it be an idea to envisage a QE2Story Forum reunion on board Saga Ruby and enjoy her while she is going strong?

More here:,81.0.html

 Clydebank fitting out basin
(update from Lynda)

Forum members were shocked to read about plans to fill in or partially fill in the John Brown’s Shipyard Fitting out Basin in Clydebank. Not only did members air their views on the Forum many also protested to the relevant authorities.  In December Rosie was pleased to report on a response she had received confirming that the Dawn Group (the company making plans for re-development of Clydebank) had announced that they would not be proceeding with either partial, or total filling in of the Fitting-out Basin.  We were also pleased to learn that the site has been visited by Historic Scotland in relation to making this a listed site.

Follow the link if you would like to read more about this topic.,3495.0.html

 Photo Competition
(update from Lynda)

We hope members have enjoyed contributing to the Photo Competition as much as we have enjoyed organising it. Not only has this given us the opportunity for some fabulous photos to be included in the first QE2 Story Calendar but it has also given us some fantastic memories of life onboard QE2.  To facilitate the competition members have uploaded 207 photos to the Forum Photo Gallery, which currently has 997 files in 51 albums that have been viewed 9,807 times.  Looking forward to seeing your entries to the Photo Competition in 2012 plus more of your photos in the Forum Gallery. 

We would like to see more people voting for the Photo of the Month so please take a few minutes each month to cast your vote as it is important to support the Forum members who have have submitted photos.  To help you we have a direct link at the top of the index page to the monthly Photo Competition poll.,82.0.html

QE2 Story Calendar
(update from Lynda)

We have had a very positive response from the people who have purchased our first QE2 Story Calendar.  A small print run of 112 Calendars has ensured that this is a unique item, which we hope will be treasured for a long time to come.  Work has already started on the 2013 QE2 Story Calendar so look out for more details next year. 

The Calendars were sent to a variety of addresses across the globe as follows:

UK – 72, USA – 13, Australia – 8, France – 4 , Ireland – 4, Germany – 3, Dubai – 3
Canada – 2, Spain – 2, New Zealand – 1

Thank-you to everyone who has contributed to the success of the Forum in 2011

Best wishes for a Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year from the QE2 Story Team
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xx QE2 Story Newsletter March 2012

Mar 25, 2012, 06:06 PM by Lynda Bradford
Forum Upgrade

After months of planning, Rob recently upgraded the forum to a new version.  This should make the forum easier to use for everybody, and also 'future proofs' it, so that we can continue to keep the legend of QE2 alive for a long time to come!  We hope you like it, but just let us know if you have any problems.

Whether you are a new member or have been with the Forum for a long time it is worthwhile having a look at the upgraded Forum.

 Featured Topic Boards:

This month we would like to feature the following two topic boards that keep the memory of QE2 alive:

 The ship herself, passenger areas

The main aim of the QE2 Story Forum is keeping the memory alive and what better way of doing this than in the “The Ship Herself, Passenger Areas” topic boards, where photos and stories keep memories alive of the changes to passenger areas of the QE2. 

Members who have sailed on QE2 over a number of years will remember these public areas in their different incarnations.   Others who only sailed on her in later years will be interested in how the ship looked in her earlier life. 

Have a look and enjoy the memories of QE2’s passenger areas.,38.0.html

Passenger and Enthusiasts QE2 Memories

We love to hear your memories about QE2.  Barrie Evans has posted his memories about the Final Mediterranean Cruise that returned to Southampton in November 2008.  Have a look at what Barrie has written and hopefully you will also think about posting your memories.,3673.0.html

Photo Competition Prizes

We have already announced, in the Photo Competitions Topic Board, details of books that have been donated as prizes for the February and March Photo Competition.  But there are more wonderful prizes that have been donated including a book for the May competition (voted for in June) to correspond with Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee celebrations in June. 

Photo Competition Prizes for February and March:

Amberley Publishing have very generously donated a copy of William H Miller's new book "The Last Atlantic Liners - Getting there is half the fun" for us to give away as a prize in the February photo competition!

Chris Frame has donated a copy of his wonderful book "The QE2 Story" for us to give away as a prize in the March photo competition!

Thank-you to everyone who has been voting for the February Photo of the Month competition!  Remember the poll will be open until 31 March and you can vote here:,4121.0.html

The theme for the March Photo of the Month competition is "Flagship" which has generated some amazing photos.  The closing date for entries is 31 March so there is still time to enter your photos. Maybe you have the winning photo and could win that prize. 

The theme for the April competition is “QE2’s Boat Deck” with a closing date of 30 April 2012 for entries.  Look out for details of the prize for the April competition, which will be announced next week. 

Have a look at the instructions for March and April competitions and think about entering up to three photos.,82.0.html

Ask the Engineer

For the past month or so, Rod Fair, Engineer on QE2 from 1971 to 1988, has accepted questions from Forum members about his life and work on board.,4037.0.html

All kinds of questions are possible, from details about his work, to the domestic chores he had to carry out for himself on board. More questions are welcome, and I am sure that Rod will provide us with more insights into his years spent on our favourite ship.

Queen Mary Inventory Report

We know that many QE2 Story Forum members have an interest in the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California.  Last month, Stowaway 2K posted a link to a very comprehensive final inventory report survey, of original and decorative arts on the Queen, which is worthwhile reading.  Follow this link to see Kyle’s post.,4088.msg43652.html#msg43652

Welcome, Guidance, Forum News

The Moderator Team is always looking for improvements that we can make to the Forum. We recognized how important it is for new members to have easy to understand instruction about the Forum. We decided to tidy the “Welcome, Guidance, Forum News” topic board area and group information and instructions within four child boards called:

Welcome: New members welcome board.
Instructions: Such as how to send personal messages or reduce the size of a photo to post on the Forum.
Site News Information and Publicity: Where you can find the Forum Newsletters, cards to promote the site with and media contact information.
Forum Policy and Etiquette: With guidance of what you can post on the Forum and a reminder about Internet etiquette. 

Have a look and if you have any suggestions for further improvements let us know:,7.0.html

Thank-you for all your support and we hope you continue to enjoy being a member of the Forum. 
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xx The QE2 Story Newsletter August 2011

Sep 17, 2011, 11:53 AM by Andrew Collier
Welcome to the QE2 Story’s August 2011 Newsletter

As with every month on the we've had another busy and interesting month, with far more posts and topics appearing than I have been able to keep up with! Thanks as always to everyone for that, for continuing to make the Forum the success it is.

A very warm welcome to all the recent new members, we look forward to chatting to some of you soon, and hearing about your thoughts and memories of QE2.

Most excitingly this month is the completion of the Dubai 2012 DVD so I’ll get straight on with the update on that....

QE2 in Dubai DVD – FINISHED!

As no doubt most of you will have noticed, either because your copy has already arrived, or by posts from satisfied customers on the Forum, the much anticipated Dubai 2011 DVD is now, very excitingly finished and in the process of being distributed to all those who pre-ordered.,3451.0.html

Many thanks to all who ordered, it has been a huge encouragement to have support up front for this project. Rob and others have put a massive amount of work into it, and the support from our members really does make the whole thing possible. I know I’m not the only one hoping the success of this one will encourage new ventures in future. Ideas, anyone?!

To anyone who didn't pre-order but would like a copy, don't worry, it's not too late, an announcement will be made soon informing you when we are able to make the DVD generally available to all through the Forum shop.

QE2 2012 Calender & Photo Competition

As if the DVD project wasn't enough, the Calender is being worked on at top speed as well, design work is progressing well behind the scenes and is looking like it's shaping up very nicely. Lynda has been working with a professional printer on this one to ensure a really high class end product, definitely worth the effort for a really different type of QE2 memento.

Ordering for this will be carried out in the same way as the DVD. If you would like a copy of this calender, our Forum's very own QE2 tribute, please pre-order at the link below. Please note, payment is not required at this stage.  Everyone who has pre-ordered will soon be receiving an email with ordering and payment details.,3357.0.html

As you know the photographs for the calender are coming from the Photo of the Month competition, so the better the photos in the competition, the better the finished result, so dig deep and enter the very best you have for all to share and enjoy! In September there will be two photo competition topics:  QE2 on the Clyde and QE2 Crew at Work.  These will be the last entries for inclusion in the 2012 Calendar.

See the Photo Competition discussions for more information :,3306.0.html

For copyright reasons, if the winning photograph any month is not an original work by whoever submits it, the highest voted original work will be used in the calender for that month instead.

Taking part is easy:

1. Have a look at the easy to follow instructions,3312.0.html

2. Post your photo in the Forum Gallery.  Topic for August 2011 is “QE2 : On Deck”

3. Vote for up to three photos from those that members have posted in the Forum Gallery Photo Album for the previous month i.e. “July 2011- QE2 Food & Buffets''.  Everyone can vote! Poll and voting instructions have been posted here:,3361.0.html

Live Chat – Last Sunday of each Month

For those who have missed it so far, I draw your attention to the new monthly get together in the Crystal Bar (Forum Chat Room).

With members all over the world it can be hard in the Chat Room to find other members around at the same time as you, so kicking off last month we have revived an idea from the early days of the Forum and have set a time for the last Sunday each month to get together in the Crystal Bar.

This month the last Sunday is the 28th and although all members are welcome in there at any time as always, there are planned start times to allow for members around the world to take part. For full information see link below:,3345.msg35749.html#msg35749

Topic of the Month - Officers, Crew and Workers Memories

There's no better way to get a feel for something than with direct information from those involved, and with so many of the stories told about life behind the scenes making such fascinating reading and helping increase our understanding of how the personnel aspect of the ship worked, I thought I’d encourage anyone who hasn't done so to get reading to gain a fascinating insight into crew life!

And, for all of our former crew members, maybe there are more stories you would be kind enough to share with us?  I'm sure they'd be well received and much enjoyed!,10.0.html

PS Waverley – Clyde last chance for 2012 and book now for the South of England!

Despite difficult odds, Waverley has kept sailing through this season, and now has only another week or so left on its native River Clyde before heading south to cruise the South Coast and River Thames for September and into October. For those in the south this is a really great opportunity to go for a unique day out on a real steamship, a paddle steamer too no less, and to see the beautiful south coast from a different perspective....

If anyone is going on a South Coast or Thames trip, maybe put a post up on the Forum and see if any other Forum members plan to be onboard, and a bit of a get together might be possible!

The official website for the Waverley, complete with timetables and online booking is:

And an excellent fansite with many photos, voyage reports and news updates, well worth a look at:

You can also read more in the “PS Waverley the world’s last ocean-going paddle steamer” topic.,397.80.html

And finally....

Once again we gratefully thank all members who have contributed to the running costs of the Forum over the last month. It does cost to keep the site active, and it does take a lot of effort too, so we are always very grateful for donations no matter how small!

With that out the way, I would like to remind everyone that the Moderating Team is always here and available to help with any problems or difficulties, and listen to constructive criticism and suggestions. The Forum is all of ours  -- so anyone with ideas for improvement, please feel very welcome to come forward...,2333.0.html


Andrew Collier, on behalf of
The QE2 Story Forum Moderating Team.
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xx QE2 Story Newsletter July 2011

Jul 19, 2011, 09:30 PM by Lynda Bradford
Welcome to the QE2 Story’s July 2011 Newsletter

It has been another busy month for the forum, not quite breaking any records in June but still very busy with plenty of varied activity helping to taking the Forum forwards, so it's many thanks to everyone who has been involved, after all it is our wonderful members who make the Forum the success it is, keep it coming!

QE2 in Dubai DVD

Understandably interest remains particularly high in the ship's current situation in Dubai, especially following Rob's visit. Only a small handful of photos have been released since she arrived there more than 2.5 years ago so this is a unique opportunity to explore the ship from the comfort of your sofa.

In addition to the previously seen videos that Rob released on YouTube, the DVD will contain many hundreds of previously unreleased photos from all areas on board, these will be in the form of a series of animated slideshows that you can sit back and enjoy on your TV.

No matter what the future holds for QE2, the DVD will be a record of this fascinating period of her story and we would like to assure you Rob has been working hard to have the DVD ready for release as soon as possible, there is however a huge amount of work involved so it is not quite ready yet, but be assured it is on its way and will be well worth the wait!

Many thanks to all of you who have pre-ordered your copies of the DVD, it is encouraging to see the level of interest, and having an idea of numbers in advance helps us make decisions on its production, so if you are keen but have not yet ordered, you can do so easily at the “Coming soon - DVD containing video & exclusive photos from QE2 in Dubai” topic:,3221.0.html

We anticipate the cost of the DVD to be around £15 plus post and packaging.  Members pre-ordering the DVD will help us to get the best price, particularly if we engage a company to reproduce the disk.  

Topic of the Month

Last month Lynda introduced 'Topic of the Month', kicking off with Restaurant Menu Covers and I will continue this month by drawing attention to the 'QE2 Models and Paintings'

This is a fascinating section, and one which is more interactive than most as it allows you to share, and the rest of us to appreciate your very own works, as well as those created by others and collected along the way.

There are some excellent works in there, and new contributions are coming in all the time, so why not have a look and see what our fellow Forum members have been getting up to in their spare time!

Maybe you will be inspired to attempt a painting, or a model? Perfect time to start planning for a winter project, and there are several good options there to choose from and several experienced model makers and artists to offer advice!

And for those out there who have models and paintings, or any other creative renditions of the Ship of Ships which have not yet been posted, how about getting photos up so we can all enjoy them too?,61.0.html

Whilst on the subject of models and paintings, has anyone got models or paintings of other liners? Or any other ships, maybe someone has done the Waverley? I'm sure there would be interest in those too, so how about getting them posted up in the Sea Shanties section for us all to enjoy....

Annual QE2 Story Forum Gathering at the Tall Ships Race in Greenock

Thank-you so much to everyone who attended the QE2 Story at the Tall Ships week-end helping to make this such an enjoyable occasion.  

On Friday evening QE2 story Forum members kicked off the event at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Glasgow where lots of treasures were on the table for us to look at and this certainly generated lots of conversation.  These treasures included some ultra-rare exclusives from Michael (Flagship) and a suitcase of QE2 treasures from John (Cunarder Man) including an amazing First Day Cover collection.  

There were a few sore heads on Saturday morning but these were soon cured by the time the Waverley set sail and coffee and bacon rolls were on offer.  Words cannot fully describe the experience of sailing down the Clyde on the Waverley but it is a memory to treasure.  

In Greenock we waved goodbye to the Waverley and hello to Shona and Alan (QE2 Whistle) who had arranged to meet us there.  As we made our way to the Tall Ships event at the James Watt Dock we could see, in the distance, the tall masts and the colourful flags blowing in the warm wind, as we walked with the crowds of people going to the event.  

Many people took the opportunity to go onboard the ships while others just wanted to savour the atmosphere and enjoyed exploring the site.  We were so lucky that we had sunshine and blue skies all day.  What a bonus!  It certainly was a lively and colourful occasion.  

At five o’clock Forum members met at the Tontine Hotel for a meal before joining the PS Waverley again, for the evening trip back to Glasgow.  

The day came to an end with drinks at the Crowne Plaza and more time to chat about how much we had enjoyed the day and all agreed that - a good time was had by all!

Maybe you would like to have a look at the photos members have posted.,3323.0.html

Introduce Yourself

I mentioned at the beginning how it is the members who make the Forum what it is. Picking up on that idea, we'd like to invite and encourage all who haven't yet done so, to write an introduction about themselves in our 'Introduce yourself and tell your QE2 story' section. There is a place for enthusiasts and passengers here:,4.0.html

And one for officers, crew and other staff here:,34.0.html

It's a great way to get to know each other a little through these introductions, so as well as writing your own, however long or short, we encourage you all to take some time to read through some of them and get a feel for who is here -- everyone has a unique experience of our ship and so there's always something new to hear!

Photo Competition & Calender

As many of you are aware, in May we launched the first part of the Photo Competition. And as we are now well into its third month running we can confirm the results of the May competition and offer congratulations to Ken (Highlander0108) and Kyle (Stowaway2k) for their joint win, see the results here:,3305.0.html

After some initial confusion, we amended the way the competition works, and will continue to monitor it for any further improvement, thanks to all for bearing with us as we get it settled down!

If you have already seen the Photo of the Month competition, you are probably aware by now of our intention to produce a QE2 Story Calender with the winning photographs incorporated into it. For copyright reasons if the winning photograph any month is not an original work by whoever submits it, the highest voted original work would be used in the calender for that month instead.

Taking part is easy:

1. Have a look at the easy to follow instructions,3312.0.html

2. Post your photo for July in the Forum Gallery.  Topic for July 2011 is “QE2 Food & Buffets”

3. Vote for up to three photos from those that members have posted in the Forum Gallery Photo Album for the previous month i.e.  “June 2011- QE2 Interiors''.  Poll and voting instructions have been posted here:,3304.0.html

We wish you all the best with your entries, and hope you will enjoy taking part, especially if one of your photos is chosen for The QE2 Story Calendar! And of course you can vote, even if you have not entered a picture.

PS Waverley – Clyde season now in full steam!

Last month we highlighted the Waverley's current situation, with soaring fuel bills she needs custom more than ever. This month the Clyde sailing season is in full swing, and those of us who were at the QE2 Story gathering, enjoyed our trips up and down the Clyde on the Waverley. For those of you in Scotland or the North of England, now is the time to give yourselves a treat and step into timelessness on board a real live sea going steam ship, complete with all the sights and sounds that only a steam ship can offer. And for those in the South of England, now is the time to plan ahead for September and October when the ship will be sailing on the South Coast and Thames.

The official website for the Waverley, complete with timetables and online booking is:

And an excellent fansite with many photos, voyage reports and news updates, well worth a look at:

You can also read more in the “PS Waverley the world’s last ocean-going paddle steamer” topic.,397.80.html

Donations - Thank you!

Finally, we also would like to take this opportunity to extend a big thank you to all members who have contributed to the running costs of the Forum.  We are grateful for all donations no matter how small.

It is always our intention to keep the forum constantly improving, so we invite all our members to put forward any constructive suggestions and ideas, as some already have, to the Forum Team for consideration. Obviously we can't promise to implement everything suggested, but we do promise to consider all comments received!


Andrew Collier, on behalf of
The QE2 Story Discussion Forum Team.   8)
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xx QE2 Story’s June 2011 Newsletter

Jun 08, 2011, 08:01 PM by Lynda Bradford

Welcome to the QE2 Story’s June 2011 Newsletter

We hope you are enjoying these monthly updates of what is happening on the QE2 Story Forum, which is going from strength to strength with another record-breaking month. 

Our May statistics show that 197,835 pages had been viewed.  2,107 more than in April and the highest number of views in any month ever, since the start of the Forum in January 2009!

We had a fantastic response to the news of Rob’s visit to QE2 in Dubai and these statistics confirm that there are many people out there who are concerned about the QE2 who want to be kept informed about her current status and future plans.   

Pre-Order of Rob’s QE2 in Dubai DVD

We were amazed that within one week 16,000 people watched Rob's YouTube video footage of his visit to QE2 in Dubai   Members’ comments and enthusiasm for the videos has prompted Rob to produce a DVD that can be purchased through the Forum.

If you wish to pre-order a copy of this memorable item tell us how many copies you want to order in the “Coming soon - DVD containing video & exclusive photos from QE2 in Dubai” topic,3221.0.html

We anticipate the cost of the DVD to be around £15 plus post and package.  Members pre-ordering the DVD will help us to get the best price, particularly if we engage a company to reproduce the disk. 

 The DVD should be available in July but we will keep you informed with regular updates on progress.

Sea Shanties

The Sea Shanties topic boards have proved to be very popular with our members who have an interest in a wide range of ships.

This month we wanted to highlight the plight of the Paddle Steamer Waverley.  This ship, built on the Clyde in 1947, was purchased for £1 by the Paddle Steamer Preservation Society in 1974.   It is as a result of the work and commitment of enthusiasts and supporters that the Waverley delights passengers around the country.   Passengers can experience the joy of sailing on a vessel that their parents and grandparents would have sailed on. 

Earlier this year we were made aware that a 60% increase in fuel costs, since the end of the 2010 season, could result in financial difficulties for the ship’s owners.  Then more recently we heard that sailings had to be cancelled because of work being carried out on her rudder.  Causing revenue problems. 

You can read more in the “PS Waverley the world’s last ocean-going paddle steamer” topic.   You may even think about booking a day excursion on the ship!,397.80.html

Topic of the Month

Each month we will highlight a particular topic that we think would be of interest to members.  The topic for this month is Restaurant Menu Covers.

There has been a long tradition of presenting beautifully designed menu covers to passengers at mealtimes.   These menus have delighted passengers particularly when they were designed to celebrate a special event such as a Royal Wedding, Independence Day or Valentine’s Day.  World Cruise menus were designed to reflect the culture of the countries visited. 

Louis gave us a taste for the beauty of these menus when he posted the “Restaurant Menu Covers’” topic with photos of the menu covers he has in his collection.  Have a look at this interesting topic.,474.0.html

QE2 Story at the Tall Ships Race  (8 – 10 July 2011)

Regular updates on planning for The QE2 Story annual week-end event can be found here.,2756.0.html

If you are thinking of joining us for any part of this event please let us know.  We particularly need to know if you are planning to meet with us at the Tontine Hotel, Greenock for a meal on Saturday 9 July, as we have had to book this in advance.

Entertainment, street markets and the opportunity to go onboard a few of the tall ships has been planned by the Tall Ships organisers.  Take a look at the Tall Ships official web site for more information.

QE2 Story on Queen Mary 2 (October 14 to 16)

Cunard have recently reduced the prices for the 2 nights cruise 14 to 16 October 2011.  If you are thinking about booking for this cruise, to join other members on “The QE2 Story on QM2” event, then have a look at the information posted by Myles.,2685.0.html

Photo Competition

In May we launched the first part of the Photo Competition. 

We were particularly pleased with the participation from members.  We hope you all enjoyed taking part in the competition and viewing the photos posted by other members.

The winning photo each month will be included in the QE2 Story Calendar that we aim to have for sale in the shop later this year (in plenty of time for Christmas stockings)

Taking part is easy:

1.   Have a look at the easy to follow instructions,3250.0.html

2.   Post your photo for June in the Forum Gallery.  Topic for June 2011 is “QE2 Interiors”

3.   Vote for up to three photos from those that members have posted in the Forum Gallery Photo Album for the previous month e.g.   “May 2011- QE2 in Port.   Poll and voting instructions have been posted here:,3234.0.html

Good luck.  We are sure you will enjoy taking part especially if one of your photos is chosen for The QE2 Story Calendar. 

Donations Button

You may have noticed that the Donations Button has been moved to a more prominent place on the Discussion Forum screen.  Members who had intimated that they would like to make a small donation, towards the running cost of the Forum, had contacted us to ask what the procedure was for making a donation.  This prompted us to move the donations button to nearer the top of the page. 

Membership of the Forum is free.  All donations are used for improvements to the Forum such as software and development tools.  Donations have also been used to purchase items such as the QE2 Story badges for resale in the QE2 Story shop.

A big thank-you to all members who have contributed to the running costs of the Forum.  We are grateful for all donations no matter how small.

QE2 Status

The latest status of QE2 topic is regularly updated.  See latest update following Rob’s visit to Dubai.,1472.0.html

We are delighted that members continue to enjoy participating in the Forum.  It is your contributions that make the Forum a success.
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xx QE2 Story April 2011 Newsletter

Apr 14, 2011, 01:38 PM by Rob Lightbody
Welcome to the The QE2 Story April Newsletter

Please note that for some of the links below to work, you need to be logged into the Forum, because they are in members only areas.

Forum Record

March was another record-breaking month for the Forum, when we had over 190,000 page views in one month.  The continued success of QE2 Story Forum is a tribute to the popularity of the QE2.  Thank-you to all Forum members and guests for making this possible!

Queen Elizabeth meets QE2 in Dubai

Queen Elizabeth meeting QE2 in Dubai on 31 March 2011 created lots of interest on the Forum.  The new Cunard ship Queen Elizabeth visited Dubai as part of her first World Cruise.  This was an excellent opportunity for her to pick up some tips from the most famous ship in the world. 

“The QE2 meets QE 31 March 2011 and 1 April 2011” topic attracted 1069 views between 10 March and 1 April 2011.  See below for link to topic:,3055.0.html

On 31 March 2011 we were treated to the webcam views posted by Matt that showed QE’s approach to Dubai with QE2 clearly visible. 

Cunard had organized an amazing aerial photo shoot of the Queen Elizabeth approaching the QE2.  We were delighted that they made these available to The QE2 Story Forum with their permission for us to post so that all our members got first hand views of this historic event. We are sure you will all agree that the QE2 looks magnificent.  You can see these photos at the above link (reply 42). 

QM2 in Dubai 3 April 2011

Forum member Rosie, who has been onboard QM2 for a World Cruise was fortunate to get up close to QE2 in Dubai.  Read her posts and see the photos she has posted.,3056.0/topicseen.html

Rob Lightbody on the BBC

The media interest created by QE2 meeting Queen Elizabeth in Dubai  (and QE2 breaking her moorings) resulted in Rob Lightbody being asked to provide information that was used in a BBC Hampshire news article. We were so pleased that photos supplied by our Forum member Andy (Dubaisailor) were used in this article.

Following on from this Rob was invited to appear on TV on the BBC South Today program and then to speak on BBC Radio Solent. 

On BBC South Today Rob was introduced as running a very well informed QE2 Forum (yes that’s us) and the interview gave a perfect mix of Rob’s knowledge and enthusiasm of the QE2.  This was an excellent opportunity for “Keeping the Legend Alive” and judging by the Forum’s response that day it certainly did.  We had the highest number of Forum page views (9017) for March and the highest number of people on the Forum in the month of March.  Quite an achievement!
Follow the link , select page 2 and scroll down to reply 50 on 1 April 2011 to see some photo stills from the TV article:,3055.0.html

But what brought a tear to most of our eyes was the amazing sound of the QE2’s horn that we heard at the start of the BBC Radio Solent interview with Rob.  (The radio interview is only available to listen to online until 6 April 2011)
(wind forward to 1h33m and play from there)

Cunard announces that QE2 is still their most famous Queen

We were pleased to see the Cunard Press Release reporting the results of a recent YouGov Survey which stated that “the most recognised ship, in unprompted responses from the general public is Cunard's former flagship Queen Elizabeth 2, closely followed by the company's current flagship Queen Mary 2, and the newly-launched Queen Elizabeth.”  Follow the link to the Cunard web site News Room page to read the full Press Release produced by Cunard’s Public Relations Team.

You can read the Forum members' responses to this survey at this link to the topic,3080.0.html

New Photos of QE2 Adrift

When the QE2 broke her moorings in January we were all eager to get news that the ship was safe and undamaged.  It was reassuring to hear from Andy (Dubaisailor) who posted some amazing photos (taken by his friend) of the QE2, as she was set adrift.  He told us that QE2 had lost her breast and stern lines during the Shamal.  She swung on her head ropes and was sitting with her bulbous bow touching the dock well.  Luckily tugs were on hand and quickly came to her rescue.  Have a look at these amazing photos by following this link to reply number 34 on 16 March 2011.,2857.0.html

New Photos of QE2 in Dry Dock

We know that you were all delighted to see the new photos of QE2 when she was in Dry Dock in Dubai in 2009.   There has been some interesting discussion on this topic and we appreciated these stunning, new photos of the ship posted by Andy.  Follow the link and go to reply 73 on 19 March 2011,872.40.html

Photo Competition

We are continually amazed at the range of QE2 photos posted by Forum members.  In last month’s Newsletter we gave information on the updated and enhanced Forum photo gallery.

We now intend to use the gallery to host a QE2 Story monthly photo competition.  You will have the opportunity to post QE2 photos in the gallery and to vote on photos submitted by other Forum members.  Our intention is that the winning monthly photo will be included in a special QE2 Story Calendar.  Look out for more information that will soon be posted with instruction on how to participate. 

New QE2 Story Badges available

We have been overwhelmed with the response to the new QE2 Story Badges that quickly sold out.  We now have a new delivery of the badges, and have posted outstanding orders. 

If you have not placed an order for the QE2 Story Badge think about ordering soon and if you have purchased a badge remember to send us a photo of you wearing it in a “shippy” place.  Did you notice that Rob was wearing the badge on the TV interview?

Special certificates

Over the years, passengers and crew received special certificates for various special voyages, such as Farewell to Steam, Panama Canal Crossings, Cunard anniversaries and others. These certificates are in a remarkable variety of styles and sizes, and we have by now collected quite a few of them, here :,621.0.html

Enjoy what is already there, and do show us any that you might have stashed away among your own memorabilia!

NPR broadcasts

Our members have located two broadcasts still available on the National Public Radio (NPR) web site, and which can be listened to here :,2999.0.html

In both cases, enjoy Captain Ian McNaught's voice!

QE2 Story at Tall Ships Race 8th July to 10th July 2011

Following the successful QE2 Story week-end last June, members are looking forward to the QE2 Story at the Tall Ships Race in July.  Plans have still to be finalised but our initial thoughts are that we will meet on the Friday evening (8 July) giving members the opportunity to chat over a drink.  On the Saturday we will be in Greenock where there will be a mix of free time to explore by yourself and specific times to meet with other Forum members attending the event.

We look forward to hearing your ideas on what would make this a successful event.,2756.0.html

Ask the Captain

Members have posted some interesting questions for Commodore Ronald W Warwick.  You will be pleased to know that we have extended the deadline until Monday 25 April 2011 so there is still time to post your question.,2989.0.html

What a good month this has been for interesting news on the QE2 Story Forum.  Thank-you for your input and please keep posting on this very well informed Forum. 

Lynda Bradford and Isabelle Prondzynski
on behalf of the QE2 Story Team
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xx QE2 Story February 2011 Newsletter

Apr 14, 2011, 01:36 PM by Rob Lightbody Newsletter

Welcome to the first QE2Story newsletter for 2011 - keeping you up to date with the latest happenings to the QE2 herself and here at our lively discussion forum.
Happy Birthday to TheQE2Story
It is now 2 years since the forum launched and the first intrepid members made their first few postings – in that time our 27,713 posts in 1,587 topics have been viewed 3,043,919 times.  We’d like to thank everybody for your fantastic help & support in that time, which has resulted in the site getting a great reputation from all sorts of important people.
800 days in the sun and counting…
As of tomorrow, QE2 has spent 800 days in Port Rashid, Dubai.  For many of us, this has meant 800 days of waiting, wondering, frustration and trying not to speculate or spread unfounded rumours.  The waiting continues.  But she still looks wonderful.  Forum member Alistair visited her 2 weeks ago and got up close, and we have a photo taken just yesterday of her from the quayside.
Friday Flee!
On Friday 28th a terrific sandstorm blew up suddenly in Dubai.  From what we can gather, QE2 appears to have lost her mooring lines at this time, due to the strong wind, and departed from her berth!  We have photos of her being held in place by tugs but the photo mentioned above shows her intact and back in place.  Those who said she appeared to not want to leave Southampton when she ran aground, can now also say that she appears to wish to leave Dubai!  Click here to go to the forum topic to find out more.
Abundant Badges
Our superb new badges have been selling well, and feedback from those who have received theirs has been extremely positive.  They have already made their way to various corners of the globe.  Click here to go to the forum topic to find out more.
A new concept for saving QE2.
QE2 can’t become a static hotel without major work costing possibly hundreds of millions of dollars/euros.  But what if this money was spent instead on refitting/rebuilding her for further service?  
It appears, from talking to experts, to not be as impossible as you might imagine - in fact its something that Cunard was looking at doing themselves in the early noughties.  What is the reason for thinking about this?  The potential earnings are greater which means that the return on investment should be greater too – this should make finance for this project easier to come by in these difficult times.  After 800 days of nothing happening to her, financing is perhaps proving hard to come by.  You can join the debate about this by clicking here to see our topic.  I also prepared a mock press release to stir the imagination a bit.
Get together #1 – Tall Ships Race at Greenock, July 2011
As mentioned previously, we’re going to have a summer get-together at the Tall Ships event in July in Greenock.  Click here to find out more.
Get together #2 – QM2 2 day cruise from Southampton, October 2011
As mentioned previously, some of us are going on this short 2 night cruise to France to sample QM2, and to meet other forum members.  Click here to find out more.
Cunard World Cruises past and present during Middle East Crises
Both the new QE and Cunard flagship QM2 are timetabled to travel through the Suez Canal in 2 month’s time on the homeward leg of their world cruises.  There is a chance they may have to re-route via South Africa in the unfortunate event that the troubles in Egypt continue – an addition of many thousands of miles.  In 1991 QE2 had to do this when the first Gulf War broke out and her speed reserve meant that she was still able to arrive back in Southampton on time (were any of you on board for that trip?).  What will happen to the new ships if they have to reroute?  Click here to discuss in our Sea Shanties section.
Everything Else
There has been a lot going in the various sections of the forum – have a browse around and see what sparks your interest.  Unlike other internet forums, we encourage you to dig up old topics that interest you, and reply to them.  The forum itself is becoming the story of the QE2 from everybody’s memories.

And finally...
A quick wee word about "Netiquette".  If you are linking to content which is on another site, please just post a one sentence summary of what the link's about, and the link itself.  This means that the reader goes to that site to read the content, which is only fair. We would expect the same from other sites which link to information on ours!
Cheerio for now!
- Rob Lightbody and the forum moderating team.
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xx QE2 Story September 2010 Newsletter

Sep 09, 2010, 11:29 AM by The QE2 Story Administrator
Dear Member,

Hello and welcome to our latest quarterly newsletter for September 2010.  We've been having a busy time of it lately!

1. Captain McNaught talks to TheQE2Story
2. Our new Gallery
3. TheQE2Story live from Clydebank
4. The Cruising Queens & the new QE
5. Fascinating Q3 discussion
6. TheQE2Story on board QM2 - October 2011
7. A virtual tour of QE2's stairways & lifts
8. TheQE2Story on Facebook
9. Forum News
10. Our June Get-together
11. The News from Dubai
12. Sea Shanties!

1. Captain McNaught talks to TheQE2Story
This month QE2's last Captain, Ian McNaught, has kindly answered questions from our members.  He spent a great deal of time over his answers, and some of them are absolutely fascinating.  Once again, huge thanks go out to the Captain, and his wife Sue, for taking the time to do this for us. 
The feature can be found on our main website at .   
You can discuss the feature on the topic in the forum here -,2222.0.html

Look out for more interviews with famous QE2 Celebrities in the future, and if you ARE one, and would like to participate, let us know!

2. The new Gallery
There are already thousands of images held within the many discussion topics in the forum.  This is ideal, as the images illustrate whatever the topic being discussed is.  Please continue to do this!  However we have added a new gallery feature to the forum.  The main reason for doing this, is that it makes it easier to upload photos.  Have a look and see what you think.  Simply log into the forum as usual, and then click the [gallery] button on the top toolbar.

3. TheQE2Story - live from Clydebank!
On the 20th of September (a week on Monday!) Rob Lightbody from TheQE2Story will be working in partnership with Clyde Walking Tours on the former John Browns site in Clydebank.  During the day, there will be walking tours with added QE2 content presented by Rob at the start of the tour close to where QE2 was built.  The tour will then continue, highlighting some of Clydebanks fascinating history.

In the evening, Rob will be at the Cunard Suite of Clydebank College to present a 60 minute talk about the QE2. 

In an exciting development, the talk in the evening will be streamed LIVE via the internet.  For details about exactly how this will work, we will update you in the topic on the forum, and via our facebook and twitter feeds.

Advance reservations required - please visit for more information & to book.

4. The Cruising Queens & the new QE
The forum is dedicated to QE2, and always will be.  We have always had a QM2 area, because QM2 is QE2's successor.  As time has gone on, however, it has become clear that many of our members are also enjoying cruising on Queen Victoria, and are booked onto Queen Elizabeth.  In fact many of them are reporting that the on board experience is more similar to QE2 than the much larger QM2.  We believe that it is possible to appreciate that these are quite different ships to QE2, and to also appreciate the "new Cunard" at the same time as celebrating the fantastic legend of QE2.  For that reason we have added a new section for 'The Cruising Queens'.  Hopefully this will also make it easier for our members to meet up and discuss their QE2 Stories on board the new Queens.
With respect to QE2, we enjoy looking into the past, but we can also look to the future of the new fleet at the same time.  The new section can be found at,36.0.html, as long as you are logged in!

5. Fascinating Q3 discussion
Our existing topic about Q3 - "The Queen that never was" - got much more interesting this week when Lawrence Gregory, son of Raymond Gregory, joined the forum and contributed his fascinating QE2 Story!  Without Raymond, we may not have had QE2 to enjoy, and Cunard may have ceased to be!  To find out why visit -,842.0.html 

6. TheQE2Story on board QM2 - October 2011
Queen Mary 2 is doing a 2 night cruise to France next October, leaving on Friday 14th, with starting prices which are very reasonable indeed, especially for those of us who can't afford the more lengthy cruises.  We are floating the idea of having a get together on board.  Please express your interest in the following topic -,2380.0.html

7. A virtual tour of QE2's stairways & lifts
Popular forum member and contributor Michael Gallagher documented every nook and cranny of QE2, public & crew areas alike, before she left the Cunard fleet.  In the past week or so he has posted an amazing tour of every landing of every stairway in the public areas of the ship!  Following his images feels very much like having a walk around the ship!  Have a look here -,38.0.html - there is a topic for each stairway, as well as a general one - enjoy!

8. TheQE2Story on Facebook
For those of you who enjoy Facebook, we have opened up the ways in which you can interact with our page on there - - although the best places for your photos and discussions is, obviously, the forum itself!

9. Forum News
The forum continues to rapidly go from strength to strength, reflecting the huge interest that there still is in the QE2.  We now have over 650 members, with many more visiting each day as 'guests' without loggin in. We have had 2.4 MILLION page views, averaging around 4000 per day!

10. June 2010 Get Together
Our June get together was a brilliant success!  30 members joined the paddle steamer Waverley for a trip 'doon the watter' passing QE2's birthplace where our 'I ? QE2' banner was proudly flying above the slipway before travelling to Tighnabruaigh for a champagne reception on the pier.  Exclusive engine room tours were also arranged thanks to member Gavin Stewart.  In addition, a fun informal drinks reception was held at the Crowne Plaza hotel on the Friday evening, with another held on the Saturday evening after Waverley dropped us back.  On Sunday a smaller group visited QE2's birthplace in Clydebank and climbed the Titan Crane.  It was such a brilliant success that we intend to arrange a similar event next year!

11. The News from Dubai
The main news from Dubai is really that there isn't any!  She is still where she is, engines running, lights on, an expert crew on board keeping her safe.  There appears to be no immediate intention to do anything with her.  Despite the expense of fuel, maintenance & the crew, it may also be the cheapest option for now.  Looking on the bright side, she is still intact, which is more than she'd be if the original plans had gone ahead!!  The latest quality images we have are from 3 weeks ago.  See the [after cunard] section for more information -,2.0.html

12. Sea Shanties
We have added a new section called 'Sea Shanties' - this is for any maritime discussions which don't relate to QE2.  It can be found at,35.0.html - but is only visible if you are logged in!


Rob Lightbody on behalf of the rest of The QE2 Story Discussion Forum's Team.
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xx QE2 Story June 2010 Newsletter (The first!)

Jun 01, 2010, 11:26 PM by Rob Lightbody

1.   QE2 40 Years ago today.
2.   New topics on the forum.
3.   A visit to a former liner, turned into a hotel.
4.   QE2 today (and how to keep an eye on her).
5.   Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.
6.   QE2 fans get together.
7.   New badges available.
8.   2 Million views coming up!


Welcome to the June 2010 newsletter for!  An enhanced version of this was sent out today to all members of the forum.  If you're just a guest, you missed out!

1.   40 years ago today, QE2 crossed the Atlantic westbound in a record time of 3 days, 20 hours and 42 minutes, making an average speed of 30.36 knots.   QE2 is today still able to exceed 30 knots... see item 4 below for more details...

2.   Over the past few weeks, our members have posted a wide variety of fascinating new topics on the forum.  Archives have been opened, photos have been revealed.  Within our 'design, concept and build' section we have no less than 13 new topics created from the vast archives and knowledge of Michael Gallagher - all are well worth reading. 

Meanwhile within 'The ship' section, we go behind the scenes to areas that passengers never saw - The 'barn', some of the senior officers offices, into the engine room with Tony Skilton, even the butchers and furnishing departments.  All amazing stuff.
Within the popular 'Service Life' section, we have created 2 timeline topics, to support the information already held in that section.  Michael Gallagher has also helped again with quite detailed information about the huge amount of work carried out in QE2's final refit in April 2008 - its amazing how much "invisible" work was carried out.  Have a look at the images, and read the list, and see if you spotted any of it - I didn't!  Did you notice the couches in the midships lobby change colour? 
The Crew and passenger memories sections continue to grow

3.   Last week, I had the opportunity to visit the SS Rotterdam 'Cruise Hotel' in Rotterdam.  This is the Netherland's last "ship of state" liner, a beautiful ship inside & out, preserved and converted into a hotel.  I have written something about it on the forum, but I believe the conversion has been brilliantly carried out, and is a tribute to both the ship and the people who have co-ordinated and carried out the work. 

She still looks beautiful, ready to sail and the most important spaces on board have all been preserved and enhanced.  The cabins, although not original, take many elements from the original cabins (e.g. furniture, mirrors, fittings etc) as well as being done in a clever 50s style, like the original cabins.  She needs to attract a wide range of hotel guests, and these rooms allow her to do so.  All in all, if this happened to QE2, I'd be very happy.  Would you?  The other question is, where to put her!  All of this is being discussed on the forum.

4.   QE2 has now been in Dubai at Port Rashid for over 18 months - 553 days.  Although nobody anticipated this - not least her owners - she is at least, for now, still fully intact and the original daft plans have faded away.  Amazingly her engines, air-conditioning and other systems have never stopped running and most of her public areas and cabins look as if the passengers are simply out for the day.  Although she would obviously need some attention before setting out on a voyage to a new location after so long in one place, she is still capable of it, under her own mighty power. 

We believe there are currently only 2 options open to her, given the current situation - (a) semi-permanent lay up, with plans for this being long-term, as opposed to the current month-by-month arrangement or (b) relocating to a suitable location and opening her doors "as is" without conversion.  A lay-up could, hopefully in time, lead to an SS Rotterdam 'Cruise Hotel' type treatment somewhere.  It took over 9 years for SS Rotterdam to go from being in service to being a hotel...
To keep an eye on QE2 today, our member 'Dubai Guy' found this excellent webcam for us .  You'll find this and all the other discussions about QE2 in Dubai in the 'After Cunard' section.

5.   Our website & Forum have pages on Twitter and Facebook that allow us to inform our fans about interesting pieces of news & updates.  These are the best ways, anywhere on the internet, to keep up to date with QE2.

6.   In just a few weeks time, a bunch of us (What's the collective name for a bunch of QE2 Geeks?) will be meeting on board the wonderful PS Waverley - the World's last sea-going paddle steamer for a traditional Glasgow trip 'Doon the Watter' which will, of course, pass QE2's birthplace.  Arrangements and discussions for this are taking place in the 'Virtual Chart Room' area of the forum, which you have to be logged in to see.  If you would like to suggest/arrange other meetings, feel free to start a topic to see who else is interested.  A small gathering in New York took place last month.

7.   Member Myles Devin has got a new batch of badges made up so if you are travelling, especially if its on board a Cunarder!, and want to keep QE2's memory alive, make sure you're wearing yours!

8.   And finally... has anyone read this far?.... the forum is now close to 2 million page views since starting at the end of January last year (4000 per day).  We have over 565 members, but many more are happy just to read the forum as guests without registering.  The forum's moderating team will do our best to keep the thousands of posts organised to allow the forum to continue to be a great resource for the future.

Thanks for reading!

- Rob Lightbody for
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